C.I.N.O. Tim Yeo was given an interruption free outing on Today this morning 7.12am as he was allowed to waffle on about the EU Carbon emission trading scam. Yeo reckons the price of carbon is just too low to make this scheme work effectively and he was given free rein to pontificate on this scam. No tough questions for Yeo! It would have been nice had the BBC chosen to ask Yeo about the corruption that distinguishes this Carbon Trading system but then again I suppose that would require balance, something which is forbidden by the BBC.

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  1. Jack Bauer says:

    DIM YEO — shut up you moron. Go join the Green party. What an arrogant pillock of the first order. The perfect reason why I can’t really tale the conservative party seriously.

    The only reason to vote for Cameron is that he isn’t Brown.


    • John Anderson says:

      Count your blessings.  I’ve got the wretched Zac Goldsmith as local “Tory” candidate.


    • Martin says:

      Did you see Guido bitch slap him on Newsnight? The cowardly BBC have removed it but you can still see it on Guido’s blog.


  2. John R Smith says:

    Vote Blue get Green. Hmm, and this is supposed to be a good thing?


  3. Idiotboy says:

    Cameron and his colleagues are really working flat out for that hung parliament.

    The more I hear of their obsession with climate the more I am convinced that they are just not equipped, intellectually or psychologically, for the task that faces the next administration.

    Nice dream while it lasted.


  4. Jack Bauer says:

    Cameron makes John McCain look like Maggie. 

    But again, we will really be VOTING AGAINST someone even worse, rather than voting for someone. 

    The problem with current conservatives is that they think it’s their job to manage socialism better.  They will not face down the statist establishment.

    Cameron is just another Heath STATIST/CORPORATIST clone.

    The political parallels to the last US presidential election are striking.


  5. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I missed this post, and commented on the interview on the open thread.


  6. Martin says:

    Yet more crap from the BBC. Again the BBC spouted Nu Labour lies about healthcare on the BBC 6PM news. The BBC even wheeled out someone (I don’t even know who it was) to back up Labour’s claim that one to one home treatment would be cheaper than the hospital.

    This is of course a lie. If you order a pizza you pay more for home delivery, order your shopping online and you pay for it as well.

    If you have to have thousands of nurses driving around all day it’s quite obvious they won’t be able to see as many patients as if they were at hospital, so you need more nurses, more company cars and so on.

    If it’s cheaper to treat people at home, why not shut hospitals down and have surgeons travel around as well?

    Many cancer patients are out patients anyway so they won’t take up bed space and if someone is so ill they need to be an in patient I really don’t see how treating them at home will reduce costs?


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Enough people will die sooner, thus lowering long-term costs. 


      • John Horne Tooke says:

        “..more company cars and so on.  ” Which equals more of that dreaded black smokey CO2 as seen on the telly.


  7. John Horne Tooke says:

    Lets have a closer look at Yeo’s business interests.

    “Yeo is chairman of Univent plc and non-executive chairman of Eco City Vehicles plc and AFC Energy plc.”

    “Eco City Vehicles PLC, a developer and supplier of eco-friendly commercial vehicles and the London licensed taxi, is pleased to announce the launch today of an all electric prototype of the London-licensed Mercedes Vito taxi (Vito), which was co-developed and is distributed exclusively by the Group.”

    “AFC Energy plc (AIM: AFC), the developer of low cost alkaline fuel cells that generate clean electricity from by-product hydrogen, is pleased to announce it has entered into an agreement with WSP Group plc with the intention of building and operating a power station based upon AFC Energy’s fuel cell systems”

    So no conflict of interests there then.


    • Jack Bauer says:

      I would rather invest in an alchemist who promised me he could turn lead into gold than this garbage.

      Now if gullible dummies want to put heir own money into nonsense like this, then go for it. They should be relieved of it forthwith.

      But we all know that’s not the case. How much of TAXPAYERS money is poured into rat holes like this?