BBC interviews someone from  the self-loathing “Anti-Zionist Network” during an item “Are we too critical of Israel?” who suggests that we are too soft on Israel during the Sunday Morning programme. Susanne Reid very opinionated, evidently hostile to the Israeli position, with  liberal Jew Edwina Curry on to present soft-focus  opinion, Douglas Murray did his best. The programme was recorded here in Northern Ireland and bang on cue came the BBC- approved view that Israel and Hamas need to “sit around the table and talk it out” – just like what has happened here with the murderous IRA. It sickens me how the BBC passes off the appalling appeasement of terrorism that has taken place here as the template for all “conflict resolutions.” It is ONLY when Israel appeases Hamas that it can expect any decent coverage from the BBC.

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  1. deegee says:

    Not available in my area. Could someone post a link.


    • sue says:
      I don’t know if this will work for you.  I didn’t watch it live but I’ve just done so on iplayer. The usual old stuff. Edwina Currie was repulsive, and put on a triumphant smirk whenever she said something. There was another technical problem with a prospective pro israel contributor. Funny how that happens so frequently.


  2. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Too soft?  At the risk of sounding like too many defenders of the indefensible who come here exclusively to attack “Israel Firsters”, the only thing those people will accept is an outright condemnation for the existence of Israel, full stop.  They’re always going to think any other kind of coverage is too soft, as long as it stops short of calling for the dismantling of Israel.  “Anti-Zionist” doesn’t imply a two-state solution.

    For the BBC to give succor to that line of thinking shows just how low they are.


  3. deegee says:

    I’m trying to think of similar situations.
    Should Britain remove firearm restrictions? Interview with the National Rifle Association -or- someone from
    Should the NHS stop performing abortions? Representative from Opus Dei?


  4. Will says:

    BBC News Israel Correspondent Wyre Davies decides to make up facts in his efforts to portray Israel in a bad light over its efforts to expel illegal immigrants. He tells us that the children of these immigrants, born in Israel, will be sent to a country they do not know, with a language they do not speak.

    It seems very unlikely that the native tongue of their parents will be so unfamiliar to all such children.


  5. Mailman says:

    Bloody hell…as a LEGAL immigrant to the UK (I come from the colonies 🙂 ) I might be missing a trick here!

    My youngest daughter was born in 2007 BUT she is NOT entitled to UK citizenship and if I get deported for any reason…so does she!

    May be I should write in to al beeb and ask them to take up my case so that I can get UK citizenship as a right!!!!



  6. Biodegradable says:

    ‘… the BBC- approved view that Israel and Hamas need to “sit around the table and talk it out”‘

    Do they mean this Hamas?
    ‘We will resume suicide attacks’Hamas blames Arab League for recent Israeli attacks in Gaza

    Hamas, meanwhile, held the Arab League responsible for the latest escalation because of its decision to endorse direct talks with Israel.

    “Our people in the Gaza Strip are paying a heavy price for the sin and mistake committed by the Arab League foreign ministers who gave a green light to the Palestinian Authority to launch direct negotiations with the occupation government,” said Fawzi Barhoum, a spokesman for Hamas in the Gaza Strip. “Israel was in need of a cover for its continued aggression against our people.”

    Barhoum accused PA President Mahmoud Abbas and the Arab League of “surrendering” to US and Israeli pressure.

    “The decision [to endorse direct talks] will seriously damage the interests of the Palestinians,” Barhoum said. “It will also have dangerous repercussions for the rights of the Palestinians.”