Today again.

“………Immigration is second only to the economy. Difficult to discuss. Here’s Kevin Connolly in Peterborough. Highest concentration of immigrants. Bigots. Bigotgate.”

At last, the discussion that dare not speak its name. At last they’re going to mention what is on everyone’s mind. Say the unsayable. Hoorah! No more taboo. No more intimidatory reminders of the unfortunate consequences awaiting those who mention you know what. Been waiting for this.

“………………Eastern Europeans. Polish shop. No Fox’s biscuits. Urinating in me garden. The American Dream. Nice migrant. Eastern Europeans. Polish. Jobs. Dad’s Army. Honest Debate. Warmington on Sea.”

Oh well.

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5 Responses to Charade

  1. George R says:

    It’s not as though the BBC doesn’t know what is going on with mass immigration, especially Islamic immigration, into Britain.

    Most mass immigration into Britain over the past decade and more has been from countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Somalia, India and Nigeria.
    Immigration from Eastern Europe (which is uncontrolled because of EU rules on this) is lesser percentage than non-EU immigration into UK.
    The BBC had a genteel documentary on the impact of Islamic immigration (to BBC, ‘Asian’ immigration) on the town of Blackburn (2007): entitled ‘White Fright’.

    28 minute video is here:

    “‘White Fright’ and the failure of Multiculturalism”


    • sue says:

      Thanks for interesting link. Don’t remember seeing that Panorama.  A lot of water has flowed since May 2007. Would they do it now?
      They still avoided the issue of Islam preferring to focus on race and bigotry, apart from : “My religion teaches me that this life is only a test for the next life” (Spake two eyes peeping out from a slit .)

      Then in a follow-up programme in July, they brought together two cabbies from different sides for a chat. Sorted.


  2. Terminal says:

    Islam. Muslims. There, I’ve said it. I’m a bigot. I need re-education.


  3. David Preiser (USA) says:

    That was hilarious.  Connolly basically did a synopsis of the BBC’s “The Poles Are Coming” episode from their White Series.  The content and message were the exact same, even down to the shibboleths.  Yet more proof of a BBC Narrative, existing in the long term.

    Dad’s Army and the girl complaining about her snacks being squeezed out of the shops fit the Narrative perfectly:  the locals are upset because they’re small-minded and behind the times.  Yes, Connolly does present the problem of homelessness and lack of jobs and resources, but we already know from the larger picture of BBC reporting that the answer is not a reduction in immigration but more housing and throwing more money at the public services.  At least he didn’t insult them with a sexual innuendo, like he did the Tea Party protesters.

    But the best bit was at the end, when Connolly said they had Dad’s Army on in the pub and not the “24-hour news” channel:

    “That might be because voters aren’t finding an honest debate about immigration.”

    Not on the BBC, they’re not.

    Actually, that’s not entirely true.  Last night, I saw Matt Frei’s little hit piece on the BNP in Barking and Dagenham.  He said that the hole in the community left when the Ford plant closed was filled by immigrants.  I’m not sure that makes any sense unless one believes that if only there were more employment the stupid white people wouldn’t mind immigrants transforming their local culture.  As usual, he confused a larger percentage of dark skins with the removal of local cultural fixtures.

    In any case, at one point – after being told by a local BNP supporter that “you may not like him, but we do!” – Frei spoke to a Sikh street vendor who was a dark-skinned immigrant who loved Britain.  He stated his love for the country and appreciation for all that it had done for him.  Then he said that there are different kinds of immigrants:  those who come to work and contribute to society, and those who don’t.  And the country doesn’t need any more of the “wrong kind”.

    Truer words have never been spoken on the BBC about immigration.


    • sue says:

      I always check out Harry’s Place. It’s lefty, but do they keep their eye on the ball for all the latest developments.  The twists and turns of the BNP often feature. Then there’s the occasional cross post from Nothing British About The BNP, a peculiar site – seems slightly dodgy – but it (and HP) does highlight some of the things that were discussed on the thread below, in particular: things pertaining to Barking and Dagenham,  gaping weaknesses in the BNP’s policies, various revelations that discredit Nick Griffin, and the in-fighting that has come to a head just at the crucial moment. So it’s not really necessary to resort to ‘the usual.’

      As for the Today report in my post – it makes you want to purchase a huge elephant and send it round in a taxi to the Today studio with strict instructions for it to stay there till I say it can leave.
      Hmm… Asian cabbie or whitey….