Hi all. Sorry I am not around as much as normal but fighting a Westminster election campaign is a tad demanding! That said, it’s hard to escape BBC bias. I happened to listen to “Any Questions” this lunchtime and it reminds me why the BBC is such a problem. It came from North London and I felt sorry for the mild mannered Conservative Caroline Spelman. The audience whooped and cheered for all left of centre comments coming from the other panelists (Jack Straw,Sir Menzies Campbell and Mumsnet founder Justine Roberts). St George’s Day was discussed in terms of “would an immigrant be happy to take part in it?” and then the issue of genuflection to Islam via censorship of South Park came along. This is an atrociously biased programme, in my view, and as ever, the audience seems to consist of hard-left moonbats,

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14 Responses to ANY QUESTIONS?

  1. ovic60 says:

    Justine Roberts was clearly reading from a crib sheet when in relation to immigration she quoted from an LSE report on immigration.

    I thought the panelists were not supposed to know the questions in advance.She had clearly come prepared.This could have easily been orcastrated with the BBC to send a message.


    • John Anderson says:

      and Jack Straw had been forewarned about thew South Park question.

      The audience sounded more juvenile than usual.  But maybe their sill whoops were counter-productive ?


  2. RCE says:

    I don’t normally listen to the programme but I was even more angry and appalled than usual at the vacuous drivel masquerading as serious discussion. Jack Straw was allowed to spew a highly tangential diatribe which basically reduced to “Immigration is only an issue at elections because those racist Tories make it so” (he should tell that to his white constituents; there are some days when the maternity ward at Blackburn Queens Park sees no births to non-muslim mothers).  No-one had the wit or courage to point out the fact that such an argument is, in itself, an undermining of serious discussion about people’s legitimate fears; hardly surprising given the manifest boorishness of the jeering crowd that we’re expected to believe is representative of the British public.

    But what to do?  If one complains it will be rejected on the grounds that it is for panelists to argue the points and the audience is chosen at random. The propaganda machine rolls on.


  3. Scrappydoo says:

    Im sorry to say that  either the subject or content of most BBC programs is driven by their lefty agenda.  It is not possible to enjoy any BBC output anymore as you are never far from “the message”.


    • hippiepooter says:

      By the time I left Blighty 7 years ago, it seemed impossible to turn on the radio or tv without hearing some lefthead warbling on about ‘racism, sexism, homophobia’.  Whoever wins this election the BBC will continue to be a propaganda machine for the left, and if its Cameron that wins he’ll be dancing to their tune and the lights of freedom will continue being turned off.  Its not that long till we’re going to be left in darkness.  UKIP doesn’t cringe before BBC bias.  Even though I dont support unilateral withdrawal from the EU I think the only hope for democracy in our country is as big a vote for UKIP as possible, and if that means the ambitions of Cameron are thwarted, even better.  He’s a left-wing plaything who would continue killing our country as much as Clegg or Brown. VOTE UKIP 6th May.


      • Travis Bickle says:

        Hippiepooter, with the utmost respect, I think I will do exactly the same as you if the labour party or the Lib Dems win the next election.  Leave the country.  If they don’t, I will give it maybe 2 years tops to see if there is any change for the good – no matter how remote – and if there is none, I will still leave the country.

        Personally, I think that the UK is going to become the dumping ground of Europe.  Eventually, not only will it’s population be over-run with muslim scum, so will it’s government. The white indiginous population will be the new minority and will be treated as third class citizens.

        The Justins and Jeremeys, Katherines and Helens at the BBC who would have brought so much of this upon us will also be long gone before this country collapses into a third world.  But like the lefty missionaires they are they would have found fresh shores to preach their self-hating, western cleansing ideals too.


  4. cjhartnett says:

    Those Dimbleby boys haven`t half made a good living out of being Richards sprogs haven`t they-what a pincer movement on the nations current affairs output they have!

    Don`t recall any of us voting for these two sons of privilege to spout off on our politics-they no doubt went to private schools and have their country pile when the burdens of being the conscience of the soggy bottomed boys of Westminster gets all too much!

    These two paternalist paragons have supped at the trough for too long. I am sick of them using churches and private schools for their debates as well as chosen “academies” to show that they DO visit a comp on occassion.

    You can always tell the London bias in any of their stuff-as if the Beeb trawl the Guardian column or panini merchants to fill their pews .
     As many shades of skin as possible to be shown as long as their minds are all monocultural lavender sachets dipped in lime greenwash(none of that hideously white wash that served them so well up at prep!).

    Privitise  Dimblebum and Dimblebee-anyone could do their jobs far cheaper and much better. Elitist poltroons!…get them out on May6th as well please!


  5. George R says:

    David, I agree with what you say about ‘Any Questions’.

    The programme is totally politically biased against the Tories.

    There is no question but that the BBC fixes its audience with anti-Tory people.


  6. Craig says:

    One of the stupid leftie questioners in the hysterical audience said this:
    “Personally I dislike South Park. I think its crass. I think it’s distasteful and…(wait for it!!) …I never watch it.”


  7. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Are immigrants offended on St. David’s Day or St. Andrew’s Day?  I forget.

    Also, in light of the recent insanity regarding South Park’s non-depiction and non-insulting of the Islamic prophet Mohammed, I invite everyone to mark May 20th on their calendar:

    First Annual Everybody Draw Mohammed Day

    It’s time to take civilization back from the barbarians.


  8. Bernard Keeffe says:

    The first time that any answers was taken off the air – perhaps they dared not broadcast the majority oif the comments. 


  9. ap-w says:

    I remember flying into the UK on the Friday night after the 2008 May Council elections and being driven down the M1 with my father listening to “Any Questions” with my father. From the left-wing whooping, cheering and jeering in the BBC audience that night a Martian who has flown in on the same flight as me would have been astonished to learn that a few hours earlier the Tories had I think won their highest ever share of the popular vote in an election.