Despite telling us how “beautiful” Islam can be, sometimes even the BBC has to deal with the reality of the pathology of “peace”.  Covering the story of the Iranian woman sentenced to be stoned to death but now, allegedly, reprieved by those kindly Mullahs. the BBC makes the following observation…

Under Iran’s strict interpretation of Islamic law, sex before marriage is punishable by 100 lashes, but married offenders are sentenced to death by stoning. The stones used must be large enough to cause the condemned pain, but not sufficient to kill immediately.

Maybe next time the BBC has one of its legion of Islamic apologists on the networks, someone could gently enquire how it is the “stricter” and therefore more authentic one interprets Islam, the more savage it becomes? Can you imagine any BBC presenter pursuing such a line?

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  1. Martin says:

    It’s not a strict interpretation of Islam it’s the standard view shared by every Muzzie Country. Don’t the mongs at the BBC reaslise that the Muslim halfwits who live here would like Sharia introduced in England as well?


  2. Roland Deschain says:

    This was the first time I’d heard anything about this story on the BBC.  When they’re NOT going to stone her to death.  Bit late to the party, BBC.

    It’s reminiscent of the Climategate story, another subject they’d prefer to avoid.  Sit on it and say nothing, until a certain critical mass is reached which means it has to be reported, in the hope that by then it can be spun in a better light.


    • Grant says:

      Well spotted Roland. Yesteday it was the front page story on ” The Times ”  and featured in the ITV lunchtime news.  From the BBC, not a dicky bird.  This despite a lot of the BBC’s favourite luvvies speaking out.
      Utterly blatant BBC bias.


    • Pounce says:

      It’s how the bBC reports the news when it comes to bad press about the religion of Peace. There’s another example today where an Indian teacher was assaulted last weekend and had his arm chopped off for offending such a wonderful peaceful religion. The bBC covers it 5 days after I blogged about it and with a somewhat differrent angle. What’s the point of funding a so called fantastic news agency if they not only can’t get you the news on time (Unless if its about Israel/Pro Taliban story or one about an Islamic victim in the UK) but twist it in which to promote their political agenda.


    • TrueToo says:

      Roland Deschain, my thoughts exactly. The BBC deliberately steered clear of the story. A few days ago I sent an e-mail to Steve Herrmann, Editor of the News website, asking why the BBC was ignoring this huge story. I suggested he should get Jon Leyne, Teheran correspondent, to tell us all about it. I also expressed the hope that the BBC was not going down the same path in Iran that CNN went down in Iraq when it licked the boots of Saddam Hussein, pretending that all was rosy in that savage dictatorship. I Cc’d the same mail to Newsonline complaints.

      Turns out Jon Leyne is now in Cairo. Yesterday on the World Service he gave a brief, subdued “report” on the news that the stoning would apparently now not take place.

      Has the BBC been kicked out of Iran for only being 98% submissive to Iranian propganda rather than the required 100%? 


  3. dave s says:

    The BBC report is what might be called neutral. That is for once it reports the bare facts of the matter. Interesting this. No editorialising when it is clear to the rest of the world that the behaviour of the Iranian regime is absolutely indefensible. Thus they avoid making the  condemnation which is the duty of any sane human being.
    In this world there are acts that are evil and need to be condemned if civilisation is not to perish. The BBC , devoid of any moral basis now has lost sight of this except where the all pervasive guilt of the liberal Westerner leads it to denigrate it’s own culture and exalt the barbarity of others.


  4. Jack Bauer says:

    Here’s a truth based explanation of Sharia law that you won’t hear on the BBC. EVER.

    It’s in relation to the awful Elana Kagan (a Cherie Blair-like dope up for confirmation the the US Supreme Court)…

    It’s from Andrew McCarthy who prosecuted the terrorists behind the fisrt WTC attack…

    A taste…

    Stonings are common in Saudi Arabia, where, as in Iran, sharia is the only law of the land. Beheadings are common, too. A vice patrol, the mutaween, monitors the population, especially the women, to ensure compliance with sharia standards of dress, prayer observance, and segregation of the sexes.

    Sanctions are draconian, as a 19-year-old woman learned in 2007, when she was sentenced to 200 lashes with a rattan cane after being gang-raped. Saudi Arabia’s crown jewels, Mecca and Medina, are closed to non-Muslims; forget about building a church or synagogue in those cities — non-Muslims are deemed unfit to set foot on the ground.

    The slave trade was still officially carried on in the kingdom until 1961 and has been indulged unofficially ever since. Slavery, after all, is expressly endorsed by the Koran (see, e.g., Sura 47:4, 23:5-6, and 4:24) and was practiced by Mohammed himself. The Koran and the prophet’s legends are the prime sources of sharia.


  5. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Meanwhile, I was wrong:  the BBC actually did report about the Harry Potter actress who was attacked and threatened by her brother and father for attempting to date outside her religion.  However…..

    Spot The Missing Word


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Several missing words, actually.  Such as the reason for a father and brother threatening to kill a girl.  A fight over whether to watch Wimbledon or the World Cup, perhaps?


      • Jack Bauer says:

        roland — yes, I mean what brother at some time or another hasn’t threatened to behead his sister for bringing shame on the family.

        It’s as Taliban as imam and apple pie.


  6. mike_s says:

    3 days ago CNN top story;  
    Activist: Iranian mother of two to be stoned to death  
    And the bbc finds story after the rest of the UK media has reported it. 
    And they have a phone in; 
    On Air: Isn’t it up to Iran to decide how it punishes its own people? 
    Where they argue it is the same as not allowing same sex marriages. (listen radiobroadcast)
    I realy have no words for this.


  7. Greg says:

    I heard this covered on PM yesterday.

    Here’s the link to hear it (45:30) :

    Eddie Mair asked a chap from the foreign office what was so bad about this case, after all our best pals the Americans also execute people. Sadly the interviewee didn’t point out the yanks only execute murderers, so that is an insane comparison.


    • Grant says:


      Don’t think they stone them to death either.

      Will the next BBC phone in be  ” Isn’t up to the USA to decide how to punish its own people ?  ”

      Or  ” Isn’t it up tp the UK to decide whether to imprison people for not paying the TV tax ? “


  8. dave s says:

    At least it might make those who believe Israel to be the fount of all problems in the ME realise just what a regime they face in Iran. This regime has vowed to end the existence of Israel and you better believe it.
    A regime that hangs homosexuals and stones women will certainly not blanche at using nuclear weapons on Israel and probably Europe as well. In comparison the USSR was a pussycat.


  9. TrueToo says:

    Funnily enough, Ros Atkins of World Have Your Say put forward exactly the same ridiculous moral equivalence between the US and Iranian executions. It’s a disease among the left. Fortunately there was a caller on the line who took great exception to the comparison and let Ros know very forcefully indeed.


    • anon says:

      It must have been a great shock to WHYS to have a dissenting view they couldn’t reject for breaking the house rules

      “Where’s the delete button!!!”


    • Jack Bauer says:

      Of course, the BBC starts from the false premise that either I or most other Britishers or Englanders give one flying eff what the WORLD says about sodding anything.

      Are they FORCED to pay the bleedin’ licence poll tax? Err, no.

      It’s bad enough being forever lectured to by a bunch of middle-class crypto-commies who control massive parts of the “establishment”… who haven’t been correct about anything, ever.

      But some brain-addled dimwit from Whogivesafukistan? 

      Do me a favour.


  10. TrueToo says:

    Here’s the WHYS link:

    I believe the altercation was in the second half of the show.


  11. Jack Bauer says:


    American media is picking up on the delightful family of that poor muslim girl who starts in the Potter movies.

    And she’s only dating a Hindu. It’s not like he’s a JEW or something.