This was pointed out to me as an example of the pernicious menace of the BBC.  Have a read.

We’re all told to watch our carbon footprint these days, but some so-called “environmental nasties” are not as bad as you might think – at least from a carbon point of view, says Mike Berners-Lee.

Can you guess what are “good” environmental activities, at least from a carbon point of view? Yes, make yourself a nice cup of tea, read a book and switch on the TV, then settle down and let the BBC educate you. Social engineering, using the green pretext, on the license fee. How long before those who refuse to follow such helpful “advice” are damned as carbon criminals?
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  1. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Not to mention reducing the amount of tea one drinks, trading in for a smaller television, buying only low-priced, low-quality wine (in a carton?) and reducing the amount consumed per week and money contributed to the economy, reducing the amount of money one contributes to the local economy by staying home and watching tv more, reducing the amount of money one contributes to the larger economy by not buying a new car (while presumably not lowering one’s fuel consumption and pollution by sticking with an older, less efficient car?), reducing the amount of taxes one contributes to the Treasury (which the BBC thinks is the economy, if we recall their election coverage) by taking a year off work and backpacking around the world on a shoe-string budget (and reducing contribution to the world’s economy).

    All in all a Leftoid dream world, with no thoughts for the larger consequences.  They want you all to be subsistence farmers while the nomenklatura continue their privileged lifestyles.