I had the misfortune to ensure 60 minutes of the BBC “Today” bias this morning and believe me, it’s just not good for your health! Between 7am and 8am, there was a stream of anti-Conservative propaganda spewing from the State Broadcaster and I speak as someone who is not a Cameron Conservative but believes in the need for balance!

The farce started with Stephanie Flanders going over to Dublin. Apparently there has been a recession there (!) and Steph went to have a chat with Brian Lenihan, the Finance Minister. In his first sentence, Lenihan explained he was a Keynsian (BBC tick) but because Ireland had no access to easy funds, tough decisions had to be taken (BBC sad). Stephanie explained that if the scale of these cuts was replicated in the UK, it would mean tens of thousands of job losses in the public sector. Oh no. Stephanie didn’t ask if the cuts were working.

This set up the next item which was…cue drum roll ..Tory plans for “efficiency cuts” in the public sector. BBC produced an academic professor to point out just how dreadful this would be. Plus ca change?

Then, a break from undermining the Conservatives to go to South Africa for the funeral of “notorious white supremacist” leader Eugene Terreblanche. I found this guy to be a pretty repellent character BUT then again BBC silence on the murder of 3000 white farmers since the notorious ANC came to power in 1994 hardly provides balanced debate, does it?

Anyway, we all know whites are bad so back to some more Conservative bashing concerning their voluntary national citizen service scheme. Sanchia Berg made plenty of mention of “people with posh accents” telling da yoof what to do. That pesky Etonian Cameron, eh?

Then, across the Irish sea to my part of the woods where Kevin Connolly talked uncommon nonsense for 5 minutes, pretending we now live in a land of milk and honey in which the “constitutional question” is settled. I am inviting Kevin to come an interview me so an alternative view can be heard, I bet he won’t. Will keep you posted.

Moving on this time across the pond, we had a bit of Obama worship and in particular on his cunning plan that “could” lead to tough new sanctions being imposed on Iran, sometime, in the not too distant future. Possibly. Maybe,  Bet the Mullahs are panicking about that. Again, no counter voice protesting Obama’s total failure to grasp the nettle on this issue! On the other hand, he does bully Israel and that is always worth a BBC bonus.

Finally, and exhausted, I listened to a tribute to Sex Pistol’s manager, Malcolm McLaren who has died aged 64, Wish the BBC had played “Pretty Vacant”, it would have summed up the last hour of bias, drivel, propaganda and faux comment. No future for you?

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  1. Martin says:

    Same crap on Radio5, Nicki Campbell the mincing queen of breakfast radio just had Lord Adonis on, who of course was demanding that Limp Dems vote Liebour. When Campbell did ask LORD Adonis (why Campbell didn’t ask Adonis what right an UNELECTED PEER has to interfere with democracy was beyond me but hey) if Labour voters should vote Lib Dem in areas where the Libs are second with the Tories, Adonis said no, so Campbell just let him off!!!

    Then Campbell pathetically asked the unelected Adonis about fuel prices and why they were so high, Adonis waffled about the price of oil (which as we know is still far lower than a couple of years back when it was up at nearly 150 dollars a barrel) Campbell just let him off, Campbell didn’t mention the extra tax that Liebour have stuffed on to petrol.

    A nice cushy easy ride for a leftie on good old Radio 5.


    • David vance says:

      Yes – BBC bigging up prospects for Lib/Lab pact.

      As for Fuel Price, hey, I thought that weak Pound Gordon has gifted us was a good thing – someone must have forgot to tell the BBC Oil is traded in dollars. :-[


  2. JohnofEnfield says:

    Some good points filtered through the bias 
    1. Lenihan said it HAD to be done (Irish cuts) & the immediately following “Professor of Public Policy” said it COULD be done (Conservative cuts to enable some of NI increase to be staved off).
    2. Cameron kept his cool throughout the barrage of questions on the Today interview, sounded on top of his brief & won the cuts argument without causing any collateral damage. He didn’t keep repeating the same old mantra “big boy  done it & ran away” like Brown did yesterday.

    Some thoughts: –

    1. Can we take the BBC to court (right now!) for breaking their charter during this election campaign?
    2. It is looking to me that the Conservatives are winning the NI debate. Everyone is moving on.
    3. The Grauniad is already lamenting (see Kettle yesterday) that Liebor are giving up the middle ground.


  3. George R says:

    Yes, BBC’s Ms Flanders let Ireland’s Lenihan say that he didn’t want to interfere in British politics, but then he went on to praise the Eurozone.
    There was no discussion as to whether the UK should not only stay out of the Eurozone, but should get out of the E.U. completely.

     The BBC: letting the EU set the UK’s economic agenda, naturally.


  4. Cassandra King says:

    Great post DV many blessing to you and may your tribe increase and your enemies flee in terror!

    Oooh NOooooh many thousands of usless nonjob parasites will lose their nonjobs? Ooooh the horror of it all!
    What will we do without the legions of media advisors/equality’N’diverstity outreach co ordinators/H&S inspectors/paperclip shufflers/quangoids and exectutives who appear to have no discernable job whatsover.
    The truth is that we as a nation can no longer(could never)afford such state largesse at the expense of the wealth creating sector. The simple truth is that these hundreds of thousands of parasites are killing the wealth creating host, these parasites have come to the conclusion that it is they who create the wealth rather than spend it.
    I have often said that no problem will be acted upon unless and untill it directly affects the political/middle/parasite class, this class has become bloated on a lavish tide of direct subsidies in the form of nonjobs to the point that we are loading the next four generations with crippling debt to finance them.
    These jobs specially designed to offer employment to a particular class of voter with a particluar political outlook has been a specific aim of recent political history, well the money has run out and these people are going to have to find out some harsh realities and truths.
    The long ignored majority who have to work in the wealth creating sector knows just how important this sector is to the nation, the wealth consuming parasite class are a luxury we can no longer afford, they have been carried and pampered for long enough and now its time for them to stand on their own two feet. Yes it will be hard to transition from a cushy nonjob to a productive one but it has to be done and the sooner the better.
    The parasites will try to persuede us that they are essential, they will lie to us that if we cut funding to the state then front line services will suffer badly.
    In fact we could cut 90% of quangos and nonjobs saving hundreds of billions of pounds over a parlaiment and nobody would notice their departure and in fact essential services would actually improve markedly. The dragging dead weight of back sliding passengers is costing the earth while delivering nothing but debt and poverty, we the majority owe these scroungers nothing.


    • fred bloggs says:

      Cassandra, you did not mention a recently issued stat, that in the last 10 years the number of managers in the NHS has increased by 80%.  I also see Woolas got found out by Neil in his interview and Neil explained where Woolas went wrong in his BBC blog.  It can be done but Neil is a rarity in the Beeb.


  5. George R says:

    What the BBC regards as ‘political impartial’ reporting, re-South Africa:

    1.) describe the murdered Mr. Terreblanche as a ‘notorious white supremacist’;

    2.) do not describe his murderers as ‘black’;

    3.) do not descibe any of his black opponents as ‘racist’;

    4.) do not refer to the many murders of white people by blacks under ANC rule as ‘racist’.


    • NotaSheep says:

      I caught today’s feedback, an incredible bit about Omid Djalili’s (and co-panellist) comments re Eugene Terreblanche’s savage murder. Take a lsiten to the voice of the compassionate society.


  6. Scrappydoo says:

    Punk Punk Punk Punk…. I could not beleive that Nicky Campbell started droning on about his dewy eyed memories of being a punk on radio 5 this morning.  Still getting over that when he annonced that the 5 phone in subject was “where have all the punks gone?”  All this enthusiasm for punk could not have anything to do with the fact that it was partly motivated by anti-Thatcherism ?   All the punks are now at the BBC I suspect.


    • NRG says:

      UK punk developed in 1976 -78, a reaction to the hopleness created by the controling miserable socialist Labour government.

      It exploded into colour and fun as new romanticism and new wave under the glory days of Thatcherism.

      Leftie punks and post punks Crass, Billy Bragg at all were strictly a minority interest. 

      Punk may be anti-establishment, but it opposes whatever establishment happens to be in power at the time. Do not let the Beeboid liars claim it was a left wing movement.

      Vivienne Westwood is hardly ghetto.


  7. james1070 says:

    The BBC is keeping mum about the expulsion of its’ journalist from a Julius “Kill the Farmer” Malema press conference. I have looked on their newsite and it is not mentioned. It’s a great story with Malema accusing the journalist of having “white tendancies”, being a “bastard” and a “bloody agent”. 
    Anyway you can watch it here. 

    The BBC goes out of its’ way to cover up for this corrupt African regime.


    • Grant says:

      James, Thanks for that link.  It should be a lead story on the BBC. It certainly would be if it had been an Israeli politician !


    • John Horne Tooke says:

      Isn’t that interesting –  I heard this reporter on the radio this morning. There was no mention that he had been kicked out of an ANC press conference. As Grant says if this had happened in any other country it would have been front page stuff on the BBC.


  8. Natsman says:

    I just caught a bit of the Cameron interview.  He was rabbiting on about how “Green” the conservatives are, and extolling the virtues of the climate change agenda.  I literally switched him off.  He’ll not get MY vote.  I had hoped he was going to tone down this eco-nonsense in favour of common sense.  He doesn’t learn, does he?  Oh well, his loss.  It’s really not worth the bother of voting at all, any more.  Whichever way one jumps it’ll be more of the same.


  9. Martin says:

    Oh dear, looks like Frankie Boyle has upset disabled minorities spouting his bollocks.


    • Embersfire says:

      Not reported on the BBC though – surely not because they pay most of his wages through the propagandist Mock the Week??


  10. Craig says:

    David’s point about what Sanchia Berg said to the working class youths is spot on. It needs quoting just to see how bad it actually was:

    “It would come in if David Cameron won the election, if the Conservatives were in power, and then it’s going to be somebody, you know, from an extremely privileged background, whose own community service was volunteering when he was at Eton to help old people in Windsor. Do you think that will put people off, or do you think they will just focus on the idea and what it will mean for them?”


  11. John Anderson says:

    I worked in the civil service for nearly 20 years,  in 12 different jobs across 7 Departments.

    In most of the offices you could have got rid of 20% of the staff without any visible deterioration.  Problem was – a minority worked hard and well,  but many just skived, pushed paper,  and were very hard to get rid of.


    Wasn’t it awful hearing Cameron blather on about Green policies this morning.  Cringeworthy.  But on the NI question he held his ground pretty well.


    • Cassandra King says:

      Unless Cameron can be made to see reason with regard to so called green(red)issues then anything he does,any reform he enacts will be meaningless.
      The tory energy and enviroment plans are nothing short of an epic disaster in the making, they will create a second world poverty and strife stricken wasteland of the UK.
      Windmills do not work, they never did and they never will. Windmills belong back in the 18th century pumping the fens and grinding grain, we need cheap cheap cheap energy everything a first world society is or will be springs from that fertile base, unless we have a source of cheap reliable energy then there will be no recovery, there will be no jobs and tax revenues and in fact without cheap energy we can kiss goodbye to all our first world comforts and essentials.
      We cannot go back to the middle ages peasant status, there is no post indusrtial wonderland where energy grows on trees and we all live in a Constable painting, the promise of a green future is a complete fabrication and lie, there is no green future, in fact there is no future without cheap reliable energy and until Cameron is made to understand this and reject the carbon traders and watermellon fruitcakes then we on on the road to third world land.


  12. John Anderson says:

    Wimmins Hour had a piece today about one of Jenni Murray’s predecessors as presenter – and about the Manchester office of the BBC many years ago.  Almost the opening line was “Of course we were all very left-wing”. 

    In unguarded moments,  they don’t even try to disguise their bias.


  13. Phil says:

    40,000 job losses in our bloated public sector would hardly dent the 800,000 extra people Labour has hired since 1997, mainly to do non-jobs.

    The BBC never questions if all these people are needed on the public payroll. Hardly surprising. The BBC is notorious for overstaffing and bureaucracy. We are never going to get impartiality about public sector staffing levels from an overstaffed public sector broadcaster.


  14. Martin says:

    Funny that this prat has now been sacked (the BBC say removed – Guido says he was sacked after saying he’d resign) the BBC are running the story, well sort of, but try to find it on their front news page. It’s on a tiny link. Want to bet if a Tory got the push it would be so low key?  
    Then the BBC headline on the story.  
    Twitter abuse candidate Stuart MacLennan removed  
    Removed? Not quite the same as SACKED is it BBC?  
    The vile rat faced Laura Kuntsberg states ” Labour will hope they have closed down the row over Stuart MacLennan relatively quickly.”  
    I think she means the BBC hope the story goes away. She also hinted that people would now be looking at other Twitter feeds, I think she means the BBC will be looking at Tory Twitter feeds, funny the BBC never picked up on this story at the start.  
    Want to guess the No1 story on Radio 5? Yep Lord Adonis still. Story 2 is the BBC sticking up for the ‘edgy’ comic Frankie Boyle for his slagging off of disabled people. Funny that the BBC is attacking the woman who complained and all the callers back the sainted Frankie. Shame the BBC don’t find Bernard Manning or Chubby Brown ‘edgy’. I wonder why?


    • Craig says:

      Yes, the BBC were painfully slow on that Twitter story. They were quick enough yesterday, though, to pick up on this Twitter campaign:

      1732: Another snippet from our interactive reporter Anna Adams. She says the UK Independence Party are getting some stick on Twitter for spelling “independent” wrong in some of their local campaign literature.
      And the same Beebette earlier in the day had picked up on another big Internet story:

      1658: The BBC’s interactive reporter Anna Adams says a “Where’s Georgie?” campaign is gathering pace on the internet. She says people are pondering the whereabouts of shadow chancellor George Osborne, suggesting that he hasn’t been seen much since the election was called. Apparently, he was last seen at Luton Airport on Tuesday – any further sightings let us know…

      The BBC are a joke.


      • Martin says:

        Yes the BBC were also quick to pick up on Twitter when Cameron forgot to say ‘Gay’ in a speech. Funny the BBC haven’t picked up (as Sky did and Guido) that the vile sainted Sarah Brown followed this arseholes Twitter feed, so did she know about the comments?

        I also notice the BBC keep trying to kill the story with comments like “They now hope to move the story on, but the Tories will probably try to keep it going”

        I’m betting that if this were a Tory candidate not only would the BBC have it at the top story (in fact it would be the only story for days) we’d have rat face and co going on and on about “the nasty party” and “this is the face of the real Tories”

        Compare how Chris Grayling was treated by the BBC for a secret recorded comment in which he gave NO offence as compared to this Liebour arsehole.


        • David Preiser (USA) says:

          And right this moment on their Election 2010 live feed page, the Beeboids are quoting tributes to McLennan.

          The three previous posts are:  Beeboid follows Gordon Brown to Watford to witness the raising of Vote Labour’ signs, Adonis, and Adonis.


    • Embersfire says:

      The Frankie Boyle story finally drags itself into the main website – as a ‘why do we laugh at crips?’ piece by the age and disability correspondent (I didn’t know they had one). The tag at the end is revealing – ‘in 20 years time we will watch archive footage and wonder what was so funny’ – so thats all right then. We will all become enlightened, just not yet, courtesy of the BBC.


      • Martin says:

        Why do people laugh at Bernard Manning jokes? Oh hang on the BBC won’t do that one.


    • Grant says:

      Spot on Martin !


  15. Martin says:

    What a shock. Sky News ran the Liebour scum being sacked as their No1 story, the BBC news, not a mention. It’s TORY CUTS all the way.


  16. Future History of Great Britian says:

    Question, if the party that is in power is going to give you money, and the parties that want to be in power are thinking of taking away money, which side do you vote for? Of course BBC is going for Labour, it will mean keeping their jobs.


  17. NRG says:

    NHS in Northern Ireland alone employs 74 people in PR type jobs and they are still recruiting.

    Multipy this by every admin discipline, across every government department across every region and you get an idea of the monstrous tax sucking army of parsites taht could be released to flip burgers without the front line being impacted in ths slightest. 


  18. Martin says:

    Sky News just pointed out that SEVERAL senior Labour figures were on this scumbags Twitter feed and would have known about his comments. The BBC…zzzzzzzzzz, Tory bashing and now Pope bashing again.

    This is the BBC at it’s finest bias, doing everything it can to kill or hide a negative Labour story.

    As i said before compare how Chris Grayling got beaten up on the BBC his his comment to how this Liebour scumbag is being treated.


  19. George R says:

    BBC ‘Newsnight’ tonight:

    1.) Tactical voting (or, BBC coded message: how Labour and Lib Dems should support each other to keep Tories out);

    2.) Luton marginal: Crick & Maitlis; will they anaylise Muslim block vote from a non-Muslim viewpoint? Will they mention Islamic demonstrations against British army? Will they give details of impact of Labour’s mass immigration there, with numbers?

    3.) for no discernible reason, except that it’s a BBC preference for Beeboids: Sarfraz Manzoor and ‘crooner Paul Young are to appear.


  20. George R says:

    Now the following is a useful article put out by the BBC on how in the General Election the constituency composition is heavily skewed to the disadvantage of the Tories:

    “Why the Tories need a higher share of the vote to win”

    BUT, the BBC piece attempts to justify this gross, unfair inequality against the Tories, which has been going on for 40-50 years, by harking back to 1951!:

    “In 1951, the Tories won the most seats despite Labour winning the largest share of the vote.”

    Clearly, Labour’s policy of mass immigration over the past 13 years, and packing the smaller inner city constituencies with Labour voters from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Somalia, India, Nigeria, etc., may pay off for the Labour-BBC multiculturalists.


  21. DP111 says:

    A wealth producing job, one in manufacturing industry for instance, is one that consumes energy and materials. By present day definitions, it is not a Green job.

    Corollary: A Green job is one that uses no materials and energy. Thus bureaucratic non-jobs are the most Green of all jobs.

    The threat of AGW is so great, a planet extinction event, that we need to destroy whatever non-Green industry we still have, and replace them with Green jobs. WE must do it NOW.


  22. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Hilarious.  The BBC just now had to report that Nick Clegg has complained about Lord Adonis telling everyone all morning to skip the LibDems and vote Labour because many of their policies are similar.  Clegg’s only complaining because the BBC has had Adonis on all morning doing it.

    And what does the BBC do?  In order to provide context for Clegg’s complaint, the presenter says that earlier today Adonis “told BBC News” that LibDem supporters should vote Labour.  And then they play the Adonis clip again.  Shameless.

    I’m turning it off for real now.


    • ap-w says:

      Someone (although it won’t be the BBC) needs to point out how hilarious Nick Clegg’s reaction to this is. In any seat where the Lib Dems have finished second in either a general or local election their leaflets invariably contain a bar chart showing them in second place and saying “The Conservatives/Labour cannot win here. The only way to beat Labour/the Conservatives is to vote Liberal Democrat.”


  23. Cassandra King says:

    The BBC is busy/desperate to kill the twitter twat story ASAP, the labour candidate sacked only after the story hit the national news is being stamped on by the BBC with a desperation that only the BBC can indulge in.
    Why would the BBC be so keen to kill the story? The fact that senior labour figures read the tweets and obviously took no action against the candidate is a very big story but an even bigger story is the fact that Sarah Brown followed and read the tweets and obviously thought them to be acceptable because she did not complain, now this is the wife of the PM here and if this were Camerons wife does anyone think that the story would be smothered by the BBC?
    The BBC would be screaming the story from the rooftops day and night, headline news for days and days yet because this scandal has the potential to devastate labour it is killed.
    What this does show is that the labour love of PC has nothing to do with trying to protect minorities and everthing to do with control and attacking political enemies.

    Imagine the BBC headline scream out Camerons wife thinks calling the elderly “coffin dodgers” is acceptable etc. It looks like Sarah Brown is not quite the PC angel she is made out to be.
    See the BBC and the labour party working in harmony and wait for a tory to make a twitter faux pas, it will be headline news for days.


    • Martin says:

      Spot on Cassandra. If this were a Tory candidate it would  be “the Tories haven’t changed” or “the nasty party” and so on. We’d have phone in’s and all sorts of accusations about the Tory party. Just wait until some Tory candidate says something out of place. I bet the BBC have thousands of volunteers going through the Tory Tweets right now.

      If the Tories had sense they’d have got all their candidates to create NEW accounts for the elections.


      • John Horne Tooke says:

        This “Tweet” stuff is nonsense. Are we going to get any actual campaigning in this election. Tweets seem to have replaced gossip.


        • Grant says:

          It is just more evidence that socialists hate old people. Surely that is the big story, except that the BBC hate old people too.


  24. Martin says:

    I see the drug addicts/rent boy users are now spouting on that ANOTHER Dragon’s Den businessman (Duncan Bannatyne) has come out in support of the one eyed idiots NI rise. The BBC are running this as “breaking news”.

    Firstly isn’t it odd that the only TWO businessmen who have come out in support of this both work for the BBC?

    Secondly, the BBC haven’t mentioned that Bannatyne (a halfwit jock) is also a supporter of Nu Liebour. Isn’t that strange as when the first lot of businessmen came out in SUPPORT of the Tories, the drug addicts were quick to point out that a very small number had donated to the Tory party.

    Personally I think those involved in Dragon’s Den should not be opening their gob, just how much of MY tax payers money goes into this crap TV show?

    Also, the BBC just interviewed some halfwit they incorrectly introduced as an economist (he wasn’t) who then proceeded to tell us why the evil Tories are wrong about their public sector cost savings. I was waiting for a balanced view, I’m still waiting.

    Now the BBC are trying to play down Twittergate, Sky run it as the top story wanting to know why the one eyed idiots vile wife and other senior Labour politicians didn’t alert his local party to his Twitter ramblings. The BBC instead are playing it down as little more than a bit of fun “he was never going to win anyway” spouted the halfwit Essler.


    • Craig says:

      ‘BREAKING NEWS: Labour Party donor Bannatyne doesn’t like the Tories!’ – big news!!!

      That professor Esler thought was an economist was on The World at One yesterday slagging off the Tories, then back on Today this morning slagging off the Tories and now crops up on the News Channel slagging off the Tories. Should we have a Prof Colin Talbot Watch to see how many more times he’s going to be on during the election?

      Esler didn’t challenge him at all, just treated him like the fount of all wisdom.


    • John Horne Tooke says:

      It seems that any businessman who comes onto the BBC is asked about this NI issue. Either Tony or Guy (I can’t remember which one) was on radio 4 this morning and he agreed with the conservatives. Is that not breaking news after all the chap was an immigrant to this country in the 1960s.


  25. Martin says:

    I think I’m well into double figures complaining to the BBC about bias. I hope others are hammering the BBC as well.


    • hippiepooter says:

      Better to hammer the Tory leadership for its spinelessness.  We all no the BBC doesn’t have the integrity to deal with complaints for intentional bias, it’s been taking over by subversives to serve their propaganda purposes.


  26. Martin says:

    Just caught the Radio 5 headlines. Only one political story, Twittergate? Er no, it was Limp Dem Mong Campbell spouting on about the Tory “cuts”, no balancing view. This appears to be a rather typical BBC attitude that they don’t need to provide balance.

    Twittergate has vanished from the BBC headlines YET ITV and Sky have it as No1 story.


  27. Dazed-and-Confused says:

    I’m led to believe that the BBC are wasting licence payers money on left wing union reps, that have no other function than to run around on behalf of Unite canvassing for old one eye.
    This is an absolute disgrace, and yet another two fingered salute, to those whom oppose their beloved Socialist regime.


  28. John Anderson says:

    Thank God for Sky and LBC – and a free press that takes all manner of political angles. 

    Over in the US – CNN’s home channel is going down the tubes,  and other leftie cable channels are also pulling very weak audience figures,  no match at all for Fox which goes from strength to strength.

    As far as I can see,  the only “zone of balance” on the BBC is Andrew Neil’s show.   The Tories would do themselves a big favour by abolishing the BBC Trust – and engineering Neil into the role of D-G of the BBC.  He would I think set a far tighter journalistic tone,  would not suffer fools gladly – and would not die in any ditch defending the gross over-manning at the BBC.


    • Stuart says:

      I definitely agree about your comment regarding Andrew Neil’s show. It is far more balanced and subjects are discussed in a mature way (albeit sometimes with a welcomed/lighthearted sense of humour). When you compare the quality of this program with say ‘Question Time’ (for example, this week when the programs were adjacent) there is no comparison. At the very least, Dimblebore (and his editor) should be replaced.
      For what its worth, to Mr Neil’s credit, I think part of the reason this program works so well is because everyone is sat in a cosy pad close together, the presenters are intelligent, they are not ego centrics, and finally due to the lighthearted nature it is very difficult to get defensive. One wonders what would happen if you put GB & DC on the guest chair together.


  29. Will says:

    Snoddy on “Newswatch” chooses to introduce his piece on the BBC’s famed neutrality & independence during the election campaign with an email from “A random viewer” who points out that the BBC must strive to be independent because 80% of people get their print news from the “Tory sponsored press”. The implication being that the 80% are deceived & the BBC should by necessity dress to the left to somewhat redress the false profits of the print media (ie counter opinions formed from the exercise of people’s free choice.)


  30. dave s says:

    I am noticing what may be called an air of desperation in the BBC’s coverage.
    They know we all remember the “champagne bottles ” of Garvey and that many have made the not unreasonable assumption that the same left bias is to be expected this time.
    They are really trying to be even handed but once part of a hive mind it is impossible to break free. And it shows.
    Give up on the BBC. It is just not worth bothering with over this election.


  31. Martin says:

    Actually I thought the excellent Tom Bradby picked up on McBust’s crappy campaign today. He thought it stunk of failure, even the rat faced jock bitch on BBC 1 thought the idea of Liebour grasping for Lib Dem votes so early on was pathetic.


    • Scott N says:

      ITN are by far the most balanced TV news broadcaster. Shame they couldn’t afford to keep their 24hr channel going. Mind you, if I were being cynical, ITV do rather rely-on tax payers money, via government advertising, so they have to be politically pragmatic I suppose.
      Sky have become the BBC’s wing-man in the last few months (not surprising given how many ex-Beeboids work there) They seem to have reverted to the default BBC position of Tory bashing, even their website has the BBC type deceptive headlining that looks negative for Tories whilst actually being a very negative story for Labour (NI argument for example).


      • Martin says:

        Adam Boulton is married to a Labour spin doctor. ITN news is very good, I thought Tom Bradby’s comments about Brown yesterday were so spot on.