Interesting choice of BBC language here.

Munich 1972..Israelideaths ‘masterminded’ in an “audacious” Palestinian attack…which “killed” 2Israelis….9 others “died” in a botched german police rescueattempt.

Not machine gunned and grenaded to death then?

BBC weekend staff even more appalling than the usual crew. It’s almost as if they admired the Palestinian savagery on display in 1972, and every year since.

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25 Responses to MASTERMIND…

  1. Pavlov's Cat says:

    Also the way they refer to the Palestinian dead as ‘gunmen’ and not terrorists

    Because as we find out later the appaling Mr Oudeh did not consider them ‘terrorists’

    May he burn in hell.


  2. Grant says:

    The BBC just worship terrorists.  It is part of their collective mental illness.


  3. Craig says:

    They also cloak the terrorist atrocity in the language of military respectability by calling it “the Munich operation”.


  4. hippiepooter says:

    There is something sickeningly evil at the BBC for all those with eyes to see.  The reporting of the event at the time concerning how shocking and depraved the terrorist act was.  Now the BBC has been subverted by shocking and depraved people.


    • Grant says:

      For the twisted , perverted ,Beeboids, it is the ultimate vicarious pleasure.  So long as their worthless hides are not at risk, they are happy.


  5. piggy kosher says:

    At least they used the term “massacre” in the first para.

    After that the termininology of the report report becomes sub – juvenile in its indentification with the terrorists desire to twist the massacre into some kind of horrific parody of a legitimate military operation.

    Maybe the ME beeboids should start heading their reports on hamarse and hezbollocks terrorist aggression “Military communique, no…


  6. Davieboy says:

    That is simply disgusting. Words simply fail me….Evil, evil.


  7. Grant says:


    I couldn’t put it better.  Why do the BBC love evil and hate good ?


  8. Barbara says:

    And you folks have to pay extortion to the BBC just to be able to watch television – and remember, the airwaves belong to YOU, not the BBC.  It is disgusting.

    I will never forget how the world continued to play their stupid games after the slaughter of the innocents.  What’s a few more dead Jews compared with the 100-meter dash?  I have not watched the Olympics, not one minute of it, ever since.

    The BBC makes me sick.


  9. Cassandra King says:

    The BBC has a sneaking admiration for cold blooded killers, the PIRA killers had a special place in the hearts of the BBC and terrorists such as the LTTE enjoyed a special place there too.
    The article is written by someone with a deep race hatred of Jews and a love of the ‘freedom fighter’ culture as taken in by university students brought up on the derring do and adventures of Che and his merry band of cowardly bullying psychopathic torturers and child killers.
    I have always believed the BBC to have a poisonous heart, a heart filled with submerged hatreds and racism and spite, the truth will out in the end.


    • hippiepooter says:

      I always believed that the BBC had a heart of decency and embodied British values of love of liberty and fair play.  These values have been gradually subverted to the monstrosity we see today.


  10. Guest Who says:

    Was this a PRasNews from the dedicated fax machine reserved for input from their various mates in the Middle East, or a bit of ‘initiative’ to show they can be proactive without instruction.

    He rejected the term “terrorists” to describe Palestinian fighters, and said: “Before Munich, nobody had the slightest idea about Palestine.”

    I am sure he did, but it might not have hurt to challenge the claim more, especially the logic inherent in the act vs. the apparent ‘end vs. means’ justification.
    Is the BBC supportive of mass murder in the cause of.. getting attention?Rather opens up any licence fee protests a tad.


  11. George R says:

    Is that Oudeh obituary written by Fatah, or by BBC?

    An alternative version (see ‘Comments’):

    Mahmoud Abbas in tribute to mastermind of massacre at ’72 Olympics


  12. deegee says:

    I remember the ceremony at the time. Beethoven was played but not the Israeli national anthem. The Olympic governing body, under Nazi sympathiser Avery Brundage chose to treat the massacre as an attack on the Olympics about on the same level as accusations of cheating.

    At that point I felt the terrorists had won. Not because they killed around a dozen Jews as they had killed before and would kill after but because the world made it clear it was business as usual.

    It took a while before ‘we won’t let you spoil our party’ became with cheerleading by the BBC, became ‘we understand and don’t hold spoiling the party aginst you’.

    BTW Security costs for the London Olympics are expected in the region of half a billion dollars. Thank you, Mohammed Oudeh. This is your legacy.


  13. The Omega Man says:

    There’s that word “audacious” again. Now, were have I seen it before. Oh, I remember, the Mumbia atrocity.

    Hmm, can’t seem to find the word “murder”, though. Must be squeamish about it’s connotations. Mustn;t be too judgemental, except when Israeli’s are involved…


  14. david.steinberg says:

    yes the word murder occurs today in reference to a bbc article about nazis and auchwitz. gut when the jews are murdered by arab muslims only the words died or killed are used.
    haj amin al husseini is surely laughing in his grave


  15. TrueToo says:

    Yes, the World Service used “audacious” to describe the Mumbai attacks. They also described those savage terrorists, who not only murdered scores of innocents but took delight in torturing many of them to death, especially the Jewish hostages, as “determined young men.” The BBC is nauseating.


  16. Graham Evans says:

    “Two Israeli athletes were killed in the September 5 attacks, and nine more died in a botched rescue attempt by the German police. A German policeman and five Palestinian gunmen were also killed.”
    Quite obviously, all the deaths were the fault of those clumsy rescue troops. FFS this BEEB propaganda has to be stopped somehow, i’m pissed off hearing the terms “gunmen” and “bombers” while the beeb ignores and censors out the real terms of murdering bastards. Heaven forbid my licence fee is funding these twats.


  17. Biodegradable says:

    I just posted this on the “Anything goes” thread:

    I can’t avoid seeing parallels between this case and the BBC’s glowing obituary to a terrorist:  
    Obituary: Mohammed Oudeh  
    [But] the end justified the means, he argued.  
    “Before Munich we were simply terrorists. After Munich at least people started asking: Who are these terrorists? What do they want?” he told the Associated Press news agency in 2005.  
    ‘Legitimate targets’  
    He told journalists how he and comrades from Black September had conceived the Munich scheme while smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee at a cafe in Rome.  
    They had been angry that the Olympic committee had rejected an Olympic team for the Palestinians, he said.  
    The idea had been to take the athletes hostage and trade them for more than 200 Palestinians jailed in Israel.  
    The Israeli athletes, he said, were legitimate targets as many had served in the military, fighting in the 1967 Six-Day War.  
    Ends justifying means, even if those means are illegal?  
    “Legitimate targets”?  
    The same arguments used by the terrorist enablers in Brighton and sanctioned by the judge.


  18. Cassandra King says:

    Eleven innocent civilian Jews were murdered by terrorists.

    See how simple that is? No breaking down the deaths into portions and giving the impression that the Jews would be allowed to live if only the Germans had not caused the terrorists to murder them, they would have been killed first chance the killers got and might have suffered a long bout of the terrorists favourite hobby, grusome torturing always gets the islamists off.
    But the BBC just has to lump in the innocent along with the terrorists just to make sure people see them as morally equal, terrorists and their victims the same and equal.
    If only the beastly Germans hadnt intervened the Jews would be allowed to walk off into the sunset with a handshake and a smile?
    The Palestinian terror movement are master psychopaths, cruel and evil beyond ordinary understanding, proven many times over and yet still not accepted by the BBC.
    The rewriting of history to portray brutal hate filled fiends as having any kind of justification for their acts is as evil as those they seek to rehabilitate.


  19. hippiepooter says:

    I think the BBC piece has been changed since DV drew attention to it.  If anything it has a stronger tone of hagiography.

    One noted absent from the current version as well as the previous if membory serves – not one comment from the family of one of his victims.


  20. TrueToo says:

    “11 Israeli athletes were killed

    Two Israeli athletes were killed in the September 5 attacks, ….” 

    Typical BBC passive voice to avoid pointing a finger at their beloved Palestinian terrorists. 

    “….and nine more died in a botched rescue attempt by the German police.”

    Typically coy avoidance of detail there.

    “In the following years, Israel assassinated a number of top Palestinian officials…”

    Right, back to the active voice when it comes to the Israelis.

    “…whom it believed were involved in the massacre….”

    Can’t trust those trigger happy Israelis to pinpoint the guilty terrorists. According to the BBC, they just go killing anyone.


  21. Barry says:

    Anyone know how the BBC feels about Entebbe?

    Was it ‘audacious’?


  22. The Omega Man says:

    Barry; did a search on BBC and Entebbe and came up with shocking (if you didn’t understand BBC pathology) news clip:
    Israel hijack role ‘was queried’

    Basically, the BBC peddles arab conspiracy theories that Shin Bet was behind the Entebbe hijacking.

    For a comentary on this amazing retelling from an anonymous source quoted in Foreign Office documents, see

    “The BBC reported that a document found in British government archives contended “that Israel itself was behind the hijacking.”
    “The BBC gave an incomplete description of the source. The BBC article, by Dan Parkinson, characterized the source only as an “unnamed contact” of a British diplomat in Paris.
    Peter Day of The Telegraph reported that the British diplomat’s source was “a contact in the Euro-Arab Parliamentary Association.” This information was available to the BBC, which did not include it in its story.
    The BBC’s omission of information about the source made its story look less than convincing. The Telegraph article provided enough description for a reader to understand that the allegation of a conspiracy appeared to come from an Arab source hostile to Israel. “