They Say We’ll Have Some Fun if …….

A B-BBC reader wonders why we’ve missed an important part of the story about Summer Camps in Gaza.

I quipped about Mr. Naughtie’s unproductive chat with Jon Donnison and his cosy tête-à-tête with John Ging on the subject of Hamas torching the UN kids summer camp in Gaza. But I did note later that others had tackled the issue more broadly.

I’m not an investigative journalist. I’m not a journalist at all, but I have got broadband, and I like to find things out. So the aspect that everyone seems to have overlooked, and the thing that was troubling the aforementioned reader is a kind of elephant that should have been in our room.

It’s the indoctrination that goes on in these camps. We all know that Hamas instils hatred in Palestinian children. The BBC knows it. Jane Corbin, who has a soft spot for Hamas, knows it; she even acknowledges it in writing.

Allegedly, this is the primary purpose of Hamas’s summer camps, and must be one of the reasons they want their camps, and their camps only, to be camp of choice for its young recruits to Shaheed. So, to make certain, they eliminate the competition. Good move.

There are many many articles on the internet detailing this brainwashing programme, so the BBC, with its generously remunerated journalists, whose soon to be revealed salaries will undoubtedly reassure us of their worthiness, must be well aware of the situation. Apart from James Naughtie. Oh, and Jon Donnison.

But there’s another thing. It’s a widely held assumption that the UN and the UNWRA schools are genuine summer camps. Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda, Here I am at Camp Granada. Guys are swimming, guys are sailing,…..

But it seems not. It is said that the UNWRA camps are pretty bad too. That would explain John Ging’s contortion-like reluctance to criticise Hamas.

Take me home, Oh Mudda Fadda, Take me home…..

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15 Responses to They Say We’ll Have Some Fun if …….

  1. Cassandra King says:

    The UN knows and the BBC knows and we know that hamas are determined to indoctrinate their children and instill in them a burning race hatred, they need cannon fodder jidhadists for their crusade. They simply must train the next generation of children in the basics of hatred and violence or lose their war.
    Common sense tells us that a terrorist organisation like hamas thrives on hatred and fear and bitterness and rage, take away those staples and hamas is finished.
    Happy children brought up in the normal way lack the fire to hate and kill, it has to be drilled into them daily and anyone who interferes with this has to be stopped.
    The truth is that hamas keeps the population poor and bitter and angry and poverty stricken for one reason, a happy confident wealthy populace do not want war and hatred and murder and so they would reject jihad hatred.
    The refugee camps are a gold mine for organistaions like hamas, they can recruit thousands of recruits to their cause and its a financial goldmine because the begging bowl money pours in by the billion. The truth is that the current set up does nothing but encourage strife and hatred and bitterness, it has become an industry to suck in vast amounts of money to produce the warriors of the jihad.
    The UN is in fact guilty of knowingly assisting and financing this crime against humanity, they know full well the consequences of their actions and yet they still persist. The UN could put a stop to this by demanding the camps are disbanded and the population of the camps offered citizenship in the host nations, they could demand huge concessions from hamas by withholding the begging bowl charity, the fact that dont means that the UN and hamas are as guilty as each other.


    • JohnW says:

      Every word true, Cass – and, I suspect, repeated widely across the Arab world.I worked in Iraq during the Saddam era and saw first hand the brainwashing of the schoolkids, the daily vilification of the Zionist Entity (“Israel” never mentioned once by name), the blanking out of Israel from all maps…it just went on and on and on….


    • Mailman says:

      Ive said before, the so called refugee’s serve the purpose of giving various middle east dictatorships something to focus the hatred and racism of their people towards (and away from how shit their lives and their governments are).

      Not once have I ever seen al beeb ask why after 60 years there are still palestinian refugees when there is not one single refugee in Israel?

      Sadly, al beeb can be incredibly incurious when it comes to their pet loves (like hating Israel and Mann Made Global Warming ™.

      I wonder how much longer its going to take before a UK version of Fox news is launched?



      • JohnW says:


        I wrote to Melanie Philips some years ago asking her why we cannot have a UK Fox news to counter the left wing bias. She told me in words to the effect that it was against the law. Given Melanie’s reputation for knowing her subject matter, and suspecting the various dark forces at work in the UK, I have no reason to doubt that she was correct.

        Never has there been a more urgent need for such a news channel.


      • deegee says:

        Why are there still Palestinian regugees? UNWRA for the Pals and UNHCR for everyone else.

        Palistinian refugee status is self perpetuating and not rescinded by resettlement or the end of fear of persecution. It is an inheritable asset.


  2. Davieboy says:

    Great post as usual Sue, telling it exactly as it is (unfortunately not many want to listen).
    Cassandra, I’m tiring of “liking” every one of your fantastic responses! Please take it as read…. Do you post elsewhere/have your own blog?


    • Cassandra King says:

      Mnay thanks for your kind words Davieboy 😀 .

      I watch and learn and take in all the posts from our many expert posters and it inspires me to create posts that I believe were far beyond my capabiities before finding this blog.
      I find the community and ideas this blog creates and exands upon has helped to excersise my mind and give me a platform to contribute to this wonderful community of concerned people of very different backgrounds.
      This new media is the future for people like us who had no voice and no platform in which to share our views, thank heaven for B-BBC I say! A vibrant and intelligent group of people that highlights perfectly the utter bankruptcy of multi billion pound ventures like the BBC.
      Any success I have in finding a from of words that have meaning to others is purely down to the lessons I have learned from the many gifted friends I have made on this blog. God bless all of them 😎


      Cassie K


      • Cassandra King says:

        Ooops spot the spelling errors :-[ .


      • Grant says:


        Quite agree with Davieboy. I also don’t comment on all of your excellent posts.

        But one minor criticism of your post above.  I notice the word “community” has crept in twice. You have been listening to the BBC too much 😉


  3. Biodegradable says:

    Talking of “fun” and also of missing the point:

    ‘Legendary’ Gaza man and his ever-growing family

    Where to begin… how about excuses for Sharia law?

    The law in Gaza, as well as Shariah religious law outlined in the Koran, says the maximum number of wives a man can have at any one time is four.

    But actually it is very uncommon for Gazan men to have more than one wife.

    The myth of the Palestinian “genocide” being practised by Israel is almost exposed but Donnison makes sure he gets in the obligatory dig at Israel with the obligatory quote from the UN:

    The population of Gaza is rising by about 5% every year. Some 1.5m people live squeezed onto a strip of land 40km (25 miles) long and 6 to 12km wide.

    Many people live in poverty, with unemployment at around 40%, according to the UN.

    But let’s end with a “chuckle” from those poor Gazans!

    As to when the father of 30 might call it a day, he chuckles. “I still think I could manage another 10 or 15 kids.”

    All of them, and their offspring, will of course be classed as “refugees”!

    PS: I second Davieboy’s comment about Cassandra’s comments.


    • Cassandra King says:

      All refugees and all entitled to UNWRA assistance and all able to live a better standard of living than many in African nations.
      There is no starvation and there is no mass medical emergency as is the case in many parts of the world, a gigantic amount of aid flows in and as usual the gangsters in hamas take their cut first and their extended families get first dibs and the rest trickles down the layer cake according to connections and family hirachy.
      In ten years the number of so called ‘refugees’ will become so large that it will become unsustainable even with the UNRWA billions flowing in, at that point there will be war or common sense will force the nations around Israel to absorb the ‘refugees’ into their own populations. We are seeing a nexus, a fork in the road if you will and the major player will be the UN and allied islamist nations, will they see sense before the flames of conflict swallow the souls of millions?

      I hope so yet fear not :'(


  4. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Excellent post, sue.  It’s just part and parcel with the UN-run schools which teach jihad and follow a Hamas-approved curriculum.  What’s most sickening is that the BBC knows this.  Useful Jew Tim Franks sanitized that fact when he reported it some time ago:

    Hamas condemns Holocaust lessons

    Gaza’s ruling Islamist movement Hamas has resisted suggestions that Palestinian children should be taught about the Holocaust in UN-run schools.

    The news brief admits that Hamas, not the UN, controls the curriculum.  Readers are left to draw their own conclusions.  Then Useful Jew Franks says this:

    It uses local textbooks and, in Gaza, that means using material from neighbouring Egypt, the BBC’s Tim Franks reports.
    But over the past seven years the UN has added its own coursework about human rights.

    So Franks and the entire BBC know full well what goes on, but choose to hide it, in order to suck up to the UN.  The BBC gives moral support to jihad schools and camps.

    It’s amazing.  Every time I find one improvement in the BBC’s reporting on Israel, there are two more things which make me sick.  Maybe Franks’ departure to more greener pastures in sports reporting will lead to improvements.  But I’m starting to doubt it.


  5. Martin says:

    So how many beeboids will be off to a Hamas peace camp this summer I wonder?

    Do Hamas do a nice line in high quality coke? Or a nice firm young rent boy (Jewish of course)

    Oh hang on the 747 from Heathrow to Goa will be laden with the drugged up vermin from the BBC.


  6. familyjaffa says:

    And that loveable rogue, Mr Loverman, from Gaza with 430 grandchildren. Chuckling away, despite the deaths of several of his offspring through terrorist activity, or otherwise. His lively libido seems to be envied by the reporter. However, he says that the “British were bad, but the Israelis were worse” when they were in charge of Gaza. It seems that so much ‘how’s your father’ has played havoc with his memory- Selective memory loss of who was in charge 1948-1967.


  7. Philip says:

    There is another dynamic at work in the Gaza ‘Camp Wars’ (and I’m not talking about the new Graham Norton show) – the recurring meme of Muslim sexual insecurity and misogyny.

    Hamas hardliners fear that non-Hamas camps will “teach schoolgirls fitness, dancing and immorality”. A fairly ridiculous assertion, given the fact that most of the non-UN staff at the UNWRA schools are Hamas placemen anyway – but any excuse for the RoP to enjoy a good torching.