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The BBC is now promoting the cold weather in Europe to one of the top stories. What about the fact that more than half the entire USA is under snow at the moment? In any case the worst period for cold is over for most of central Europe at least (I know whereof I speak- in Prague where I am the daytime temperatures were minus 12 celsius or so only a couple of days ago; I’m lucky my ears didn’t freeze off). The Beeb typically refer to this as Europe’s “cold snap”, implying that it’s a little aberration. Well, they’ll soon be able to catch up with the weather and report a warming, as is their wont. But it seems to me that more than half the USA under snow (average depth across this area 3.8 inches) is a much bigger story, yet it has been relegated to the status of a freak east coast winter storm. The BBC tend to concentrate on the effects regardless of the intensity of the weather (unless it suits them), ignoring the fact that Europe’s chaos- at the very least the UK’s- is in large part due to reduced capacity as a result of lower expectations following predictions of global warming. Yet again the BBC’s coverage- even of the weather!- is distorted by ideology. When there is no financial rationale behind a business, ideas do tend to take over like bindweed.

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  1. deegee says:

    Where is the Green House Effect when you need it most? Dry Bones cartoon from 1989.


  2. Paddy says:

    The treehugging trots were spinning it last night that the cold weather was just a weather phenomenon CAUSED by climate change.

    In a tremendously deft slight of hand they palmed off the ‘unprecedented’ weather as proof we are all going to boil.

    So first its the sahara hokey cokey. More sand in, more sand out, more sand in and you ….( you get the drift)

    Now its the hot n cold two step.

    BBC and hilary Benn  Strictly dumb dancing


  3. George R says:

    Yes, go to ‘BBC Weather’ and this site comes up – with ‘climate change’ propaganda section (appropriately on the left)


    Similarly, when you go to ‘Met Office Weather Forecast’ (which the BBC uses all the time), there’s a ‘climate change’ propaganda section



  4. Martin says:

    The climate change scam has well and truely been blown wide open, what with the climategate lies and Met Office fiddles we now have Allah (peace be upon him) giving us snow and icy cold weather.



  5. cassandra king says:

    The cold wind of reality is blowing, the poorest will suffer the most, those unable to afford the grossly inflated energy bills will suffer, OAPs will suffer and tragically many will simply die of the cold.
    The political parasite classes will not suffer, they will thrive on the backs of ordinary people, their lies will condemn many to suffering.
    What price has the lies and fraud cost the ordinary people who look to the government to look after their interests first?
    We now have milions unemployed as a direct result of government ‘de carbonizing’ ‘greening’ and de industrialising our economy, the insane witch hunt against a harmless trace gas dreamed up by the elite as a means of wealth and power transfer is starting to bear its ugly fruit, poverty,misery and the tragic consequences of putting the interests of the few above the interests of the many.
    There is a direct connection between the fanatical stupidity of the AGW narrative and our populations suffering, jobs lost never to be regained, wealth frittered and pocketed by crooks never to be seen again.
    The tyranny of the minority has worked its evil magic and now the majority must suffer, I hope those who have in effect stolen our future choke on their ill gotten gains.


  6. George R says:

    BBC’s Gavin Heweitt attempts to justify ‘climate’ taxes by reference to Western ‘guilt’ (see his last parageph here):

    “Climate change and big figures”


    An alternative, non-EU, non-BBC approach:

    “How Britain could abolish entire budget deficit: abolish EU regulations”
    (Mary Ellen Synon)


  7. Umbongo says:

    On BBC1 News at Ten last night we had an encomium to paganism (it’s loony but at least it’s not Christianity – copyright Aaqil Ahmed) and how it’s becoming stronger and more influential.  Why would the BBC bother to devote part of its main news to such idiocy?  Oh yes – according to the reporter Richard (?) Piggott – pagans are very concerned about “climate change”.


  8. DP111 says:

    Our roads, airports and other infrastructure have been caught out due to the severity of the cold weather, as well as its duration. In some measure, the blame for the unpreparedness, and the resulting chaos, can be laid at the door of the MET office, which has been forecasting BBQ summers and mild winters.


    • Martin says:

      Very true. I’ve pointed this out to every BBC phone in, not once has it been raised.


    • cassandra king says:

      Its worse than that DP111, local and national government bodies are legally obliged to take account of and plan around met office medium and long range climate forecasts.
      Government bodies are obliged to take this met office fabricated trash and make future plans based around that trash, the mechanics are simple and stunningly effective in driving and perpetuating the AGW dogma right through government.
      This is the tragedy, the government has infiltrated a scientific institution, placed stooges at the heart of it and then encouraged it to peddle these lies and false trash reports to itself.
      The corrupt dead hand of newlabour does this all the time in all sorts of ways but the theme is always the same. They set up so called independent bodies that are in reality stooge outfits that deliver exactly what the regime desires.
      The government perverted the met office because they then exert influence right through every part of local and national government, its about power and influence from bottom to top.
      In reality the central Westminster regime has been manipulating the threads of government to build the basis of an anti dictatorship, there is no part of government they have not corrupted and perverted to serve their warped agenda. The quango shadow state is bound by common purpose to create a monlith regime devoid of democratic accountability.
      What we are seeing with the met office is a direct result of this perversion of the instruments of state, its good that this has happened now because it actually shows us what lays in store for us all if these scum are not stopped soon.
      Put simply the bent regime has been building a system of official bodies designed to lie and cheat the ordinary population, as in the Warsaw pact socialist dictatorships every part of government was set up to lie and cheat in order to control the population.

      The hate filled Westminster polical hates us and fears us, everything they do is designed to strip power from us and deliver it to them,we have become the enemies of the political classes and they are moving to put us in our place and secure their ideal world, a world where they rule and we obey, a world where the truth is what they say it is.


  9. Backwoodsman says:

    Well, you can either have gritters and blokes what drive ’em, or you can have diversity co-ordinators and benefits claim facilitators and lingala and pushtu translators, at £75 per hour, but you probably can’t afford to have both.
    Slightly off topic, but the 06:30 R4 news bulletin and the Toady programme, really have gone into full pro-labour electioneering mode. Any attempt at impartiallity has completely disapeared !


    • Marky says:

      That would be why the roads round where I live are littered with abandoned cars and busses. Not a single road has been gritted, not even major roads – not one. I live in one of the highest council tax areas not that far from London, not in the middle of nowhere, so the money is being vastly wasted. It’s bad enough that the roads aren’t fixed but now they cannot deal with a few inches of snow. What a messed up country…


  10. Martin says:

    Fat ugly female beeboid (Vicki Pollard) on Radio 5 gave Labour turd Liam byrne (I think it was him) an easy ride over the latest recession figures. When Labour droid waffled on and on she did nothing to ask whay we are so badly run.

    Oh and not a Tory in sight by the way to give another opinion (as if the BBC cares)

    The fact that the BBC are spinning the lie that “the figures show the economy is not as bad as first thought” when the BBC were spinning “we’re out of recession” just a few weeks ago shows how much Liebour poo beeboids are licking these days.


  11. Will says:

    A spokesperson for the Local Authorities appearing on “Today” seemed to be a graduate of the Gordon Brown College of Customer Relations – councils were in no way to blame for trafic chaos caused by the snow. Today person accepted this, not the normal rottweiler type reaction of the Beeboid consumer affairs journo to a private sector operator found wanting.


  12. Martin says:

    Why is the BBC obsessed with a Rugby player coming out of the closet? Does it really deserve to be one of the top 3 news stories?

    The economy in recession

    more soldiers dying in a pointless war

    Unemployment at 2.5 million



    Yet the beeboids think a gay man is one of the most important stories.


  13. DP111 says:

    The MET office is forecasting warm weather and climate at CRU, East Anglia.

    The CRU is forecasting warm weather and climate at the MET office.

    At both places, the temperatures readings, after adjusting  for anamolies, agree with each other. They have also been peer reviewed by each other.

    If the rest of the northern hemisphere is freezing, its neither here nor there, as temperatures other then at official centres, do not count.


  14. freddo41 says:

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    Channel Four News last night led on the Prime Ministerial debates. Political Editor Gary Gibbon was certainly well-briefed on the Labour spin.

    In the first minute he told us that, “Labour has calculated that David Cameron might just be wrong-footed and look weak on detail.”

    In the second minute he revealed that (Labour) “believe his mastery of the political and economic detail will expose David Cameron as a lightweight.”

    And in the third minute he reminded us that, “strategists calculate that in difficult economic times voters will be looking for mastery of detail and that David Cameron will fall down on that score.”

    Then in an interview in the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh minutes, Ed Milliband  was given free rein to build on the theme, comparing Gordon Brown’s ‘substance’ over David Cameron’s ‘slickness’.

    So we know which side Channel Four News are on.
    And it’s not the Conservatives’.


    • Martin says:

      Sir Michael Shite was on Radio 5 spinning the very same line about attacking Cameron on his lack of ‘substance’

      Anyone else concerned that the BBC will have the last debate? No doubt with the usual BBC loaded audience.

      How on earth anyone can take McMong seriously as a politician after the shambles he’s made of the Country is beyond me. Oh and Bliar’s lack of substance back in 97 didn’t stop the drug addicts at the BBC backing him did it?


      • Will says:

        The detail that most seems to defeat Cameron at PMQs is the confidence to come back on Brown & call him a liar when he tells another of his whoppers. Instead Cameron is nonplussed & thinks he has been badly briefed again. And of course the BBC, not much other media, highlight Brown’s PMQ/Press conference lies. (see “Brownies” at Coffee House blog)


  15. freddo41 says:

    Sorry – I’ve no idea why it does what it does above the post. Or whether it will do it to this.


  16. freddo41 says:

    It didn’t. Might be something to do with cut and paste.


  17. Marky says:

    Richard North keeping up the pressure our ‘world class’ subsidised news service won’t even touch.  
    “The Germans are getting very interested in the affairs of Dr Pachauri. They have even translated The Sunday Telegraph article into German (in full). That has to be a first for us.  
    Interestingly, no other British newspaper has carried the story – much less the BBC of course – and the main British political blogs also haven’t touched it.”  
    Eureferendum, always worth keeping an eye on. What is the point of the BBC news?  


  18. Katabasis says:

    Another great example of BBC idiocy:

    “the BBC’s plan to add DRM to its high-def broadcasts will exclude free/open source software from use in digital television applications, slowing down innovation, raising costs, and harming the public interest.”


  19. InterestedParty says:

    The only oblique mention of the US weather I saw was in this bit of rubbish propaganda masquerading as analysis by the BBC


    “Why did Copenhagen fail to deliver a climate deal?”

    Of the reasons they came up with item 5. THE WEATHER:

    “If the US public had experienced the searing heat and prolonged droughts and seriously perturbed rainfall patterns seen in other corners of the globe, would they have pressed their senators harder on climate action over the past few years?”

    Apparently another of the reasons was:

    to all intents and puposes they state here that the US has an annoyingly representative system of Government rather than the unrepresentative ability to rule by diktat that exist in the EU, China and the rest of the worlds kleptocracys.


    • Martin says:

      That BBC report is total bollocks. So am I missing the fact that Congress and the Senate are both controlled by the same party, that being the Presidents party? 
      The BBC really are a bunch of liars.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        Not only are they liars, but  Mark Mardell has been blaming the way the fact that the Senate can slow things down over the health care issue, even asking if it should be reformed because legislation he personally believes is important is being blocked there. Neither Mardell nor any other Beeboid (with the possible exception of Andrew Neil) can stand the fact that, for the most part, members of Congress eventually have to answer to the voters, and the parties are not as homogenous as the Beeboids would like them to be.

        This shows that the Beeboids really think that government should be run by an elite class, and the rest of us should just shut up and do as our betters tell us.


        • John Horne Tooke says:

          The BBC do not understand democracy. Why do you think they can broadcast Brown and Millipede call for democracy in Zimbabwe, Afghanistan and Iraq and keep a straight face.

          Long may the US preserve their democracy because it has vanished in Europe.


          • David Preiser (USA) says:

            Many of us are trying to preserve democracy and the Constitutional Republic, but the Beeboids just lied about our motivations and who most of us are, and Kevin Connolly insulted us with a sexual innuendo.


          • Peter G says:

            Yeah….you should blame Labour for double standards, not the BBC for interviewing Milliband or Brown or whoever.

            Plus, the US are no more democratic. Look at the farcical ECV system. The ludicrous representation methods used in the Senate. The widespread gerrymandering. Not to mention support for undemocratic regimes the world over. Republicans and democrats alike have supported tyrants in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Eygpt – to name just 3. The UK is far, far from perfect – but don’t be under any illusion about the US upholding democratic standards. Plus, that has nothing to do with BBC bias.


    • dave s says:

      Nothing shows the contempt the libleft/BBC elites hold us in more  than Black’s “Doubtless the founding fathers had their reasons” in his wretched piece.
      I am certain he would have been given a swift kicking by Jefferson or any of the founding fathers.
      Real democracy is the last thing the elites want now. They can almost taste their victory over the common man.
      But things have a strange habit of not turning out the way we expect.


  20. Paulo says:

    Uh, I hate to rain on anyone’s parade but maybe the reason the European cold weather is being reported as a bigger story than the american one is that is is directly responsible for over ninety deaths. Whilst as far as I can tell the US death toll is… one.
    As for:
    “…in large part due to reduced capacity as a result of lower expectations following predictions of global warming”
    Do you have any evidence for this other than your own over fertile imagination?
    Now feel free to getting back to your highly scientific debate of “hur, hur cold weather means there must be no climate change.”


    • John Horne Tooke says:

      Who says there is no “climate change”? – if you are going to insult people at least get it right.


    • John Horne Tooke says:

      “Now feel free to getting back to your highly scientific debate of “hur, hur cold weather means there must be no climate change.””

      Yet hot weather does.

      “He said the recent hot weather was “consistent” with global warming, although it was impossible to prove an exact link.

      Summers this hot or hotter may even become fairly “routine” within 50 or 70 years, he said.

      “In the years to come, as the earth’s atmosphere does heat up through global warming, we would expect to see these hot weather events happening with greater frequency,” he said. ”


    • Martin says:

      Paulo are you on drugs? The BBC take every opportunity to link any weather event to “man made climate change” even when there is no evidence to do so. We’ve had many of these nonsense stories like the recent floods (mostly caused by poor land drainage, poor river maintenance and building on flood land) the lies by Harrabin when he did a story from Kew gardens claiming that a Tulip flowering early was down to “climate change”, a week later half of the UK was under snow. Then the Harrabin story about no snow in Moscow which was not good for the Moscow zoo Polar bears, a week later Moscow had 6 feet of snow.

      Why don’t you go and ask your drug taking friends at the BBC why they spout so much bollocks.


  21. Peter G says:

    well the bbc news at 10 tonight had 2 nice pieces about snow in America, and none about snow in Europe.

    Anti-european bias? I think so.


  22. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Meanwhile, here’s some climate science you will not hear about from the BBC:

    Study shows CFCs, cosmic rays major culprits for global warming

    “My findings do not agree with the climate models that conventionally thought that greenhouse gases, mainly CO2, are the major culprits for the global warming seen in the late 20th century,” Lu said. “Instead, the observed data show that CFCs conspiring with cosmic rays most likely caused both the Antarctic ozone hole and global warming. These findings are totally unexpected and striking, as I was focused on studying the mechanism for the formation of the ozone hole, rather than global warming.”

    His conclusions are based on observations that from 1950 up to now, the climate in the Arctic and Antarctic atmospheres has been completely controlled by CFCs and cosmic rays, with no CO2 impact.

    No CO2 impact?  Oh, dear.

    Even though this study offers evidence that CFCs are a man-made cause for global warming, the environmentals at the BBC won’t be using it to support their cause because it doesn’t have any use in fighting Capitalism.