BBC been leading the charge against the “savage cuts” from the bad and evil Tory/Dems. I particularly enjoyed Alistair Darling being granted airtime to pronounce of the poor judgement of the Coalition, without even a hint of BBC irony….your favourite moment of the day from the Cuts crusaders?  

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26 Responses to CUTS CRAZY BBC..

  1. Martin says:

    Has to be the slaphead twat spouting on. How the BBC can give any dredit to those halfwits is beyond me. I see a new opinion poll shows the Tories up. (Sky reported that not the BBC)


  2. David vance says:

    No chance of the BBC reporting THAT, Martin. They are all about creating splits in the coalition.


  3. David Preiser (USA) says:

    At last the BBC has one somebody talking sense about the nasty Tory cuts.  Sopel has on a guy from the Taxpayers’ Alliance who gives a reasoned argument in support of the cuts and reducing the deficit.  Excpet:  Sopel also has on at the same time a Trades Union mouthpiece who – surprise! – spouts the exact same Labour Narrative about the awfulness of removing investment from the economy, hurting those most in need, etc.  He says that instead the Chancellor should be looking to “broaden our tax base”.

    Sopel asks him if he means raising taxes at such an inopportune time, and he says no, he means don’t freeze council tax rises. (*smacks forehead*)  There was no balancing opposing viewpoint on hand earlier today when Maitlis was having her bitch session with Blanchflower (whom TUC guy said “hit it bang on the head”), nor was there anyone presenting a balancing viewpoint at any other time when the BBC had someone on giving the Labour Narrative.  The only time the BBC deigns to provide a balanced segment is when they actually have someone on to speak up for the Tory cuts.

    Now James Landale just did a little report from the street explaining a couple of bare details of what the cuts will accomplish, but they ran the Darling clip in the middle of it.  Again, only Labour gets a word in.


  4. Simon Temple says:

    The BBC also wheeled out Danny Blanchflower to condemn the savings. Why would they ask an ex-Irish footballer to comment? They really are beyond parody.


    • deegee says:

      Didn’t Danny Blanchflower die in 1993? I must be missing something.


  5. dave s says:

    If you replace the word “cuts ” by “the government has decided not to spend taxpayers money on ….” it sounds very different. “Cuts ” implies something quite different- that there is a natural amount of money that a government has available to spend and that to not spend is to cut. This is rubbish of course. Governments have no money other than taxes raised. 
    The BBC , being a tax funded body, has no notion of how wealth is created. It sees money as a government resource available on demand.
    Their illusionary world will only end when the rest of the world decides the game is over for sovereign indebtedness. Round about Novenber is my guess.


  6. NotaSheep says:

    The Radio 4 6pm news that described the cuts as ‘slashing’, so no editorialisng there.


  7. David vance says:


    I think Blanchflower played on the left wing….? 😉


  8. crabtreecottage says:

    Hi all,

    My first posting on this site. After lurking for a long time, finally driven to post after losing patience with the BBC.

    It would seem that since the Guardian has now moved slightly to the right, perhaps to the left-wing of the lib-dems, the BBC is now our most left-wing media outlet!

    don’t believe me? Simply look at today’s home page of Radio 4’s Today programme…!


    • John Horne Tooke says:

      Exactly  crabtreecottage – only one “Your Comments” :

       “As always, the weakest in society will be the hardest hit. Public services will see drastic cuts.”

      from Chris Allison (via Facebook) who happens to be in the “I love Barry Camp”

      So people on facebook are the voice of the people according to Radio 4 Today are they? I doubt it.

      The BBC are utter bounders. 😀


  9. David vance says:


    Welcome and thank you for posting..


  10. Martin says:

    Communist wanker Paul Mason talking utter utter bollocks on Newsnight. Why does the BBC think a useless Commie is some sort of expert on the economy?

    In fact why would anyone think the BBC is in any place to comment? Newsnight just on an anti Tory attack.

    Utter crap, can’t these leftist mongs work out you can’t keep borrowing and printing money?


  11. Martin says:

    Yawn, Paxo trying to score points off Cable about ‘cuts’ rather than discussing the policy of getting the economy back on track.

    Everyone knows Cable and the Lib Dems didn’t want to make cuts, so what? They are in a coalition and have to agree. What is so hard about this for the BBC to get around?

    Nice to see that the BBC have fallen out of love with St Vince now.


  12. Martin says:

    Newsnight was a Tory free zone tonight, we even got a couple of left wing twats telling Paxo how terrible these  evil Tory cuts will be (natch) and then some REALLY camp male beeboid with a deformed jaw and a lisp sat next to Paxo and nearly came in his knickers when he started to talk about the Labour leadership election. Even tosser Paxo seemed a bit taken aback.


  13. cjhartnett says:

    The liberal elite continue to stamp their little tootsies and scream for nice Uncle Gordie to dole out the Guardian nonjobs and featherbed their quangos. How else would such tossers and incompetents ever find a job for their partners if Brown had not created these Stasi positions? Small wonder then that Paxo and the like rail at their erstwhile great white hope that was the LibDems!
    As Byrne and Darling get extensive airtime to tell us exactly where the new Government are going wrong, you can only laugh and sharpen the knives. After their magnificent thirteen years of competence and prudence it is a pleasure to be advised on how to run an economy by those who clearly knew all along but could not say until now…ah bless!
    Is there a liberal viral gene that has infected Krishnan at Channel4 then?…his “questionning” of Andrew wakefield was indeed a dead ringer for Toadys incisive and non-judgemental slot this morning.
    Wonder where Snowjob was then?…British Airways to Jo`Burg for his footie tickets maybe?
    Anyone one else get the liberal total narrative today on those two “vulnerable and challenging young people” that attempted to rape an eight year old girl?…this sort of thing is not to sully the courts and surely they should not be tried for a bit of fun that went wrong! These are children no less…and the liberal elite won`t want to be reminded of their large responsibility for the culture that produced these “children” in any event.
    Guardian/BBC/Channel4…we really don`t deserve them do we?…so don`t pay for them!


  14. curmy says:

    There’s been non stop whingeing on the Beeb today about these cuts.

    Of couse not a word would be heard if Labour had done it !


    • John Horne Tooke says:

      No – If Labour had cut child credits they would have called it savings and the BBC would have reported it as such. Now the coalition are cutting the credits they are “slashing” them. The end result the same the propaganda different.


    • NotaSheep says:

      I can’t remember the exact figures quoted but on last night’s Radio 4 6pm news they were decrying Tory education cuts. Somehow they mentioned in passing that the 6% Tory cuts were savage especially as that brought the total cut, including Labour’s to 25%. Hold on I don’t remember Labour’s 18% cut being so described!  (All figures need checking as it was hot and I was trying to skirt a traffic jam at the time)


  15. 1327 says:

    I listened to Radio 4’s PM show yesterday which had a section about the Govt cutting the childrens trust fund payment. The segment had 2 guests both of whom thought this was bad. Amazingly one said the Govt subsidises middle class savings with pension funds and ISA’s but cuts this saving for the poor. Gordon’s pension grab was never mentioned and no one ever pointed out that not taxing something (i.e ISAs) isn’t the same as subsidising it !!


    • crabtreecottage says:

      Indeed – I heard the same item. Eddy Mair started his question to each of the ‘experts’ with ‘So….what has been lost’?

      Nothing like an unweighted question, eh?


  16. Umbongo says:

    The BBC bathed in the sunset of Labour’s magnificent achievements and celebrated the praise lavished on Labour by Bono and Geldorf for their generosity in sending other people’s money (ie yours and mine) to kleptocracies in Africa.  To discuss this wonderful achievement Today discussed this with some ex-public schoolboy (who, like a notorious ex-prime minister, refuses to pronounces a “T” if it’s at the end of a word) from Group One (Bono’s/Geldorf’s charidee) and some rent-a-gob from the Royal African Society.  Guess what? Everybody agreed that more needs to be sent to Africa.  Maybe a little more should be sent to rural areas but, hey, as long as the taxpayer gets fleeced who cares?  It’s a shame about the EUR500 note being discontinued.  Those suitcases full of currency transported to Switzerland will have to be made bigger and stronger: now there’s an industry African entrepreneurs could invest in.

    The BBC has decided that propping up corrupt African regimes by UK taxpayers is a “good thing” – almost consensual and eerily like the BBC licence fee – so don’t expect to hear anything from the many who consider that this is a complete waste of money.


    • Jack Bauer says:

      praise lavished on Labour by Bono and Geldorf for their generosity in sending other people’s money (ie yours and mine) to kleptocracies in Africa.  

      Ah yes. Bono the Tax Avoider!

      The man who actually COUNTRY SHOPS so he can avoid paying ANY income tax, constantly tells the rest of us we must pay more taxes.


  17. Grant says:

    ” Cui bono ? ”   as they say in Latin !


  18. kitty shaw says:

    Don’t worry said most of the Biased BBCers.

    All this pro BBC stuff from Cameron is just a show.

    Once the conservatives are actually elected we will see them really stick it to the BBC, getting rid of the license fee, stopping the BBC nonsense, getting rid of their prejudicial reporting, opening them up to the modern market, ending the state broadcaster.

    Now there is a conservative government and Cameron is PM.

    So the great reform of the BBC begins…



  19. Millie Tant says:

    Has the BBC website been cut? Drat! It must be those CUTS, again.
    I couldn’t get connected a little while ago.