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  1. 1327 says:

    I see the Beeb is pushing the Labour line that the proposed Tory NI cut is somehow unfunded spending. This line was pushed endlessly on the PM and 6PM Radio 4 news shows yesterday (Monday) including quotes from a think tank who just happened to agree totally – What a surprise. I’m sure another think tank perhaps say the Tax Payers Alliance would have had another view but they weren’t invited to comment. The best comment though was that without this money in government coffers the economic revival would stall as though the tax payers would just burn their cash on the kitchen floor or something !


  2. jim o shachter says:

    38degrees.org has an e mail campaign to save Radio 6 and the Asian station. If you go onto their website it takes you through an process that ends up sending an e mail to the BBC Trust. The text of the e mail can be changed to whatever you want. Go and have some fun and tell the BBC what they should really be cutting!


  3. rainbow.64 says:

    Radio5 Live carried a speech by Butcher Blair from his old constituency in its entirety. Needless to say, it sounded like a prolonged free party political broadcast attacking the evil Tories and listing Tony’s glorious achievements. Of course, it was deluded hogwash of the first water, but the initial reaction from listeners appears to have been overwhelmingly hostile, especially from Labour supporters critical of the old multi-millionaire warmonger, and the opportunity given him by the BBC to spout unchallenged. Any discussion of the speech appears to have been swiftly terminated in favour of an in-depth examination of the Large Hadron Collider. Over half-an-hour later, Gabby Yorath gave the former Labour Party Head of Communication a chance to respond and to assess just how important Tony still is to the Labour Party. He sounded less than entirely convincing.


  4. Pounce says:

    The bBC, its somewhat biased reporting of the news from Israel and half the story.

    Ensure Israel arms curbs, say MPs 
    The UK government must ensure that military equipment sold to Israel is not used in the occupied territories, MPs have said.Ministers must learn “broader lessons” about ensuring the ban on the trade in such products for use in Gaza and the West Bank is enforced, a report adds. The MPs said it was “regrettable” that UK arms sold to Israel were “almost certainly” used in Gaza in 2008. However, they said the UK provided less than 1% of arms exported to Israel….said the government had not authorised any exports relating to F-16 jets, helicopters or armoured personnel carriers for Israel since the conflict in Lebanon in 2006.

    So has anybody looked at the report because the report mentioned 3 major weapons systems which may contain British parts;
    The F16 (Parts of the HUD and possibly the ejector seat)
    The AH 64 A/E Apache (Same as above)
    The Sa-ar gunboat (Radar)

    and an APC derived from the Centurion bought by Israel during the 50s and 60s.

    Now going back to that bBC report they only mention the F16 (Which every latte drinking wanker has heard about) but what about the Apache, while the report mentions it by name the bBC refer to it simply as a helicopter.  Could that be because the UK actually owns more AH64Ds than Israel has. Then there’s that APC, well the IDF have never used a British APC and what the report mentions is that some of the tanks tanks sold to Israel during the 50s and 60s have been converted into APCs.

    The report also mentions the Saar gunboat. Well seeing as the IN uses 3 classes of Saar corvettes (4,4.4 and 5) I had to look up which one, well seeing as the latter two use French and Israeli electronics, that leaves the Saar 4 which were built in 1978/1979 of which they have 2. So we are berating the IDF for using 40 year old British technology in which to bash Hamas when the Israeli not only have far superior technology. But one of the biggest customers of Israeli military technology is……..The UK.

    You’d think that a so called bBC Military expert (Frank..don’t shoot I’m a muslim...Gardner) would know a little about just what we sell the Jews, You’d think they would also know what we buy off of them.

     The bBC, its somewhat biased reporting of the news from Israel and half the story.


  5. fred bloggs says:

    More judicius editing of the Tories by BiasBeeb on the so called outcome of the chancellors debate.  This is only a starter for what is to come.


  6. Pounce says:

    The bBC those poor gazan people,how the jews like to kill them and the rest of the story.
    ‘Teenager killed’ in Gaza clashes 
    Israeli forces have shot dead a Palestinian teenager in the Gaza Strip, according to medical sources there.Muhammad al-Faramawi, 15, was killed when Israeli troops opened fire near the border town of Rafah, Gaza’s director of emergency services said.The Israeli Defence Forces have not yet commented on the reported killing. The official told reporters medics were not able to reach the body of the boy as clashes between Israelis and Palestinians were continuing.

    And here is how others receive that story;
    Israel Defense Forces soldiers shot and killed a 15-year-old Palestinian boy trying to cross the security fence from Gaza into Israel east of the Gaza International Airport, amid mass rallies marking the 34tt anniversary of Land Day, Palestinian news agencies reported Tuesday.


    • deegee says:

      The story has been somewhat revised Teenager ‘shot dead’ in Gaza clashes.

      It was previously reported that the boy had been a victim of Israeli fire, but it is not now clear who was responsible for the shooting.

      It was initially reported that a Palestinian doctor told reporters that medics were not able to reach the body of the boy in time because of ongoing “clashes”.
      Later the Maan news service quoted unnamed Palestinian sources who said the boy’s death “may have been an internal matter”, without giving further details

      The rest of the story is an agit prop piece about land day demonstrations.


  7. Martin says:

    Anyone else notice that yesterday as the BBC mourned the loss of Meow Meow we saw lots of Beeboids with little sachets of the drug? I just wondered where they got them from? The BBC canteen? Their own dealer in the transgender crappers perhaps?


  8. Will says:

    From the BBC Radio Times

    The Genius of Omar Khayyam<img src=”http://www.radiotimes.com/images/key/key_c_cream.gif” alt=”Highlight”/> <!– END titleInfo –>

    Tuesday 30 March
    9:00pm – 10:00pm
    Sadeq Saba, who presented BBC4’s A Taste of Iran last year, offers another rich slice of his homeland’s heritage with a profile of medieval Persian poet, astronomer and mathematician Omar Khayyam. This film touches on his contribution to algebra and geometry, but concentrates on the lasting influence of his Rubaiyat and its life-affirming quatrains, elegantly translated into English in the 19th century. This may be a dry, scholarly piece, but it’s refreshing to watch a film about Iran that isn’t scaremongering and has no political agenda.

    Wanna bet?


  9. Martin says:

    Anyone else noticed that when Liebour come up with an idea, the BBC like to big it up and any external groups that support it are given a lot of attention. If the Tories oppose it the BBC takes a very hostile approach to the Tories. Yet if the Tories have an idea, the BBC ignore any groups that support the Tory idea but big up the groups that oppose the Tories plans. The BBC is also hostile to any Tory ideas.

    Right now on News 24 ugly female beeboid is attacking the Tories for NOT supporting Labours silly healthcare plan, female beeboid stated that “this idea has been welcomed”, really what by everyone? or just in the rent boy using Islington elite perhaps?


  10. Martin says:

    Isn’t it interesting how the BBC gives lots of time to the Robinsons in Northern Ireland but totally ignored the utter sleaze around the Cocaine snorters in the Labour party in Scotland? I wonder why?


  11. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Mark Mardell takes one more swipe at critics of his beloved Obamessiah before taking two weeks off for vacation.

    Obama’s Afghan speech sends message home

    Right from the start, Mardell is in full support mode.  In the first sentence, he uses “commander-in-chief”.  He’s doing this because his premise here is that The Obamessiah is a true commander-in-chief and critics are wrong.

    I’ve spent the last three days watching Republicans campaign, and a constant refrain from the speakers and the crowds is the suggestion, sometimes put very bluntly, that Obama doesn’t support the troops, and doesn’t behave as a proper commander-in-chief.

    And Mardell is determined to set the record straight.

    “There are never any specifics” from these critics, he says. Of course, when he says “Republicans”, he really means Sarah Palin and John McCain, because he’s been following Palin around for the last three days.

    …the military are held in greater, more reverend regard, and have more political clout, than any democracy that I can name. If a politician is not for the troops, under all circumstances, it means he or she is unpatriotic.

    I guess he doesn’t consider Turkey or Israel to be democracies.  As for his horrible qualifier “under all circumstances”, this shows that Mardell is simply wrong about the meaning of “support the troops”.  It’s obvious that he means that one should not support the troops if they are engaging in an unjust war, or doing nasty things on the battlefield.  This is the mentality of the anti-war protester who spits on troops returning home, calls them baby-killers, etc.:  the troops themselves are bad.  In fact, those who are concerned about supporting the troops are thinking really of the young people who are put in harm’s way every day on our behalf.  It’s a concern on the human level only, and is separate from geopolitical stuff.  We can hate the generals or presidents or idiotic commanders who do the wrong thing, but we don’t hate the men and women in uniform trying to do their jobs.  Supporting the troops means caring for the individuals, regardless of political persuasion or opinons on military actions.

    Mardell can’t understand that, so he misrepresents the criticism and must defend against it.  He then creates a straw man about a “social worker-in-chief”, which says more about his own perceptions than anything else.  Then he wraps it all up by trying to tell people like me what patriotism really is.

    Once again, the BBC North America editor isn’t reporting or analyzing:  he’s actively defending the President of the US against criticism.


  12. Travis Bickle says:

    Any news on the book yet David?  Election is approaching and if the simpletons in the Tory party manage to get in, they are going to need all the thinking that can be done for them.


  13. Travis Bickle says:

    What’s happening to this site?  I have to click on the comments twice before it opens in a pop up, and now comments aren’t showing up.  It seems to accept when I post, but when I go back to the comments it’s not there.  I guess no-one will see this to help anyway!!


    • John Anderson says:

      which browser ?   It opens up on one click on Comments in Mozilla Firefox


      • Lloyd says:

        Not for me – 2 clicks in firefox.


        • Roland Deschain says:

          2 clicks for me in Firefox also. And it won’t open in a new tab by clicking the middle button as it used to – I just get a javascript error. It insists on a whole new window, which clutters up the screen.


  14. Travis Bickle says:

    Firefox 3.6.2.  It’s the same story on my iphone too.  2 clicks every time and then a pop up.


  15. Martin says:

    Typical Newsnight. Fat slug Prescott is allowed ot prattle on but as soon as Eric Pickles starts talking bothe rent boy faced Esler and fat slug wife cheating Prescott interrupt.


  16. Simon Temple says:

    Martin :    Agree about Newsnight. Was going to comment but glad I didn’t as you summed it up perfectly.  I invariably find Essler to be appalling but his fury at Pickles criticising Blair was astonishing. I think he was in danger of losing control, of himself I mean, not the panel, he never came close to controlling that. He should be replaced.


  17. Cassandra King says:

    The lying state machine and its love of fake/rigged inquiries that cover the lying states fraudulant activities has become common practice and the latest fake inquiry into the UEA-CRU fraud is a classic example of the the lying state in action.
    A rigged panel self restricted in what it can investigate and staffed by lying state stooges covering up wrongdoing and fraud, this time the inquiry stated beforehand that it had NO intention of investing whether AGW was a reality or giant fraud yet no surprise then that this inquiry that had no intention of investigating the AGW theory then publishes in its findings that AGW is real and they can find no evidence that shows otherwise!

    Geddit folks? The lying state lying at the beginning of a rigged inquiry and lying at the end of that inquiry, they somehow come to a conclusion that they were not set up to find in the first place!
    Somehow the state rigged inquiry misses the plain evidence of systematic fraud and bad practice, somehow the rigged inquiry forgot to invite those who had done so much work to investigate the fraud at the UEA-CRU, yes folks isnt it strange that those involved in exposing the systematic fraud were ignored!
    The lying state in action, the lying state broadcaster will now pick up the lies and run with them!


  18. 1327 says:

    There was an item on Radio 4’s PM news yesterday (Tuesday) about the declining number of executions in Texas and the reasons for this. The reporter looked into the reasons for this which he explained were ..

    1) A new life without parole sentence which he said the victims family member prefer (I bet)

    2) The CSI effect where a jury requires far greater proof before returning a guilty verdict.

    3) An increasing Latino population who have a religious objection to the death penalty.

     At no point was it ever mentioned that perhaps just perhaps the death penalty works. You know actually works in that potential murderers don’t go through with it knowing what will happen and that the Texan population of underclass criminals has been thinned out. Neither did the reporter tell us if the actual number of murders in Texas has fallen which I’m betting it has.

     Sometimes its hard with the Beeb to decide if you are seeing the reporter knowingly miss out some conclusions from a report because it doesn’t fit with their world view or if they are so blinkered they just won’t consider certain conclusions. 


  19. Scrappydoo says:

    Ignorance is bliss – Radio 5 this morning encouraging people to listen to radio 5 on their TV via freeview.  They don’t understand that a tv uses much more power than a radio.  (TV = 150 watts , a radio about 5 watts)   .  Not very good when they should be worrying about all that nasty extra c02 power stations will produce to run these TV’s.


  20. Natsman says:

    Listening this morning to Phil Woollas being interviewed about the convicted immigrant rapist, who wasn’t deported –

    He said that Labour had deported about 5000 immigrants last year, and that had probably resulted in the drop in crime figures

    He actually said that.  Did anyone else hear?  I bet you anything you like that had a conservative interviewee said that, it would have been jumped on.  But what a thing to admit.  More should be made of it, I think.

    So has that racist overtomes in BBC opinion, and is he lying about the crime figures anyway – again?


  21. Bupendra Bhakta says:

    Evan Davis – clear signs that he is beginning to be polluted by hanging out with (semi-) real people on Dragons Den.  On Toady this morning about Sky’s run-in with the regulator…

    ‘You’ve got to feel a bit sorry for Sky.  They’ve created this whole market out there, they’ve shown what you can do with sports & movies, they’ve set up this dominant satellite system…’

    Out of the mouths of babes.

    Yes Evan… Sky has created this whole market, they’ve shown what you can do etc.  Do you know why?  Because they’ve had to.  They’ve not had that truckload of £3.6 billion of taxpayers’ money turning up at the front door.  They have had to innovate or die.  That’s what companies have to do out here in the real world.  The only innovation in the BBC is ever more creative ways of getting salary increases through.

    Later, in an article on circuses, Evan’s script (yes sadly several hundred grand a year per person doesn’t buy us people who actually… know stuff and can exptemporise) said ‘genre-bending’.

    Evan came out with ‘gender-bending’. =-O

    Keep your mind on the job, fella.


    • John Anderson says:

      I was involved in the inception of satellite TV – trying to flog Series 4000 satellites from RCA Princeton to whichever broadcasters wasnted to do satellite TV.  The BBC had the sole licence for 3 years,  flunked it – did not have a clue.  The rest of the ITV joined the BBC and others to have another look,  with a licence offer from the Government.  They deliberately froze Murdoch out.

      The Granada-led consortium went ahead with entirely the wrong satellite system (requiring large dishes expensive to install) and a very thin mix of programmes that could not sell.   Murdoch sidestepped the UK and bet his entire corporate empire on the Sky gamble – using a licence from Luxembourg to grab a slot in the geostaionary orbit.  Using RCA Series 4000 satellites launched by SES Astra. 

      In all our dealings wiuth the broadcasters,  the Murdoch people were the only ones with any real clue about how to set up satellite TV,  how to achieve small inexpensive dishes by using very high power on the satellites, what the customer would pay for etc.   Then they  implemented (under Andrew Neil as CEO of Sky) a very efficient sales operation. 

      The rest is history.

      But now Ofcom is trying to re-write history.


  22. Heads on poles says:

    BBC digging up lots on the poll tax riots, anybody would think that there is an election on and Labour need help:


    • Stuart says:

      I notice a few of the people they interviewed are having a dig at the conservatives in this article. I’m hoping (in vain) that they’ll run an article on the 70’s; rubbish in the streets etc, and the IMF. Its just as valid. Of course, they could _educate_ people as to what happens when interest payments approach significant proportions of GDP. There are plenty of historical examples around the world.
      This is so depressing – they run this article, but how can they not be more critical of the UK’s standing since this government was in power, especially with our current financial predicament.
      BBC: make it factual and people will make their own minds up without your biased opinions. And please, don’t call in Dr Who to proclaim his support for the Labour party as you did the other week – totally disgraceful and I didn’t receive a reply to my complaint either.


  23. George R says:

    Politically amnesiac BBC can’t mention Labour’s appalling record on Mass Immigration (continuing). There is no mention that Labour has brought in 3,000,000 immigrants over the past decade as part of its multicultural project, as well as

    being part of its plan to increase Labour’s vote among the new immigrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Somalia, Afghanistan, India , Nigeria, etc.

    A reminder: “Ethnic cleansing of the English” (Paul Weston)


    But the BBC merely has a bland headline.

    “Brown urges ‘united front’ at election on immigration”


    Presumably, this means that Brown, Woolas and Labour want the other political parties to agree to another 3,000,000 immigrants over the next 10 years.


    • John Anderson says:

      I’d wager it is closer to 5 million than 3 million recent immigration


      • rainbow.64 says:

        Nigel Farage was on Radio5 Live ‘Drive Time’ to talk about this, although God knows why he bothered, because I don’t think he was able to utter more than half a sentence at any one time before his spluttering, incoherent-with-righteousness, self-appointed-guardian-of-liberal-morals host Peter Allen saw fit to interrupt, I think EVERY time Farage attempted to answer a question. Allen was reacting as if he had been personally insulted, at one point admitted that he didn’t know what he was talking about, and at the end of the encounter read out a listener’s comment censorious of his own behaviour with bizarre sneering pride. This crass sort of non-interview by talentless self-regarding berks such as Allen would once have been quite shocking if heard on any BBC programme, but now appears to be its stock-in-trade.


  24. George R says:

    Labour’s sell out to Gaddafi’s Libya: Will BBC report it?

    “Government slammed for ‘caving in’ over Libya Lockerbie bomber transfer”



  25. George R says:

    Ban the burqa.

    No BBC reference here to Labour’s continuing subservience to Islam on this in Britain:

    “Belgian committee votes for full Islamic vail ban”



    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      I was just now looking at this article.  There are some problems, but I don’t see how Labour’s actions are relevant at all here.  I like how the goal of the sub-editor is to educate the reader against being too concerned about the veil.  Even though the veil is the topic, they felt it necessary to provide a link to the BBC’s own educational section with a lovely graphics display of common Mohammedan headcoverings. In other words, don’t worry children, the veil isn’t the main thing these women wear.

      I can’t imagine how the Muslim Council of Belgium can claim that “only a couple of dozen” women wear full veils, but the BBC takes them at their word and provides no alternative opinion.  Really?  In the entire country, less than 30 women wear the niqab, yet this has prompted the government to pass a law banning them?  Presumably any non-Muslim giving another figure would merely be an hysterical racist, and can’t be trusted.  And if only this tiny number of women wear the veil, then any claims that the ban would be about freeing women from oppression can be dismissed out of hand.

      We’re supposed to giggle at the fact that these racists use medieval carnival laws to oppress modern Muslims covering their faces.  No irony at the BBC, I guess.  The same can be said for the woman from the Muslim Executive.  Who would actually ban the mini-skirt if given half the chance, sweetheart?

      Except for one quote about freeing women from “this burden”, there’s no explanation for why this law is being considered.  Is it for security reasons?  An attempt to enforce a secular society? Pure anti-Muslim oppression?  Who can tell?  The BBC certainly isn’t sparing the time to inform.  As far as can be gathered from this news brief, it’s a misunderstanding and not fair, as well as a bit silly.  Which is, I suppose, the goal of the folks at BBC News Online.


  26. Anonymous says:

    Caught the NHS propaganda known as Holby City last night. Two historical figures were lovingly quoted: Che Guevera and Leon Trotsky!

    Talking of Trots, anyone managing to watch Paul Mason’s nonsense on Newsnight? Supposedly we need more manufacturing jobs. No mention of New Labour paying Tata hundreds of millions to shift steel production from Britain to India of course. The hourly wage for Chinese workers is around $1.10 in the Special Economic Zones. how exactly is Britain supposed to compete, especially with green taxes and inferior infrastructure links.

    Green scare? Shut down all the aluminum and steel factories! Potholes? Employ another social diversity adviser! It is contemptuous for the Newsnight liberals who wallow in the policies that have destroyed the British economy to now feign pity for the hoi polloi.


  27. Martin says:

    I noticed on the BBC 1 news that they managed to dodge the one eyed idiots distortions over immigration by simply merging it into a story about immigration. The BBC doing the job of being the Liebour party bitch


  28. Martin says:

    God the BBC are pathetic. Some really really camp beeboid male almost ejaculating on TV over the planned piece of “art” at the Olympics, or should that be CRAP?


  29. Betty Swollocks says:

    Correct Martin, the piece of art looks like a semi-collapsed roller coaster,what a load of shite, the beeboid was indeed ejaculating.


  30. Dick says:

    Over the last few days the BBC (in common, to be fair, with other media) has carried a number of reports about Pope Benedict alleging his personal responsibility for negligence in dealing with child abuse scandals in the Catholic Church.  They based this on a report in the New York Times which they did not check, and which has now been shown to be totally without foundation.  The BBC went to town on this, even suggesting that the Pope might resign.  I am waiting for a suitablly prominent correction, but I am not holding my breath. 


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      I’ve been noticing that as well.  Even though Mark Thompson is a Catholic, he ought to know better.  It was John Paul II who sat on this issue, apparently against then-Cardinal Ratzinger’s reccomendations.  The current pope’s hands aren’t entirely clean, I know.  But this wasn’t under his jurisdiction for very long at all, and he didn’t condone the kiddie-fiddler shuffle.  If anything he’s worked very hard since taking over to clear them out.  Of course, the BBC didn’t appreciate that because part of that deal was he didn’t want open homosexuals to be priests.  That’s why they want his scalp now.


  31. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Spot the missing word:  The BBC does a report on the mortgage bailout plan is ending, and didn’t really work at all.

    US mortgage debt programme set to end

    For once, the BBC has an actual United Statesian reporting on US issues.  Too bad she’s also using the biased playbook from the mothership.  Karen Nye reports that the US central bank has spent more than $1 trillion buying the bad mortgage debt, but it apparently hasn’t done what it was supposed to do and rates are going up anyway.

    The missing word:  Obama

    It was His plan.  But it didn’t work, was a huge waste of money we don’t have, and was merely kicking the problem down the road a bit.  And so the BBC must again not only shift blame but keep His name out of it entirely.

    Ironically, during the election, Candidate Obamessiah was not in favor of spending too much money on that kind of thing, saying that it rewarded bad behavior.  Too bad he turned back on that after becoming President.  The BBC doesn’t want you to remember that, or to know that He failed on this one.

    This is for the US audience of Matt Frei’s BBC World Propaganda America as well as for the UK audience.  Your license fee doesn’t pay for it, but it’s still trading on the name of the official national broadcaster of the UK to support the leader of a foreign country.


  32. Martin says:

    What are Newsnight up to? Twat Paxman does a short rant about some copper getting off for slapping some silly bitch about at a G20 riot, then the tossers at the BBC go off on some rant about leftie knobs (now the BBC claim most of them are Muslims, yet they only seem to be talking to middle class white boys) at some protest about the “invasion of Gaza”


    • Anonymous says:

      This was the grotesque “Jews are baby eaters” protest where the Muslims were having running riots with the police who cowardly fled. Of course the BBC don’t show any of the deeply anti-semitic nonsense these racist thugs were spouting – nor mention the absurd reasons for targetting Starbucks –  but instead show a slight whack with a truncheon of one of the yobs and call it a “beating”.


  33. Daniel Smith says:

    In the past week BBC has churned out the following:   
    Women, Weddings, War and me,  
    The world’s most dangerous place for women  
    So 3 anti-men propaganda series for feminists in one week.  
    For example the dangerous place documentary focuses exclusively on women as rape victims, ignoring the fact that the Congo war is the most deadly since WWII. Males are referred to as ‘people’ when they are the victims, but ‘men’ when they are the perpetrators.  

    Add to that 

    Girls on the frontline 
    less than a week ago 
    Every day is apparently international women’s day at the BBC.  
    By contrast, they have just shown another documentary   
    Who needs Fathers?  
    The title pretty much gives away the attitude of the BBC.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      To be fair, I thought the programme was pretty sympathetic to the father who was having trouble getting access to his kids. Mind you, his ex was a 5-star bitch for whom it would be difficult to show much sympathy.


      • Daniel Smith says:

        I’ve not watched who needs fathers? yet. I was commenting upon its title which seems to sum up the BBC groupthink mentality about such things in much the same way that Can Obama save the planet? summed up their attitudes. They could have easily called the programme something else perhaps more accurate like Mothers who manipulate. The title presupposes an answer in the same way that the old question “when did you stop beating your wife?” does.


  34. Umbongo says:

    and again . . on Today Cameron is given a roasting by Montague on the basis that his policy of not imposing NI increases on lower paid employees might damage Labour (oh sorry, might be an uncosted “benefit”) .  . . . and again Cameron just sits there and takes it: no remarks to Montague that her questioning might be a bit . . er . .  over-aggressive and that waiting for an answer before interrupting might be a mite more professional from an experienced journalist.  This interview was followed by the ritual kicking of Cameron by Robinson, just to make sure we all got the message.

    There are genuine criticisms to be made of this Conservative policy (for instance, that it doesn’t go far enough or that, in the context of the yawning tax/spend chasm, it’s a pin-prick or that “efficiency” savings are a snare and a delusion and that sacking swathes of public sector “workers” is the only remady) but, no, Montague toils religiously in Labour’s interest by using  tips from the Brown/Darling book “How to make the Conservatives look bad – even if they’re good”.


  35. NRG says:

    So 23 of the nation’s largest employers come out in favour of Conservative plans; how does the BBC report this?”Labour hits back after City bosses back Tories on NI”


    • John Anderson says:

      But surely they can’t be described as “City bosses” – they cover a wide range of major businesses and industries.   Typical BBC,  use “City” as a kneejerk swear-word.

      What we need is Paul Mason,  he’ll give an entirely fair and balanced report !


  36. Roland Deschain says:

    Hooray! The comments are fixed. Thanks guys.


  37. George R says:

    BBC’s political line on Islamic jihad murders in Russia:

    1.) blame the victims;

    2.) don’t mention ‘Islam’;

    3.) don’t mention ‘Jihad’.

    Fantastic analysis by BBC’s Ms. Kendall



  38. Pounce says:

    The bBC, playing the victim card over those peaceful people (Yet) again.

    Muslim Students in London uni prayer room row.

    Some Muslim students at City University in London are praying in the street in a row over prayer room facilities. The university closed a prayer room after Muslim students were attacked in November, before opening up a new multi-faith room the following month.A group of Muslim students now refuse to use the facility as they say they cannot pray in a multi-faith room.The university says it goes against its philosophy to provide a room for just Islamic students.

    Reading the above, do you get the impression that the Islamic students were moved because of that attack?  Do you get the impression that rather than Islamists pushing an “we demand equality but we are more equal than others agenda” the University is to blame? Do you feel the bBC has imparted to the reader the full story?

    Here is how I wrote on the very subject almost 3 weeks ago.



  39. George R says:

    No BBC Binyam Mohamed treatment for Israel’s Gilad Shalit:

    “The ongoing tragedy of Gilad Shalit”



  40. Pounce says:

    The bbC and what they aren’t reporting about Captain Pugwash,Master Bates ,Seaman Stains and Rodger the Cabinboy.

    Navies Struggle with swarming pirates.
    The British admiral in charge of the EU naval force countering the Somali pirate threat off the east coast of Africa has said there has been a huge surge in activity by pirates in recent weeks to try to flood the area.

    While the bbC is more than happy to push the view that the Pirates of Allah are happy pious people defeating the nasty westerner with ease. Has anybody here read about how the pirates lost big style these past few days to the Seychelles coast guard. No. In a nutshell they hijacked a  fishing boat with 6 men and then transfered them to an Iranian boat with another 21 hostages and later ignored a call to stop by a coastguard vessel sent to investigate. The CG vessel then pumped 10,000 rounds into the engine room  and rescued the prisoners. A few hours later while on route back to Mahe , it transpires the pirates had sent out an SOS and in order to avenge their honour attacked the CG vessel with 3 armed boats. One gunfight later with 2 pirate boats sunk and the other running off . The CG vessel contained homeward bound.

    I wonder why the bBC forgot to mention this very news worthy story.