All Foreign To Me

The Day the Immigrants Left.
A programme that did what it set out to do, prove that economic migration was necessary in broken Britain. It’s a foregone conclusion that such a programme would show that immigration Is a Good Thing.

With a format reminiscent of millions of other irritating programmes, Evan Davis set out to give a pre-selected group of guinea pigs a challenge ‘to see how they got on.’
As if he didn’t know.

The type of immigrants featured were hardworking Eastern Europeans who had come from countries not yet polluted by celebrity culture and tortured hairstyles, not the type of immigrants with several black-clad wives who live on benefit and demand we change our foreign policy and adopt sharia. law.

They featured a primary school headmistress who was ecstatic about the multi lingual nature of her school, rather than a teacher who was less keen on the type of intake that forced the curriculum to bend to suit the racist views of parents who despise the kaffir.

I really hope the indigenous Brits they had were carefully chosen, so that any with a spark of workishness were filtered out at the audition stage. Please don’t tell me that all the unemployed of Wisbech are like that.

“This is Yuri, your workmate today.”
“That’s me buggered then. I’ll call him Bill.”

I bet the producers loved that. They’d have been rubbing their hands with glee.
Lots of “bets bits” to choose from.
“Sorry, can’t come in today, got food poisoning, and so’s me mate.”
That’s Brits for you! Wadda we want? Immigration. When do we want it? Now.

Newsnight. More of the same. I think. I can’t really decipher Kirsty Wark. She can’t seem to be bothered to speak clearly. So that’s me buggered.

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27 Responses to All Foreign To Me

  1. Cassandra King says:

    This is standard leftist/BBC behaviour, start with a belief and then create a programme narrative to reinforce that belief, this corruption has spread like a cancer to climate science and government and many walks of life.
    The narrative is sacred, the truth is what the narrative demands and this has changed little from the days of Stalin. The BBC narrative demands that mass immigration is good so the BBC create programmes that reinforce the narrative leaving out such annoying things like the actual truth!

    The BBC could not care less about the actual truth, the real situation out there where real ordinary people are suffering and having to live with the tragedy of social destruction. Lies come easily to prejudiced dogmatists like the BBC, they engage in it every day and thrive on the perverted premise that the ends justify the means.


  2. ovic60 says:

    It was exactly what I expected.Two-thirds of the immigation into England was non-EU,but you just know the BBC only gives itself permission to talk about white immigrants.

    Very little time was given to the socio-cultural impact,let alone the cost to the country in terms of infrastructure stretch,crime,housing etc.

     A prime-time BBC One spot always meant a piece of propaganda was coming our way.


  3. dave s says:

    Ironic really this obssession the BBC has with Eastern European immigrants. As this country may well descend into a third world overcrowded shithole by 2050 on current projections of third world immigration it is to Eastern Europe that many of us will look for a future.
    Poland, the Ukraine and parts of the old White Russia will no doubt welcome many old English driven from their homeland. Fine countries , plenty of space and still a cohesive national culture.
    The fate of the Swedish city of Malmo should serve as a warning to us all. Sweden is totally in the grip of the liberal left with all the lunacies of that deranged view of the world. Sweden is destroying itself.


    • Grant says:

      Can’t speak for the Polish , but I know Ukraine and, despite having many Ukrainian friends , can confirm they are very racist especially about blacks.
      Maybe the BBC could do a survey on racism covering all countries of the world to see which nations are the most racist !


      • deegee says:

        It won’t happen. Somehow the Arab World and most African countries will get a pass.


        • Grant says:

          Yes.   Couldn’t reach the conclusion that the least racist people are British, could we ?


  4. Philip says:

    From the opening scenes, portraying anyone with the wit to show dissent against the systematic imposition of unprecedented mass immigration to this country as a lazy tattooed, earring-ed chav or an old duffer – it was clear that this was a programme reverse-engineered by the media wing of the Labour Party in order to validate a pre-defined conclusion.

    There must be hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of intelligent people, far more representative of the general population, who could have been brought onto the programme to air reasoned, articulate.. no, wait..


  5. 1327 says:

    Does anybody else thing Evan is the worst interviewer on the BBC ? His interviews appear to be written before hand and he never reacts to anything the interviewee says to him or alters his next questions because of it. The other morning he was interviewing a cabinet minister who I’m sure could have suddenly broken down and admitted being the real Yorkshire Ripper and Evan would have simply replied “Yes and will this hospital be a self funding trust ?” 


  6. George R says:

    BBC and mass immigration: endorsing a policy of low wage Britain.

    Here is an observation on all this (of 4 years ago), by someone who happens to be a professor of economics, Robert Rowthorn:

    “Never have we seen immigration on this scale, we just can’t cope”


  7. George R says:

    Labour’s decade of Mass Immigration (endorsed by BBC) is a deliberate policy of ‘multiculturalism’ against British people,  designed to boost Labour vote by immigrants.


  8. Millie Tant says:

    How the BBC loves to talk about East European immigrants. That’s cos they have no anxiety about being “racist”. Cos they’re white, like…innit.

    I noticed how Davis referred in a somewhat awkward phrase to children who have English as an alternative to their main language.

    Why couldn’t he say they don’t speak English? He was pretending that they all come here speaking English as a second language but it became clear in the programme itself that children arrive in the country and the school with no English.

    See how carefully it is scripted in a political way, even if it is going to be contradicted immediately afterwards by its own filming and shown up for being misleading and downright plain wrong.


  9. Scrappydoo says:

    You will see much more of this before the election.  It’s  designed to weaken the resolve of all the “white racists” out there whose pen might hover over the BNP box at voting time.


  10. George R says:

    BBC’s EVAN DAVIS, and Immigrants:-

    “Last night Evan Davis of Radio 4’s Today show presented a BBC1 film about foreign workers here, The Day The Immigrants Left.
    His thesis: immigrants from Central and Eastern Europe working in unskilled jobs for low wages unacceptable to our own benefit claimants create pen-pushing posts for idle, job title conscious natives.
    Davis should know. He currently has a young partner from Eastern Europe who is flourishing here as a landscape gardener. ”

    Read more:

    “the former BBC economics correspondent and the Today programme’s newest presenting recruit, Evan Davis, is referred to by colleagues as ‘Tinsel Tits’. This striking moniker is thought to derive from a combination of his rumoured nipple-piercings and the prepubescent level of humour, spiced perhaps with a touch of homophobia (Davis is one of the very few openly gay high-profile correspondents at Broadcasting House), that exists among those working in the bowels of the BBC.” (‘Guardian’, 2008.)


    • Grant says:

      Quite funny, because poofters get quite a hard time, so to speak, in Eastern Europe, so I hear.
      Martin who posts here may have something to say about ” those working in the bowels of the BBC “.
      I couldn’t possibly comment.


  11. jpt says:

    This programme made me feel weak for some reason. I think it drained the resistance out of me. The pro Multicult anti British onslaught is endless.
    PS the reason our people are ‘lazy’ and the Poles etc work hard is the benefit culture – that the likes of the BBC support incidentally.
    The Poles will not graft for a pittance when they themselves get into the benefit culture (as they surely will).
    Who will we import then? It could be endless.


  12. Martin says:

    What I was ashamed of last night was how thick many of the Brits were. I remember some camp leftie twat saying “Education, education, education”. Wow and this is the best we can produce?


    • Robert Soul says:

      Martin more likely this is the best the BBC can produce to confirm the narrative.  
      I watched Newsnight later on and it had an expose of a “college” in London. One of its staff was flogging letters to bogus students to show that they had enrolled on courses there. The show then featured the despicable half-wit Phil Woolas who blustered his way through a very weak interview.

      Newsnight had a stack of what I assume were returned visa application letters. “tampax “Woolas made the observation that they were not visas. He was correct, but they were visa applications using forged documents. The utterly useless Kirsty Wark failed to follow this up to ask how many visas had been granted on the basis of these bogus letters. Woolas was let off the hook. Today he is banging on about how successful UKBA is at cutting down asylum. Meanwhile student visas have gone stratospheric. Why risk loitering in the squalor of Calais for months when for £200 you can get a bogus letter and apply for a student visa? What these morons also fail to understand is that hardly anyone checks student visa applications now. It is all about throughput and money to the treasury. When the bogus student tips up at Heathrow with his fraudulently obtained visa the chances of his being refused are negligble. In any event he has an in country right of appeal and if that doesn’t work he can always claim asylum.


  13. George R says:

    Labour’s mass immigration policy (as endorsed by BBC):

    “Illegal immigrants given full access to UK benefits” (2 min video)


  14. Marky says:

    I don’t know how long it takes to make a program like this, to script it, arrange it all etc a few weeks a few months? 
    23 Oct 2009 
    Labour wanted mass immigration to make UK more multicultural, says former adviser 
    24th February 2010 
    At last we know the truth: Labour despises anyone who loves Britain, its values and its history 
    “The huge increases in migrants over the last decade were partly due to a politically motivated attempt by ministers to radically change the country and “rub the Right’s nose in diversity”, according to Andrew Neather, a former adviser to Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett.” 
    This program looks like it could have been produced to counteract the above type of articles. The BBC’s mission is  to inform, educate, and counteract anything they don’t agree with and push their agendas.


  15. George R says:

    Andrew Neil tried to pin down Labour’s pro-mass immigration minister WOOLAS on BBC ‘Daily Politics’, but Woolas reneges on a promise. See this (video):

    And Woolas’s latest is this:

    “Immigration minister Phil Woolas admits his children have suffered because of migration”

    Read more:


  16. George R says:

    BBC’s red herring on Mass Immigration into Britain (with the emphasis on the ‘red’):

    -that most immigrants come from East Europe – WRONG, WRONG ,and WRONG again – as here, by the stupid or badly informed Ben Wright of, not surprisingly BBC political staff:

    “Is immigration an election issue?”

    There is no mention WHATSOEVER by the wrong WRIGHT of mass immigration into Britiain from PAKISTAN, BANGLADESDH, INDIA, SOMALIA, NIGERIA, AFGHANISTAN.

    And, BBC’s political staffer, Wright, ignores something which IS concerning to the British people:

    “Muslim population ‘rising 10 times faster than rest of society'”


  17. Abolish the BBC says:

    I didn’t watch the show as it was obviously a forgone conclusion and I had to think of my blood pressure.
    It sounds like they should have chose the muslim ghettos that take up a large part of cities, what would happen if they left?

    Grant: I know many Polish and they had never seen a black man in the flesh until they came to the UK.  It presents a a problem to the evil forces of multiculturalism in NuLab, all the immigrants are racist in their own particular way. 


  18. George R says:

    BBC’s Evan Davis’ bias on immigrants:

    “Protests at ‘one-sided’ BBC probe”