Even as the Eurozone threatens to fall apart and member states go essentially bankrupt, the EU has much more important matters to be concentraing on – I refer to adopting EVEN stricter targets for carbon emission! Chris Huhne was on Today this morning insisting that AGW is the single biggest threat to mankind and that the EU must proceed, unilaterally, to an increase in the EU emissions reduction target from 20 to 30 per cent by 2020.” He was given a VERY easy ride by Justin Webb and was allowed to spout the usual eco-wacko nonsense without any challenge. Naturally there was no voice on to oppose this EU madness. I suspect Huhne will be member of the Coalition government that the BBC will go easy on – his swivel-eyed advocacy of the Green agenda virtually ensures that.

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  1. Adam Johnson says:

    This stuff is literally sickening, but unsurprising. I think James Delingpole at the Telegraph put it right when he stated something along the lines of: ‘the scientific battle about AGW is over – it has been proven false time and time again. Now we face the political battle – and that will be much more difficult.’ Basically, what he is saying is that AGW has been proven incorrect and false, but because so many politicos see it as a method of control and others (such as Al Gore, who stands to make several billion dollars out of the ridiculous carbon trading scheme) have so much invested in the entire apparatus of AGW, it will be much harder to eradicate the AGW theory altogether.


  2. Guest Who says:

    Might be interesting to see what gets covered, or not, and who quoted, or not, via the BBC editorial selection process:

    When you don’t like the poll numbers…

    ‘climategate’ hasn’t changed US public opinion of Global Warming after all
    Well, ‘scientists’ do settle so much….