Hannan Calls BBC Bias On Elected Police Chiefs

The excellent Dan Hannan MEP raises the issue of BBC bias in the issue of directly elected police chiefs on his Telegraph blog today:

There was a snotty, sneering, superior piece about elected sheriffs on Radio 4’s PM programme this evening. Inevitably, it included an interview with Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona. Sheriff Joe admires the Republicans, thinks there is too much illegal immigration, is beastly to scoundrels and enjoys vast support. This, in Beebworld, makes him a one-man argument against democratic policing. Indeed, until now, BBC audiences might have been forgiven for believing that Mr Arpaio was the only sheriff in the United States.

Today’s feature branched out very slightly, and interviewed one other sheriff candidate, a chap from rural Alabama who seemed to have been chosen because a) his accent would make British listeners think of Mississippi Burning and b) his name was Jimmy Ray Swindle.

You get the idea. Allow people to choose who directs their local police force and you are likely to get racists, half-wits or crooks – often with hilarious redneck names. Just in case we missed the message, the correspondent spelt it out with his closing words: “While popular elections may increase direct accountability, it [sic] doesn’t necessarily lead to better policing”.

The tone of the BBC article and their hostility to elected police chiefs is understandable. The BBC and ACPO will defend each other because circling the wagons is the only way to prevent accountability being forced on them.

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12 Responses to Hannan Calls BBC Bias On Elected Police Chiefs

  1. Dazed-and-Confused says:

    I would like to applaud Daniel Hannan for voicing his opposition to the snivelling Socialists of the BBC, but the question remains the same to every Tory currently in government now:

    “When are they going to take some decisive action against the bloated left wing entity, fraudulently known as the British broadcasting company”?

    For me, I’m long since past the point of no return, and every time I see a fellow BBC Socialist, Islamist or “Trot” copiously link to the BBC mindset, for validation of their points, then my charge sheet grows ever longer by the day.


  2. Cassandra King says:

    I do not blame the BBC, its the nature of the beast and they are simply following their base instincts.

    I blame weakling and cowards in the tory ranks for not speaking out for fear of becoming a target of the BBCs corporate spite. All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing and the tories have proven this law to its utmost.
    Now a few like Hannan may speak out but their voice is drowned out by the deafening silence of the appeasers and the cowards and the fellow travellers who hold a common purpose with the BBC and its corporate aims and greater narrative.
    The tragedy that now engulfs our national story is preventable and avoidable, the destruction of our sovereign state becomes a reality BECAUSE of cowards and weaklings and appeasers NOT because of the BBC and socialism and their fellow travellers.
    I saw in the tory party a weak appeasing and cowardly party unable and unwilling to stand up for the British people and if they do not stand up for us then we stand alone before the evil monolith.

    The beast follows its instincts while those with the power to stop the beast stand by and allow it to ravage our once great nation, dont lay blame on the BBC rather lay blame where it is truly lays.


    • Tony_E says:

      ‘I blame weakling and cowards in the tory ranks for not speaking out for fear of becoming a target of the BBCs corporate spite’.

      The problem is that nobody on the front bench will risk real confrontation with the BBC because they know that they will almost certainly lose, unless they are willing to abolish the thing altogether. Backbenchers might be able to win because they can argue more independently, and in greater numbers, but are not encouraged to do so.

      Who wants to be first to put his head in the lion’s mouth?


    • davejanfitz says:

      Cassandra I agree 200%.The Tories deserve all they get and more,would maggie have rolled over like this limp lot,I think not..I rest my case M’Lord.Maggie had more BALLS than this lot put together.


  3. john in cheshire says:

    Cassandra, perhaps the suggestion : don’t only blame the bbc. I don’t want them let off the hook because of an excuse that they can’t help themselves. Because I believe they can and should change; I don’t believe that the higher echelons of the foul entity that is the bbc  are ignorant of what they are perpetrating against our country.
    If it were in my power, I would sell off the bbc and abolish public service broadcasting in its entirety. One practical solution would be to reduce the licence fee year on year by inflation plus an amount. This would eventually see this socialist pile of ordure fade into oblivion in a few short years. But of course it’s not going to happen.


  4. Bert Rodinsky says:

    “Allow people to choose who directs their local police force and you are likely to get racists, half-wits or crooks”

    Rather than the current labour appointed racists, half-wits and crooks.


  5. Grant says:

    How the BBC must hate Dan Hannan “right-wing” and very clever, the exact opposite of Beeboids !


  6. Martin says:

    The Tories get all they deserve. Scabby Logan is going to talk about ‘cut’s the ‘poor’ and we’ve got Limpdick Opec to tell us where the Government is going wrong.

    The BBC keeps forgetting that Liebour is no longer in power and Limpdick Opec is no longer an MP


  7. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Ask the BBC about elected local police chiefs, and their stock answer is, “Sheriff Joe“.  Only everybody likes what he’s doing, and nobody thinks he’s a crook, and definitely not a liar.  You won’t hear about any other elected police officials in the US, either.


  8. cjhartnett says:

    Heard this pice of crap on the radio myself.
    Funny how democracy is a good thing and worth invading countries for-sending the lads of the dispensable poor to go and to die for-but it seems to be best seen from abroad. In practice at home it needs controlling by our betters at the Beeb in case we get above ourselves and vote for the uncouth and the practical…remember Ray Mallon and John Stalker for example>
    No wonder then that the Beeb sticks with Mayor Joe-clearly he is just the kind of democratically elected person we need here and not Ian Blair and his clones…wonder which one the Beeb would rather we get imposed from Bush House or Millbank(not geographically specific anymore though!)


  9. Barbara says:

    Fortunately no one at the BBC can vote in the United States.  We like to elect sheriffs and judges because they are more accountable to US that way, not to the parties or other power brokers.


  10. Hanson says:

    It’s crude stereotyping, nothing less. If the BBC could find a Sheriff J.W. Pepper in real life, he would be on the radio all the time.