1. George R says:

    Of course, BBC-NUJ’s Mr. Easton looks at the continuing mass immigration into Britain largely from the point of view of a UK university/ college admissions tutor. So he automatically sees the rise in the mass influx of foreign  students/’students’ as a positive.

    He omits the negative impact of the surge in the numbers of foreign students entering Britain, such as:

    1.) many foreign students, who often pay higher fees than British students, get preferential admission treatment by universities, which aim to maximise their profits. Thereby, many indigenous British student applicants are deprived of places at British universities;

    2.) the cost to British students, and to the British economy of foreign students crowding out indigenous students from higher education, and increasing unemployment, should be counted as a significant social and economic cost;

    3.) untold numbers of foreign ‘students’ stay on illegally in Britain and illegally gain welfare payments;

    4.) some foreign ‘students’ who come to Britain go on to be active jihad supporters.

    British Universities ‘Hotbeds of Islamic Extremism’


  2. hippiepooter says:

    A very deft genuflection to Mark Easton’s bias by Sir Andrew Green.  I thought faultless compering by Justin Webb, but he did feel impelled to stick up for his colleague, albeit without being overly plaintiff.


    • hippiepooter says:

      PS, am I right in thinking that it is remarkable that Sir Andrew Green even gets on the BBC.  Normally he’s a very noted absence from the immigration ‘debate’ on the BBC.


  3. Chuffer says:

    Listen out for that most infuriating Beeboid habit, the transplanted fullstop. It’s at about 12-13 seconds in, and sounds like:
    “….we expect, by a permanent one our home editor.   Mark Easton….”

    Mind you, a guttural Welshman doing oh-so-trendy glottal stops sounds almost as bad.


  4. Grant says:

    Beeboids making a big point that emigration has fallen. I wonder if that is because most people who can get out have already gone ?
    Immigration in Beeboidspeak is not immigration it is “migration”  !


  5. George R says:

    Alternative emphasis to that of BBC-NUJ here:

    “Number of immigrants living in the UK long-term SOARS by 20% as a quarter of babies are born to foreign mothers ”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1306323/Number-immigrants-living-UK-long-term-soars-20-1-year.html#ixzz0xiRpN0Lo


    • dave s says:

      You won’t get any reality based analysis from the BBC. They are just not equiped mentally to cope with any challenge to the hive view.
      The important facts that we need to know before we continue to change the population of this country into something else other than an Anglo-saxon Celtic one are really very simple.
      1. How many of the emigrants over the last 10 years have been of native stock and of child bearing age.
      2. How many immigrants over the same period have been of child bearing age and of third world origin.
      3. What are the respective birth rates of the natives and the immigrants and include in the latter figure the birth rates of the 2nd and 3rd generations.
      4. What is the total population between the ages of 1 and 40.
      5. What are the respective percentages of native and third world origin in this figure and what trend is their in the respective percentages.
      When we have these figures we can then start to have a serious discussion.
      You will never get this discussed on the BBC. It is probably covered under the “scream  racist” injunction. These are very perilous days. The population of this island ,stable in ethnic origin for thousands of years, is undergoing rapid change. The how and why are irrelevant. No native people in recorded history has voluntarily enabled their replacement by another. When the people change so changes the culture and way of life. It is the way of the world. Not some dreamy liberal “lets all just get along’ and we can all keep our culture. It isn’t like that and never has been.


      • Maturecheese says:

        Good points.  I suspect that these stats, rather conveniently, don’t even exist.


  6. George R says:

    Looking to the example of Germany and mass Muslim immigration, occasional commenter here, ‘Un:dhimmi’, has this:

    German Liberals Recoil as Economist Tells Truth About Muslim Immigration


    • Philip says:

      Thanks for the mention, George.


      • Craig says:

        I wonder if the BBC will mention Thilo Sarrazin any time soon. His being a member of the SPD might complicate the story for them.


  7. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I like how Easton summed his opening remarks up by pointing out that the points system created by “the previous Government” has supposedly already stopped all unskilled workers coming in.  So before we even start the debate the Narrative is that there’s clearly no point in setting a cap now.

    It was also nice of Justin Webb to let Gerwyn Davies dismiss Andrew Green’s entire position as being about only the students and not workers, when the student immigration was only one part of Green’s statement.  Everything Green said was allowed to be spun away as something else.


  8. Andrew Mars says:

    The way the lunatic left at the BBC report on immigration sickens me.
    Contrary to what they tell us, not all immigrants work and they don’t posess the gift of eternal youth, so in no way ‘help to pay our pensions’, they’re just more pensioners in waiting! 
    This short-termism is very dangerous as, yet again with the coalition, we see the quality of life of the existing population put behind the wants of a few greedy rich businessmen who want a constant stream of cheap, easily exploitable labour. 


    • Barry says:

      Well said. And the increased birth rate that we’re supposed to be benefitting from now should become really interesting in 65/70 years’ time when the number of pensioners shoots up.

      What a future!


  9. Scrappydoo says:

    Disgraceful managed fake phone-in about immigration on BBC R5 this morning, We heard far to much from a labour MP, no other parties represented, The callers were obviosouly selected ,  the anti immigration contibutors were selected for their inablity to get their message over.  There were a surpising number of contributors in addition to the labour MP who thought mass immigration was the best thing since sliced bread.


    • Dr A says:

      I heard this too. The bias was so blatant – every time someone had the temerity to mention the massive elephant crapping on the floor the smug, stupid Beeboid whatisname stamped on them. 

      The stinking, lying, cheating, self-promoting BBC is simply not fit for purpose. 


    • Martin says:

      Yes and everyone seemed frightened of being called a ‘racist’. I noted that I swear I heard mongo Campbell give an approving grunt under his breath when one caller prattled on about how mass immigration was good for us.

      Oh and I just wonder how tolerant the jocks would be if 4 million Muslims moved up to Scotland and started building Mosques in Scottish towns in large numbers?

      Nikki Campbell seems to love Scotland but not enough to piss off and go live there.


  10. davejanfitz says:

    most come in via Holland on dutch passports which are easy to get,then they get housing etc,a loop hole thats been going on for 15 yrs or more….


  11. Martin says:

    Funny that I don’t see a great clamour for aerospace engineers, bridge designers etc to move here, but does the BBC really think that yet another Indian takeaway (actually most of these restaurants ore Pakistani or Bangladeshi not Indian family run) ‘chef’ is a highly skilled worker?

    Will our economy really suffer if we don’t allow a few more dodgy Curry houses to open up?


    • Andrew Mars says:

      There’s hardly a shortage of unemployed Pakistanis or Bangladeshis either is there (according to ONS) How about training one or two of them up!?


  12. Martin says:

    If Muzzie’s are so brilliant how come every Muzzie Counry is a backward shit hole (except perhaps places like Dubai, but of course that’s down to many westerners living there)