Wonder what your thoughts of the BBC coverage of the Hate Flotilla are this evening? Earlier on, on the 3pm BBC news, I was stunned to hear a Hamas spokesman being interviewed with NO balancing interview from someone from the Israeli side. This is another Hezbollah moment, we’re all Hamas now…and the BBC lead the chorus of outrage. How DARE those Jews defend themselves…

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  1. John Anderson says:

    Melanie Phillips describes the BBC as “lazy,  ignorant and biased” –


    I have seen many references to the Islamist IHH, the convoy organisers, here and elsewhere on the ‘net.   But I have not heard a single item on the BBC describing the true nature of this organisation.  Without its audience being properly informed about the IHH,  how can the BBC be seen as unbiased ?


    • John Anderson says:

      HotAir gives some of the video clips – and the lowdown on IHH.



    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      I second that.  Overall, I have to say that the BBC hasn’t been as absolutely horrible as they could be on this.  There have been a handful of reasonable challenges to the anti-Israel voices regarding the rockets and citing Israel’s statements on occasion.  But that’s all ruined by the glaring omissions of the IHH and – what else? – Egypt, as well as the video censorship pounce pointed out on the other thread.

      At least one time today somebody at the BBC ought spend a moment asking about why the activists didn’t try to go through their Muslim friends in Egypt first.


  2. David Preiser (USA) says:

    One more video the BBC will not show you, because it ruins the “innocent peace activists who care only for the starving innocents of Gaza” Narrative:

    Al-Jazeera TV Report from “Freedom Flotilla” Before Its Departure for Gaza: Activists on Board Chant Intifada Songs and Praise Martyrdom

    The “peace activists bringing humanitarian aid” were chanting the following:

    “Khaybar, Khaybar, oh Jews, the army of Mohammed will return.”

    Khaybar was a town where, in the year 629, Mohammed and his crew had a battle against some Jews.  He killed all the males and sold the women and children into slavery, as one does.  This is not a peaceful or humanitarian chant.  If the BBC doesn’t report this, they are deceiving the public.


  3. Gosh says:

    I thought the BBC did extra well on their coveage of this awful event. Theres no doubt this was a PR coup for Hamas, the Israelis’ acted horrendously.  No decent person could support what Israel did – they killed unarmed people in international waters. This isn’t going to go away.


    • Anonymous says:


      Yeah, really unarmed with knives thrust deep and iron bars smashed into the heads of prone people…


      As for the “international waters” nonsense – quickly becoming the 2010 version of “disproportionate” – the question is whether Israel acted legally or illegally. Israel acted legally period.


      • rinky stingpiece says:

        There are no knives on that video… planks of wood in self-defence against heavily armed commandos with state of the art body armour… I mean, get real!

        Clearly you don’t understand maritime law either. Trying to defend Israel using legality is laughable… how many times have they broken international law?! They don’t give a fuck about the law, as long as they get what they want, full stop.

        Obviously it’s disproportionate to launch a commando raid against a vessel like that. Even if it’s full of pirates, you only have to knock the rudder out and it’s going nowhere. There’s absolutely no need for the great performance of helicopter attacks – except for “military exercise” purposes.

        Before you start – I find arabs just as repulsive as jews, and I see no great loss to the world if they both destroy each other.


        • David Preiser (USA) says:

          The Israelis opened fire only after one of the “peace activists” grabbed a handgun off one of the soldiers.  The IDF brought paintballs only for their main weapons.

          If you find both Arabs and Jews repulsive, why are you even commenting here?  Shouldn’t you be over on Comment Is Free or a BNP site?


        • Jack Bauer says:

          I find arabs just as repulsive as jews, and I see no great loss to the world if they both destroy each other.

          Mmm, let’s see: 400 million arabs + 1.2 billion Muslims + an unhinged psychopathy versus 6 million Jews in a strip of land not much bigger than Lancashire.  Sounds fair, right?

          And before you start, I don’t much give a flying eff what a repulsive creep like you thinks. Though I have a feeling you’re the guy in the crowd cheering on as a gang of thugs kick a small woman to death.

          You just sound like that person. Know what I mean?


      • Gosh says:

        The ‘international waters nonsense’, is not nonsense. Why do you think there has been such international condemnation of this ‘internationally’? 

        ‘Prone people’. Eh? The israeli army got on there for a wee lie down did they?  


    • Cassandra King says:

      I am a decent person and I choose to see the reality of what happened and why it happened.
      The convoy was a deliberate provocation to force a confrontation with Israel, five ships did not resist and the one that did was crewed by hard men armed and spoiling for a fight, you choose not to see this but many here do.
      The so called islamist charity that organised the convoy chose to crew a vessel with heavies armed and waiting to strike a blow for the jihad and that is what happened, what happened next is typical of the useful idiots in the west, their kneejerk blinkered support for the terrorist sympathisers was turned up to maximum, these UIs knew everything they wanted to know BEFORE anything happened, it was all the fault of Israel as usual.

      You see the whole episode was a set up job from the start, the islamists used the UI morons as cover to break the blockade and once the blockade is broken then arms will flow into Gaza, that is a cold hard fact.
      I find it so sad that useful idiots in the west cannot see they are being used as terrorist enablers and its sad to see such blinkered unwillingless to see the reality of a terrorist gang bent on killing and murder.
      Israel cannot allow missiles and arms to flow into Gaza from the sea, once the blockade is broken that is what WILL happen, the aid could be delivered via Egypt and Israel yet the UIs fail to ask the simple question, why does the aid have to come via the sea at all? The answer is of course that arms can follow the aid whereas the arms cannot flow into Gaza by land and THAT ALONE is the reason for all this nonsense isnt it?
      The aid is a cover and an excuse, its weapons and the tools for jihad and holy murder that hamas wants and it is using the UIs in the west to get its way.


  4. George R says:

    Let’s see if the BBC shows as much interest and concern in this latest massacre by Islamic jihadists at a Lahore hospital:

    “Gunmen attack hospital in Lahore, kill 12”



  5. Hazel says:

    Well I did think that Paul Reynolds’ article


    was reasonably balanced.  And as if to prove that, this evening, the Beeb plaintively reports that its Manchester office has been attacked by an 800 strong mob of people who don’t like the Beeb’s tone which they found not anti-Israel enough.  Which isn’t funny, are they such a mob of savages that they have to resort to violence when they disagree with something?  Is that British behaviour?

    My views are:

    1.  Turkey has a lot to answer for as this huge ship with 500 people including what seems now to have been a sub-group of armed terrorists, left from a Turkish port under the Turkish flag.

    2.  For Israeli military leaders, abseiling one by one into such a mob does not seem to have been the method of choice in order to take control of such a ship.  They seem to have been naive, thoughtless and ill-prepared.


    • Jack Bauer says:

      Ah Turkey… just the sort of country the British taxpayer needs to be subsidizing when they join the EUrabian Union.

      Can’t wait.  Let’s get building those giant mosks to make the visitors feel right at home. Ali Oppkabah.


  6. George R says:

    “The Jihad Flotilla and the Media War against Israel”

    (by Pamela Geller)



  7. Martin says:

    The only video I’ve seen shows Israeli soldiers being hit thrown over the side and generally kicked about the ‘peace protesters’

    Sounds to me like the Israelis killing a few of this scum has done the planet a favour.


  8. George R says:

    The BBC sees itself as a sort of self-appointed ‘UN organisation’.

    It does not reflect the interests/views of British people in world politics.

    E.g., in any conflict between the Islamic world and Israel, in the BBC’s political constituency, the Muslims outnumber the Jews enormously, so the BBC reflects this in its pro-Islam political position, whether on BBC domestic broadcasting, World Service, or BBC Arab TV (which will be having a field day at British taxpayers’ expense).

    “Fitzgerald: The UN: Thoroughly infiltrated and taken over by Muslims at every level”



  9. DJ says:

    Two predictions:

    1. As crazed as the BBC’s coverage of this incident will be, it’ll all be forgotten about when it comes time to push EU membership for moderate ol’ Turkey.

    2. For all the coverage of the Hamas Boating Club, we’ll never get a chance to see their other water sports facilities:



  10. davebradley_101 says:

    I think the BBC has been so indoctrinated by Common Purpose that it can never report impartially again (well not unless they have a root and branch clearout). Just watch and listen to the reporters, it is as if they have spent all day preparing their interview and are shit scared of forgetting their lines. One reason for my refusing to pay them a licence fee is because they refuse to report the truth, and anything that cannot be blatantly lied about but is extremely important as news is either not reported or given to some lefty student wannabe reporter to practice on. Just look how independant news outlets report on this and you will get a clearer view of exactly what is happening.


  11. rinky stingpiece says:

    I’m surprised to hear you call the BBC “jew hating” – I thought they were run by jews, feminists, and sexual devients!

    It’s interesting how the BBC has reported this with such certainty as to what happened.
    I could easily have bought the BBC line.Seeing the quite divergent posts here is very interesting, for someone who’s not that interested in or keen on either suicidal ragheads or israeli lebensraum.
    I recall the recent coverage of the events in Thailand, and how the BBC’s version of reality diverged so widely from my knowledge of the region and the stuff behind the news, and it makes me realise that the real story here is how skilful and slick the BBC is at basically distorting reality to suit it’s own world view.
    I mean, I don’t really give a fuck about israel and’s deathwish with it’s neighbours; I couldn’t care less if they all nuke each other.
    I am now totally ambivalent about the chorus of disapproval against israel, even though I do regard them as an idiotic and pariah state; I’m quite assured that even though I want to believe that the israelis are evil murderous bastards, the fact that the BBC passed off a total biased fiction of the Thai fake protests; coupled with the already overt lefty propaganda they indulge in in the UK, I find that I can’t trust anything that the BBC have reported about this israel story.
    I’m sure that what israel in general is doing is wrong in terms of shoving the biblical philistines off the land to try and recreate a biblically fictional state (I mean, how much of the bible/torah/koran do you really take seriously as fact!); and the blockade is probably mostly wrong (but hamas don’t quite convince me either, any more than the KLA did); but I’m not sure that even israel is stupid enough to murder a load of Turkish citizens on a Turkish flagged vessel on purpose… that would be suicidal… that would force America to choose between israel and turkey… and that’s cuban missile crisis level brinkmanship, it really is… I think it was a cock up.

    So now we’re looking at two of the world’s biggest hotspots readying for a rumble… Israel and North Korea… yee haa…

    How does the Beeb report on the Kurds out of interest? They’ve certainly tried prodding the Turks over the Armenian genocide in the past, so I don’t think any “pro-Turk” mud sticks.


    • Jack Bauer says:

      I’m surprised to hear you call the BBC “jew hating” – I thought they were run by jews, feminists, and sexual devients!  

      Oh you must be logging into too many Jews run the world websites.

      Thanks for confirming that fact.  Very upfront of you. Or should that be very Stormfront of you, perchance. Do you log in with the pen-name Gruppenfuhrer Rinky, AryanRinky or SSRinky?  

      That probably explains why you think the BBC is run by Jews, as you just admitted. Zeig Rinky!


      • Travis Bickle says:

        Careful Jack, this is the moron who went ballistic last time you disagreed with him.  He’s just changed his name.


        • Jack Bauer says:

          TB — ahh, you must have a nose for these names. Was he the charming chap who wanted me to die of cancer?

          I wouldn’t mind, but he seemed to be reading brother Martin’s posts then going postal on me.


  12. Martin says:

    I’m surprised the Israelis didn’t do a North Korea to the big ship at the very least.


    • rinky stingpiece says:

      Yeah, I bet you’re surprised they just nuke Gaza and then they won’t have to bother blockading it.

      Do you think the missed a trick by not launching attacks on the other ships in the flotilla?


      • Jack Bauer says:

        Hey dimwit. The Iranians are hell bent on nuking Tel Aviv asap — and they don’t much care that they’ll wipe out the Palestinian entity along with.


      • Travis Bickle says:

        Yeah, I bet you’re surprised they just nuke Gaza and then they won’t have to bother blockading it. 
        Do you think the missed a trick by not launching attacks on the other ships in the flotilla?”

        I read this 4 times and still couldn’t make head nor tail of it.  Rinky, here’s the basic rule.  If you can’t be bothered to TYPE your postings, we can’t be bothered to READ them.

        Incidentally, changing your user name every 5 minutes also doesn’t hide the fact of who you are.  I seem to recall last time you were here, you had a big sweary hissy fit, vowing never to return.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      They did that a few years ago, and it was more trouble than it was worth.  Let’s face it:  the Isrealis were supposed to roll over and die when the “peace activists” attacked them.  No other outcome would be acceptable to those condemning Israel now.


    • Jack Bauer says:

      If only the Israeli’s were as cunning as the racial stereotypes always paint Jews as, there would have been a series of mysterious “sinkings”.

      Alas no.


  13. Ed (ex RSA) says:

    The islamists are definitely anti-semitic, but I don’t believe their allies in the Marxist left are Jew-haters per se.

    Instead these people are deeply cynical and simply attach themselves to anything that they perceive as furthering their cause. Anything that is against the West is automatically good in their book.

    One should remember that for a brief time Stalin’s Soviet Union perceived the new state of Israel as “anti-imperialist” and “progressive”. When it became clear Israel wasn’t going to be useful for communism, they turned against it and found the Arabs to be a better bet.


  14. JohnW says:

    According to the reliable source of STRATFOR, this was stage managed by Turkish NGOs. Google “Flotillas and the Wars of Public Opinion”.

    It all all slots into place and shows the useful idiots up for what they are. Unfortunately, the western press, with Al-BBC at its vanguard, are playing a dangerous game and will have much blood on their hands as they incite reprisals.


  15. George R says:

    Not enough groveling to the jihad: Muslims storm the BBC

    No doubt the BBC will oblige.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Unfortunately, the BBC and defenders of the indefensible will only see this as proof that their reporting is impartial.  Both sides complain, ergo they are balanced.  That the Mohammedans are trying to get violent over the BBC reporting facts is irrelevant.  The validity of the complaints from either side of an issue are not important to the BBC:  it’s just a numbers game to them.


  16. George R says:

    Usual suspects have demo today to make BBC even more like Al Jazeera (see last para):


    Beeboids don’t know whether to join in this ‘labournet’ pro-Hamas demo, or simply to broadcast its propaganda.


  17. David Preiser (USA) says:

    The BBC is trying to be sort of fair in its “explanation” of the hows and whys of the blockade of Gaza.  However, the BBC never, ever mentions that Hamas exists solely to destroy all of Israel and get rid of all Jews in the region.  So the Beeboid mewlings over “collective punishment” is pretty much crap, as the Palestinians chose Hamas precisely because of those goals which the BBC keeps hidden from the public.

    The BBC now has once again to admit that Egypt controls its own border with Gaza and is a partner with Israel in the blockade.  But this begs yet another question the BBC will never ask:  why didn’t these “peace activists” approach Egypt first, after turning down Israel’s offer to escort them via an Israeli port?

    Furthermore, if this was all supposed to be a purely humanitarian effort, why didn’t the government of Turkey approach the government of Egypt first?

    These are legitimate, important questions the BBC will not ask, because they don’t like the answers and it detracts from the Narrative.


  18. David Preiser (USA) says:

    BBC showing video of “pro-Palestinian activists” beating Israeli soldiers with metal pipes, complete with circled highlights and captions explaining the reality of it.

    After Mark Regev told them that the videos showed the truth, and provided evidence of knives, clubs, and slingshots, the BBC had to admit some planning for violence by the “activists”.

    Of course, they still let the anti-Israel voices condemn Israel and place all blame on Israel without interruption.


  19. Guest Who says:

    Senior members of the Israeli government, diplomatic service and military handled this in a very poor way, given past history, and should pay the consequences of what they brought to bear on their troops and people.

    However, the conduct of most of the Western, and by that one mainly must mean liberal, MSM has been nothing short of a scandal.

    Opinion over fact and incitement over sober analysis… when not actively erring on facilitating or even generating propaganda.

    And all in the name of either short term ratings or in support of personal prejudices. Totally unprofessional and actions that make them fully culpable in supporting a strategically-planned PR war that will inevitably, lead to worse.

    These chumps make ‘Elliot Carver’ look tame.