Speak no Evil

More and more websites include references to the BBC and its bias.
People not only recognise it, but take it as read. They’re acclimatised to it.

The BBC carries on regardless, and so do the politicians.

All three parties have morphed together to form an ostrich like coalition of the three wise monkeys apropos the Middle East, and together with the BBC they reinforce one another, reporting and influencing each other in turn in an impervious perpetual continuum. Creating an alternative reality; all the better to lull us with, reassure us with, and govern us with, my dear. h/t red-riding hood.

Andrew Marr, for example, whose programme I rarely watch, presented us with two examples, which Melanie Phillips has written about today.

The first example was the newspaper review with David Remnick of the New Yorker. I switched on towards the end, in time to catch him saying that the fundamental problem in Gaza was the blockade. Melanie thought he said it was the occupation, but I think he said the blockade. Never mind. If he did say the occupation, of course he was mistaken, as the occupation of Gaza has been over for some time. If he said the blockade, he was equally wrong, because of course the fundamental problem is not the blockade. The fundamental problem is obviously the refusal of Hamas to recognise Israel, renounce violence etc. etc…….or even more fundamental, the inherent Jew hatred in Islam that drives the whole shebang.

The second example was David Miliband’s blind and deaf but unfortunately not dumb assessment – ‘Israel’s series of deadly and self-defeating actions’ – of the flotilla disaster in which several Shahid-bent activists achieved martyrdom – – and the exaggeration of the nature of the crisis in Gaza, and the distortion of the root cause of it.

Because we’ve all seen the videos, and we know that they know – they surely must know – they can only be enacting a charade, just for us.

But now I’ve seen this, and read Douglas Murray’s article last week, everything falls into place.

It reminds me of when I joined this blog. There was a heated discussion with the commenter from the BBC who called himself John Reith. When we tried to explain about global jihad and the BBC’s bias against Israel and its sanitising of Islam, he finally blurted out ‘You’re not helping!” So. They know alright. Just that they’re not telling.

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