Well, it was inevitable that the BBC would start cooing when Ken Clarke takes the same line that has been pushed for years by the likes of the Howard League. The “Prison doesn’t work” meme is recurrent and now that there is a Conservative Justice Secretary with uber-liberal values, we can expect him to get an easy ride. I note that David Green from Civitas got an outing to dispute the Clarke roll-over just before 9am – when listener-ship numbers tumble.

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  1. Bert Rodinsky says:

    Time to give up the day job and become a crim?


  2. Cassandra King says:

    Oooh dear!

    Prison as a short and soft option does not and never will work to deter recidivist/multiple/career offenders, a cushy hostal approach merely gives the career criminal a short comfortable rest between jobs.

    Long sentences and hard time does work, its obvious because at the very least it keeps the scum off the streets. Criminals are laughing at the law, even if they do get caught which is unlikely and even if they do get banged up which is unlikely then a hotel cushy rest home skive awaits and a chance to meet up with old friends and plan new blags FFS.
    Of course prison should be a last resort and even now thats what it is but if prison is meant to be a deterrent than why not actually make it a viable deterrent?
    As usual the political retards have got their facts and figures mixed up, possibly not reading any report just listening to a Jack and Jill went up the hill type presentation by some lefty human rights tossers.
    Its all too simple for the drooling retards at Westminster to comprehend isnt it?
    Prison works if prison is used properly and with meaning and confidence. Criminals like any capitalist industry works on the basis of risk and reward, do the benefits and profits outweigh the risks and vice versa, in fact now I know why the political parasite class have such a hard time comprehending the mechanics of crime because they wouldnt know the basic laws of capitalism if they were given to them in picture book format for 3yr olds.
    Doesnt it just break you heart that these f*ckwits rule over us yet have the intectual common sense of a stunned mullet?


  3. Grant says:

    “The Daily Politics” yesterday , in the absence of Andrew Neil, turned sharp left and was a total shambles.  Gorgeous, pouting , Jo Coburn continually attacked the excellent Baroness Warsi over the “Tory U-turn”.

    It turned into a real cat-fight.  I would have thought the left would love Warsi. She is female, Asian origin, working class, ran a business and is a lawyer.  Surely ticks all the right boxes ?

    The Labour guest was Caroline Flint.  Why ?

    The new studio presenter was the utterly ludicrous Giles Dilnot. In a section on the arrests of Russian spies in the US, he kept pushing the line that “they are all at it ” .  “All countries are the same “.  Yes, right the British Intelligence services use the same methods as the Russians. What a typical Beeboid prat.

    The whole show was unremitting left-wing spin, which could not have happened if Andrew Neil had been there.  When the cat’s away…..