Keep Trying

Instead of blogging the emotive language used in the BBC’s report of the Israeli retaliation to heightened attacks from Gaza, I’m going to discuss the embarrassing exposure of Jeremy “I’ll have to take your first answer” Paxman’s pissmronouncing stumbling incompetence as per the Telegraph. Well, not discuss, just mention. Hats off to Alexander Guttenplan.

The many fascinating ways the news about Gaza has been phrased this morning shows how difficult it is to get it right. Keep trying.

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  1. john says:

    I heard on BBC this morning that the Israeli bommbings yesterday were in retalliation for twenty mortar and missile attacks on Israel from Hamas over the last four weeks in which one Israeli civilian was killed.

    I was surprised that the BBC had not reported this Palestinian terrorism during March, and even more surprised that they reported it today. Surely this rare episode of honest reporting might get in the way of their obvious line going forwards, that those evil Israeli’s are once again preparing for genocide on the peace loving democratic Palestinians.


    • deegee says:

      No matter what the BBC stays on narrative – even if it means rewriting history.
      Religious row holds up Israeli hospital The issue of building over Jewish graves is a long standing one in an area with thousands of years of habitation but the BBC couldn’t resist this couple of paragraphs.

      Barzilai hospital is 12km from the Gaza Strip and the new unit was to be fortified against the rockets often fired into Israel by Palestinian militants. In any other context deliberately targetting civilians is terrorism but I guess one man’s terrorist is another man’s militant.

      Nearly three-quarters of the hospital’s patients had to be evacuated during Israel’s military operation in Gaza last year, as there was nowhere safe for them to stay as the rockets fell in response.
      Operation Cast Lead was in response to rockets from Gaza not the other way around. Hamas declared the informal ceasefire ended and stepped up firing for several days before Israel responded in massive force.


  2. Cassandra King says:

    The BBC reporting this AM that hamas commanders were active in preventing more rocket strikes by Gazan millitants seemed unable or unwilling to comprehend that the millitant rocket teams ARE hamas, the very idea that hamas is stopping hamas from firing rockets into Israel either betrays the BBC as cretins or hamas stooges.

    In Gaza the millitants and the hamas fighters and  field commanders are one and the same, they are fingers of the same hand and yet the BBC would have us believe that somehow they are seperate. Is it plausible that hamas is actively trying to stop the rocket teams launching strikes into the hated enemies lands?
    The BBC is dancing to the tune of hamas hust as surely as UNWRA is happy to do.
    What the BBC are doing is to create an appearance of legitimacy around hamas, they become the moderates trying to reign in the hotheads and millitants and the IDF are duly painted as savages blindly striking out at these peacemakers as only a violent and bullying IDF can. See the narrative at work here?
    At a stroke the IDF become the agressors and hamas becomes the harrased defender.
    The BBC narrative becomes clear, they betray their intentions to those with eyes to see but I suppose they are counting on the sad fact that most people will fall for the twisted account instead of peeling away the manilpulations.


    • John Anderson says:

      I keep hearing on BBC the terrorists being called “the militant wing of Hamas”.

      Pathetic liars.


    • hippiepooter says:

      “Militants”?  Cassandra, you’re watching too much BBC. 🙂


  3. Bupendra says:

    Don’t forget that in BBC’s lalaland Gerry Adams was ‘an activist’.


  4. Jack Bauer says:

    I have no doubt Paxman spends hours in front of the mirror practicing saying “I’m Jeremy Paxman… I’m Jeremy Paxman…”


  5. sue says:

    “Israeli warplanes have carried out air strikes on the Gaza Strip.” Warplanes! Screaming headlines designed to reinforce the image of Israelis as warmongering war-criminals.
    As the BBC has been  implanting this notion in the minds of the audience for years, few people will want to listen sympathetically to James Naughtie’s interview with Israeli spokesman Shachar Ariele.
    Unfortunately he was speaking from an underwater wind tunnel with a blanket over his head.

    Naughtie put the usual points to him, but who would be listening to his muffled answers? Only Naughtie’s predictable trills came across the airwaves loud and shrill.
    “……….keep them effectively in prison…”     “……Different groups not directly connected with Hamas….”   “…..make matters worse…”

    Only those with a sympathetic bent would have strained to hear “Hamas actively supports efforts to hurt Israeli citizens, or turns a blind eye, if Hamas wanted to stop the attacks, they could.”
    “When we look at the basic ideology of Hamas it’s very clear cut, very explicit. and it actually speaks openly about the destruction of the state of Israel. “

    “They would love to see the situation where Hamas stops any terrorist activity from the Gaza strip towards Israel, but the fact is that they don’t and they actively support it.”

    What a pity News Sniffer has bitten the dust. There have been many versions and updates on the BBC website. Now there are are two reports, 13:28 and 18:35 but I haven’t time to trawl through them. All I know is that they will all contain the words “Israel says” when referring to anything remotely favourable to Israel, and there will be at least one reference to the number of Palestinians massacred in Op. Cast Lead, compared to a measly thirteen Israeli soldiers.


  6. deegee says:

    Jeremy “I’ll have to take your first answer” Paxman’s pissmronouncing

    PISSMROUNCING Deliberate play on words, I’m sure O:-)


  7. DP111 says:

    In little reported news, PM Netanyahu has been trying to stop the IAF from bombing Gaza.

    There are reports that the Defence minister, one Barak, has gone rogue.
    The problem the BBC has is not that they are pro-Hamas per se, but that if their own prevailing ideology,  that all people and cultures are the same.

    From this follows, that the more a group is violent and murderous, group A, in comparison to another group, group B,  the BBC has to demonise group B, while diminishing the barbarity of group A.

    It is the principle of multiculturalism extended to wars.

    If the present BBC was broadcasting at the time of WWII, they would be demonising the RAF and USAF, as the weight of Allied bombing was disproportionate compared to the pitiful response of the Lufwaffe. From that it would be a short step to making Nazis the  heroes and Churchill a ‘Hitler’.


    • John Horne Tooke says:

      That is very well put – it is similar to a theory thatI first came across a few years ago put forward by Evan Sayet.

      If you apply this theory to the BBC output it makes a lot of sense.


    • Jack Bauer says:

      There are reports that the Defence minister, one Barak, has gone rogue. 

      Unlike the BBC which has long since GONE ROUGE.


  8. David Preiser (USA) says:

    The BBC’s ghoulish body-count narrative is back.

    Hamas ‘working to curb Gaza rocket attacks’

    Palestinians and rights groups say more than 1,400 Gazans died in the conflict, while Israel puts the figure at 1,166. Thirteen Israelis, including three civilians, were killed.

    Once again, all Palestinian casualties are considered innocent civilians, while there is a clear demarcation between military and civilian casualties for Israel.  In other words, only 3 deaths count for Israel, while all Palestinian deaths are counted equally, further demonizing Israel.

    Aside from that, this is another step in the BBC’s efforts to legitimize Hamas.  The biased Beeboids – including useful Jew Tim Franks – pretty much think you all are too stupid to notice this on the website of the Al Qassam Brigade, the armed wing of Hamas:

    Palestine is our country from sea to Jordan

    Any Beeboid who tells you that Hamas is working for a peaceful, two-state solution is either seriously misinformed or deliberately lying.


    • deegee says:

      Has the BBC every ‘investigated’ how Hamas reached its figures and how Israel reached its figures?


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        No, nor do they ask the various “human rights group” they also quote as sources for those figures.  But it’s not important.  What’s important is the narrative of disproportion, and the underlying meaning.


  9. Dazed-and-Confused says:

    The BBC….Compare and contrast….

    But what they’re really telling us is……….

    Absolutely shocking….


  10. burbette123 says:

    The state broadcaster in its Radio 4 costume was in full cry this morning. They were screaming that there are 200,000 ? Palestinian Christians who are not allowed to visit religious sites in Jerusalem. But at the end of the damaging and untrue story, they had to admit that the Israeli army has issued 10,000 passes for Arab Christians for the holiday. They also never mention that thousands of Palestinian Christians are now happily living in Detroit and other large US cities because Muslims have hounded them out of the country. Hence the question about the population figure.

    There was also one Rev James Frasier this morning shortly before 6 ranting how he was shot at by Israeli soldiers while walking with two children in Gaza. He did not say what he was doing there, when he was shot at, or why he was with two children.  Frasier did indicate that he was afraid, and took to his toes, hoping that everyone else did the same.

    All in all this is a very bad weekend for Jews, both traditionally and actually.  The story of the last two thousand years says it all.


    • John Anderson says:

      Good Friday is the most  sombre  day of the Christian calendar.   I thought the BBC had started a short report on Christians following The Way of the Cross – Golgotha.  An appropriate item for Good Friday.

      But Oh No – as you say,  the report  turned into an attack on Israel,  more pleading for the Palestinians who appear to be the BBC’s favourite “victim” group.  The BBC is forever harping on about the effect of security restrictions – brushing aside the vile acts of Palestinians who have made these security restrictions necessary.

      We get bucketloads of attacks on Israel day in, day out from the BBC.  But it was appalling that they should run this item – using the sadness of Good Friday as a hook to continue their pro-Palestinian ranting.

       Meanwhile the BBC pays damn-all attention to the plight of Christians right across the Middle East .


      The Golgotha story,  run on Good Friday,  was plumbing new depths.   Sickening.


  11. sue says:

    So  the Catholic hierarchy is being unfairly demonised, and labelled the New Jews.
    Muslims claim they are  being unfairly demonised, and that they are the New Jews.

    People think it’s outrageous that suffering of the enormity of the holocaust could be compared to any criticism or hostility meted out to Catholic priests and Muslims because of the misdemeanours of some of their colleagues.

    Slight difference being that the misdemeanours of the ‘few’ are real, but the misdemeanours of the Jews are imagined.

    Catholics are the new Jews.
    Muslims are the new Jews.
    When are the old Jews going to be the new Jews?
    I’m going to start including  a running total of the number of times the BBC mentions the body count  from Cast Lead. Assuming its around several times per day, I might start with  1,095.
    I’d put it on the top of the site as a rolling banner, but I don’t have the technical ability.


  12. deegee says:

    Unfortunately Revisionista appears to be down so I can’t follow the revisions to this story.

    It started with an Israelis kill 15 year old. Then it graduated into a maybe the Israelis didn’t kill him but they could have. Gaza youth ‘shot dead’ in border incident One of those False in detail but true in general stories.

    Then this came up. Gaza boy reported killed returns home alive
    He returned home on Friday after apparently fleeing to Egypt through a smuggling tunnel and being held there.Which raises the question of what border is referred to? Everything in the previous article inferred that this occurred close to the Israel border – where else would the Israelis be shooting? – not the Egyptian border. If the Gazan were not exercising their ‘right to protest’ (sic) why else would the Israelis be shooting?

    Now that the ‘murder’ is shown to be a non event, how is it illustrated? Picture below. The Land Day rallies led to clashes with Israeli forces. Clashes that the follow up story admits had nothing to do with the supposed death.

    Dr Muawiya Hassanein, of Gaza’s health ministry, announced on Tuesday that the teenager had been killed during protests near to the Gaza border to mark Palestinian Land Day.

    He said the boy had been left “bleeding for hours” before a medical team was allowed to collect his body.

    Doesn’t this mean Hassanein and/or the Gaza Health Ministry is an unreliable witness who should not be quoted in the future?

    Incidentally the original quote was An official from the Hamas-run ministry of health said the teenager “was left bleeding for hours” before paramedics were able to get Israeli permission to evacuate him.False and libellous and not apologised for by either Hamas or the BBC.


    • sue says:

      I wonder what happened to Newssniffer/Revisionista?


    • Lloyd says:

      Despite the fact that the “boy” is still alive and well the original BBC story on the subject still trumpets in the second paragraph that the 15 year old was killed by Israeli fire.

      The confusion as to his wellbeing and whereabouts only comes later in the report, long after the BBC have got the message across that the “boy” was killed by the evil Israeli’s.

      If this isn’t a case for a story to be killed/deleted then I don’t know what is?


  13. DP111 says:

    Argentina can have the Malvinas any time they like – its none of our business. They cannot have the Falklands, as they are ours by right, by ownership, by recognition of the UN and international law, by the will of the people who live there, and above all, by the blood that was shed by us to repel an invader.

    I hope that is clear.