I see the luvvies have come out in defence of the State Broadcaster..

Harry Enfield, Jo Brand, Eddie Izzard (who has publicly supported the Labour Party) and former Dr Who star David Tennant are among almost 50 signatories to a letter in the Observer newspaper accusing the Tories of “attacking the BBC to serve the interests of its commercial rivals”.

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10 Responses to STARS FOR THE BBC…

  1. Buggy says:

    Mr Enfield was writing for the Sunday Telegraph mag at the time of the 1997 election, and I clearly recall a whole page devoted to reassuring SunTel readers that they had ‘nothing to fear’ from the Mr Blair and his cuddly Labour chums…..

    You’d have have thought that 13 years might have induced a little humility or soul-searching, but nope !……….same old BS from the same old orifices.


  2. NRG says:

    Please keep our trough filled up with other people’s money.


  3. dave s says:

    Getting a bit desperate are they not? Yesterday’s people living in a bubble about to burst. I hope they all soon have to live on the average wage or better still jobseekers allowance.


  4. AC1 says:

    The BBC; it’s so good we have to threaten people with jail to fund it.


  5. Foxy Brown says:

    Preaching to the converted again.


  6. Guest Who says:

    It is, of course, entirely their right. Good that they have an outlet of such vast reach to get their message out, with the possibility of it being amplified by at least one national broadcast system.

    It is to be hoped that it may be viewed, and have the same result as the US election Clark County ‘we know better’ effort. When jobs are at stake, the views of employers (the role they play in others’ jobs being in the name) may be a bit more potent than a bunch of folk who seek public money to push their views as part of their jobs.

    But this BBC vs. Conservatives (vs. Murdoch, and the Daily Mail…er plus the Telegraph but not counting the Graun, Indy, Mirror) seems a very dangerous route for an objective national broadcaster seeking to justify a unique funding fee.


  7. George R says:

    BBC blatantly uses BBC licencepayers’ funds to lobby for its own future interests, which it makes clear are opposed to those of the Tory party. The BBC is NOT politically impartial, of course.


  8. Winston Smith says:

    In a manner totally in keeping with the BBC’s usual lamentable preparation and deception, half the signatories’ names are repeated, some twice, so the list is actually only half as big as it appears.
    For example Jo Brand’s name appears three times, as does Peter Capaldi’s.  Meanwhile Harry Enfield, Richard Eyre, Catherine Tate, Eddie Izzard and others only got their names listed twice.
    Meanwhile some unfortunates only had their listed once.  How come?  Did they profess to being closet Conservatives? 


  9. Jack Bauer says:

    Oh my… the thieving socialist luvvies are all a twitter over THEIR BBC. 

    A £3.5 BILLION FUNDED MONSTER needs to be “protected” from “commercial interests” — you know, the commercial interests that the BBC uses its poll tax funded financial muscle to CRUSH.

    Such as those on the digital interweb!

    It’s official. When it come to the BBC, conservatives NEED NOT APPLY.


  10. cjhartnett says:

    Hope someone tells these luvvies in the Green Room that we will regard them with the same contempt as they once showed To Kenny Everett, Vince Hill and the like for backing “Thatch”.
    That these featherbedded has-beens and “still wannabies” dare to tell us that they will take their wit and edge with them if we don`t vote for their gravy train to keep a rollin` is despicable-worth checking who sent them the paninis and bottled water with the prepaid envelopes too!
    Suddenly Elton, Merton Gervais look better people for not slithering over Bush Houses agenda…even Brigstocke dare I say…nurse,the screens!