Wonder did anyone else catch “Any Questions” this week? I caught the repeat this lunch-time on Radio 4. It is AWFUL. Jonathan, like his brother David, is effortlessly leftist. And as for the panel – well, good old BBC favourite anti-Conservative Chris Patten was there, to provide balance! Meanwhile. John Denham (= good guy because he opposed the liberation of Iraq) and Olly Grender (Nice Paddy Ashdown associated Liberal) ensured  it tilted even further left. Stuart Rose was the only voice of near sanity.

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One Response to ANY QUESTIONS?

  1. Grant says:

    Switched off the minute I heard Patten’s voice. Why is this
    has-been ,total failure in British politics and utter failure in Hong Kong, not to mention the EU such a favourite of the BBC ?  Ah, I guess I just answered my own question.