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The pretence of impartiality has been scrapped in the last-minute scramble to change minds before Labour faces the electorate next month.

Well, actually that’s a paraphrase of the introduction to this article. No mention of the fact that Labour has a large majority and that it has no need, based on this, to scrap anything. The correct reading of events must be that they are trying to disrupt Conservative campaigning by changing some of the talking points relating to tax, for instance the cider tax and the broadband tax. Notice in the article how the “experts” magically align themselves with the Government policy while the Conservatives are depicted as spoilers. Repeat after me, Beebies: Labour has a majority and has no need to scrap anything; the Conservatives have no power to scrap this stuff; any such action we can presume is dictated by the drive for Labour presentation at the elections. Fair dos, eh?

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  1. Umbongo says:


    Call me a beeboid but the article you cite is – unusually and almoost uniquely for the BBC – a straight relay of the facts of the case.  Moreover, it was on the “Technology” page which is, I would contend, a fair enough place to post it.

    Considering the avalanche of pro-Labour – well, anti-Conservative – bile on the BBC together with the “normal” bias (eg in respect of AGW, Israel/Pal;estine) which has gathered pace since the turn of the year, this might be a time to keep your powder dry and concentrate your fire on the more egregious examples of bias rather than adopt a scatter-gun approach.


  2. Phil says:

    People who live off tax cash very nearly always think taxes are a good thing. You only have to read the Guardian to see that, or observe the hypocrisy of public sector workers claiming to want to protect services in the face of spending cuts when we all know all they want to protect are their own jobs.

    If we fund a broadcaster with £3.5 billion of tax cash per year it is not reasonable to expect it to be impartial about taxes just because it claims to be.


  3. Cassandra King says:

    Now lets imagine that a tory attorny general, the governments high legal official was caught breaking the law and then got found out lying to cover up her breaking of the law.
    How would the BBC respond to such a scandal involving a person whose character must be beyond reproach at all times? Can you imagine that the BBC would somehow ignore this as not newsworthy?
    We know for a cold hard fact that the BBC would be blaring the news to the four corners of the universe with critics lining up by the dozen.
    A crooked lying attorney general in court bleating out the kind of excuses that are always dismissed out of hand when ordinary people are in the dock and the BBC is as silent as the grave.

    The BBC showing their true face yet again?


  4. Martin says:

    I thought the BBC tone was to play down the Cider tax failure and many others as well. Sorry but the originla post is correct, Liebour KNEW an election was coming why go through the motions of half this legislation knowing they wouldn’t pass it? Don’t blame the Tories!!!


  5. John Horne Tooke says:

    “National Insurance: Who’s got it right?”
    “Welcome to Reality Check. Today I’m examining the political argument over National Insurance.”

    So says Peston. But this does not seem right to me. He is saying who is right and who is wrong – just him? nobody else? We need  two sides to this not just his “take” on it.

    This, it seems is going to continue – the BBCs journalists are going to have a “Reality Check” and they are going to decide who is right and who is wrong.

    So if you really want to know who to vote for, wait until the BBC have put you right – for goodness sake don’t make your own mind up based on 2 sides of an argument.


  6. Graham Evans says:

    Little Off-topic, but newsnight is on! much of gordon’s heckler do we see?…..well….they didnt ignore him of course, but probably around 20% of his rant was shown…hmmm…..
    now what will they concentrate on?…..why the dear leaders constitutional reform of course….debt what debt !!! OMG get him out of the jog FFS.


  7. George R says:

    BBC and Mass Immigration

    The BBC is doing all it can to relegate what the British people rightly think is a top problem, especially of Labour policy.

    How many of these reports about immigration (of the past two days) does the BBC take up?: