See that the BBC is pushing the merits of “mercy killings”. A poll for Panorama seeks to inform us that almost three quarters of respondents would support assisted suicide for the terminally ill. The liberal BBC agenda has been a fervent advocate of the death cult of assisted suicide and this Panorama poll is but the most recent manifestation of it. I do appreciate the sensitivities surrounding this issue and the great pain people go through, including the families of the person with the terminal illness but I have to say that the BBC persistently pushes just ONE side of this debate, as it chooses death.

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11 Responses to HAVE MERCY?

  1. Jack Bauer says:

    Leftist used to be obsessed with three things

    1. Race
    2. Sex
    3. Abortion

    Now they have added one more.

    4. Murdering the old and sick.

    The BBC plays its part with never-ending propaganda on hospi-soaps which essentially says it’s okay to deny treatment to the elderly.

    And hey, you with “difficult” and Expensive health peoblems.



    • Martin says:

      I’m confused. When the BBC reported on Sarah Palin talking about “death panels” the druggies went into hyper drive attacking her (even though we have one called ironically NICE) yet now they seem to be in favour of killing people off. Fine by me but can we start with 20,000 beeboids and Nu Labour voters please?


  2. diana brosnan says:

    I am all for mercy killings. There is something called human dignity. It is inhuman to endlessly prolong suffering. This is Diana from Israeli Uncensored News. 


    • AndyUk06 says:

      So long as the patient receives proper palliative care and pain management , then for the most part the argument for mercy killings is a non-starter.  This has more to do with the Left’s obsession with population growth.


  3. Paddy says:

    I know  a pateint. They have come to the end of their productive lives. All they do all day is excrete bile and purile exudate. They have lost all their mental capacities and stumble along blindly in such a deluded state that one can only pity them.
    Better to put them out of their misery now  before they lose whats left of their remaining dignity.

    Now where can i find a pillow big enough to cover the face of the BBC?


  4. Martin says:

    They day you can’t wipe your own arse is the day in my view enough is enough.


  5. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I’m not sure what the Beeboids are up to with this one.  Surely “assisting” someone in killing themselves when they don’t have a massively painful terminal disease or are brain-dead is not a positive example for the cause of assisted suicide.  If anything, this woman is a really bad champion for the cause.  So why would the BBC pick her if they wanted to promote it?


  6. John Horne Tooke says:

    “An opinion poll conducted in 1920 revealed that 73% of the parents and guardians of severely disabled children surveyed would approve of allowing physicians to end the lives of disabled children such as their own. Newspapers, journal articles, and movies joined in shaping the opinion of the German public. The Ministry of Justice described the proposal as one that would make it “possible for physicians to end the tortures of incurable patients, upon request, in the interests of true humanity” (reported in the N.Y. Times, 10/8/33, p. 1, col. 2). And the savings would redound to the German people if money was no longer thrown away on the disabled, the incurable, and “those on the threshold of old age.””


  7. JohnW says:

    Steady on David – there’s one bloated, institutionally biased news organisation that we all know would be a prime candidate for mercy killing.


  8. BenS says:

    ‘death cult of assisted suicide’. Interesting take.

    I prefer the ‘assisted suicide is literally none of your business’ line. But hey I’m liking that the BBC for once isn’t advocating authoritarianism. It’s new.

    Still biased of course.