Kevin Connolly had a wonderful piece of veiled Obama worship here at 7.49am. Poor Obama – all that spending and it still isn’t enough. Don’t think Irwin Stelzer’s suggestion that the US needs to take the path to austerity went down too well!

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  1. Cassandra King says:

    Aaaah but you see…its all the fault of the nasty republicans who are blocking every Obama policy for petty selfish reasons, if only the nasty republicans would stop selfishly thinking about themselves and did what the dimocrats ordered them to do then everything would be wonderful, people would sing and dance flowers would bloom and the recovery would surge ahead like a runaway pony!

    Hmmmm! uhm I think the toady muppet forgot to mantion a salient point about the fact that the dimocrats control BOTH houses, the congress and the house of representatives are both democrat controlled so the dimocrats could push through ANY legislation they like.
    The problem of course is not the republican minority, its the dimocrat dissenters looking toward the election horizon with real fear, the BBC somehow forgot to mention that nearly all the failed Obama socialist medicine that failed to get enacted got busted by democrat dissenters.
    Obama started his presidency with overwhelming senate and congressional power, he could have rammed through anything he wanted yet now the BBC are blaming the republican minority(soon to be majority). Come November Obama is going to be looking at being a lame duck one term turkey, his socialist dream shattered and his anti American crusade brought to a shuddering halt, he will stumble on from November to his defeat at the next election looking like a sad Jimmy(peanuts)Carter.
    Could he do a Falklands style rescue war to boost his standing? The only thing that will save him is a big quick successful war, dont rule it out folks.

    The BBC fell in love with a cardboard cutout president, a socialist and an empty vessel with Chicago morals and a skill at reading an autoque or five!


    • Chris says:

      “What this country needs is a short, victorious war to stem the tide of revolution.”
      — Vyacheslav von Plehve

      “The belief in the possibility of a short decisive war appears to be one of the most ancient and dangerous of human illusions.”
      — Robert Wilson Lynd


  2. Natsman says:

    “Yes we can…, or perhaps not quite, or at all, even….”  No second term for YOU, sunshine!


    • Cassandra King says:

      Brilliant post!

      Yes we cant and no we can, change you cannot believe in or dont even want to imagine.
      America she says no, the cardboard cutout just blew over in a light wind.

      BTW Obama has yet to be tackled about his huge errors with regard to the greatest catastrophe ever to hit the US, a disaster of epic proportions that never actually existed at all.
      Obama making up his boot on the neck waffle and his shakedown of BP turned out to be his defining moment and will be remembered long after this one term turkey fades away.


  3. Umbongo says:

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    This item was a near-disaster for Today.  Ceri Thomas (Today’s editor) pressed the wrong button on his Blackberry and got Irwin Stelzer instead of Paul Krugman.  Then Ceri must have been shattered that the Republican from (in Ceri’s “sophisticated” world-view) the hick state of Wyoming turned out not to be a carpet-chewing Tea Party racist but a rational individual who gave a comprehensible anti-Obama anti-Washington take on the reconvening of Congress while the representative Democrat was unfortunately interviewed before his appointment with his anger management therapist.  The item was only partially saved by Connolly’s contribution which was marked by his complete ignorance of US politics and federal-state financial relationships leavened by an unquestioning worship of the Great Redeemer in the White House.  Oh dear!  If Ceri’s not more careful, listeners in the UK might receive a glimmering of the truth of what is happening in the US


  4. Martin says:

    Did they mention that when Barry went to Texas none of the Democrats wanted to meet him? Oh and that only the Republican Governor bothered to turn up at the airport.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Yes, He’s not only the first black President in history, but will also be the first black Albatross.


      • Ian E says:

        Yes, the first black albatross, I like it – the first triply under-par president (though Carter of course nearly got there!).


  5. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Just heard Naughtie’s interview with Selzer on Today.  What a breath of fresh air that was.  But first, allow me to point out the blatant lie in the summary accompanying the audio clip.

    The US House of Representatives is being called back to Washington to debate a $26bn package of legislation to bail out individual states which need the money to pay the wages of teachers, police officers and fire fighters.

    “Wages”, eh?  It sound to me like the same line the BBC and Gordon Brown and Ed Balls always give you about boodget coots:  it will harm “front line services”, eliminate thousands of teachers and policemen, etc., right?   Except this isn’t about wages at all.  It’s about saving those gold-plated union public sector pensions in places that have been bled dry by them, like California, Illinois, and New York. These state public sector pensions have been screwed for years, and the cupboards are not only bare, but being broken down for fire wood.

    So it’s an outright lie, right there on the Today page.  This money is going to the unions, and the only “wages” it’s going to cover are those of union bosses.

    Having gotten that out of my system, let me just say how amused I was to hear somebody on the BBC say that The Obamessiah was actually wrong about spending even more money to save the economy, and that we should be imitating the Tories’ plan.  Made my day, that did.


    • Umbongo says:


      ” . . somebody on the BBC say that The Obamessiah was actually wrong . . “

      Make the most of it – you won’t hear that again for a long time.


  6. sue says:

    Did anyone else hear the seriously annoying astronomer Heather Couper bringing Obamaworship into this seriously irritating item about asteroids? Ha ha not. Verbal diarrhea gone mad.  Send her to an asteroid and put John Humphrys on the pillion.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Ever since they found the black woman with dreadlocks and a working-class accent, Dr. Couper has been the BBC’s only contributor in the field.  She was on that Dr. Who special as well.


    • Craig says:

      It was a typical Today bit on science – larky and hardly for grown-ups.

      John Humphrys adopted that deeply irritating ‘aren’t-I-dumb-about-science-and-aren’t-I-pleased-with-myself-about-it?’ manner that he always puts on when something scientific crops up. 


      • Grant says:

        Arty-farties will never admit that they don’t understand science because they are too stupid. So they turn their ignorance into a virtue. Doesn’t stop them having opinions on science , though. They make me sick.