Left to right: Ed Balls, Ed Miliband, Diane Abbott, Andy Burnham, David Miliband
Summer is melting into Autumn and that means the return of Question Time. It kicks off on September 16th and it will be an ALL Labour panel. So, no change there then.
When I sat this photo I assumed it was a gathering of the QT production team but it appears these people may harbour political ambitions! Anyway, we will be liveblogging this for the new season and I hope YOU will come along and join in the inquisitorial fun each week.

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  1. john in cheshire says:

    if they appear on the same show, isn’t that an ideal time to gas the lot of them?


  2. NotaSheep says:

    To the average BBC politico this is a balanced panel; expressing views from all over the acceptable spectrum of political views. Anyone to the right of this panel should be at a minimum, booed and preferably not given the oxygen of publicity.


  3. Allan Draycott says:

    Get ready for wall-to-wall Labour Party election until October. I switched on “The Nolan Programme” on Five Dead tonight to hear Ed Miliband’s adenoidal droning. When I rang up the programme to complain why the BBC was favouring him above the other candidates I was told that the 4 other candidates would also be appearing “on the programme”. I took this to mean on the programme tonight.

    When I rang back at 10:45 to ask why Ed Miliband was still on when the programme only lasts until 1 am I was told that 5 consecutive Saturday nights (including this one) are to be devoted to interviews with the Labour leadership candidates one by one. I pointed out that nowhere near this amount of airtinme was devoted to either the Lib Dem leadership election in 2007 or to the Conservative Party election in 2005. When I asked how much these programmes were costing I was sharply told “none of your business”. This comes after two consecutive editions of the programme last Saturday and Sunday attacking Lib Dem pusilanimity in the Coalition.

    I hear La Nolan has moved on now – “to the angry reactions caused by the Government’s scrapping of the NHS Direct Service”. Perfectly fair and balanced then.

    The BBC- using public money to fund an internal political party election – this is what we do.


  4. Dez says:

    Question Time did the same thing for the Conservative leadership election in 2005.


  5. Dick the Prick says:

    I’ll pop the industrial meths on ice, rack up the mogadons and get some brain & eye bleach ready. UUuuurrrrggghhh!


  6. Martin says:

    Dez, but did the BBC provide the same level of wall to wall coverage back in 2005? I don’t remember David Cameron being asked for a sound bite every time Bliar or the one eyed mong did something?

    The anger is about the level of coverage the BBC is giving to these mongs, none of them having an ounce of intelligence.

    Ed Balls? Fatty Abbott? The Millimongs?


  7. Allan Draycott says:

    QT 2005 certainly didn’t feature Ken Clarke and Liam Fox who had been eliminated by Tory MPs. There is a lot to be said for the Conservative election system. If Labour used it we would be spared the self-publicising rantings of Diane Abbot and Ed Balls.

    Brian Hanrahan did a trail for “The World at One” on Five Dead at 9:35 this morning when we were eagerly informed that

    “we shall be talking to left-wing (sic) intellectuals to ask them what they think the Labour Party should be thinking”

    Gotta love it. The BBC – unfair and unbalanced but certainly unafraid to offend the licence-payer at every opportunity.


    • NotaSheep says:

      “left-wing intellectuals” – an oxymoron anywhere except at the BBC?


  8. Andrew Mars says:

    Dimbleby’s loony-left road show has to be the worst of all the shite that the BBC beams in to our homes. 
    The (dis)Respect (the natives) Party seems to have a season ticket to this show even though they have no power above council level. After the pantomime edition of QT (with Nick Griffin) many commentators said ‘we have Respect on there so we should have the BNP too’, but I have yet to see Salma Yaqoob face an hour of hostile interrogation/barracking from a predominantly white Christian conservative audience about her links to extremist Isalamist groups and her involvement with the far-left criminal organisation ‘Unite Against Fascism’.
    Here is a video of one of many attacks carried out by UAF supporters just after they were whipped up in to a frenzy of hate by a speech made by Yaqoob:

    Galloway appeared on the show just after he made this speech at another UAF get together (which again ended in rioting and the stabbing of 3 white kids), which he is under police investigation for, but there was still no mention of it on QT:


  9. Allan D says:

    The State Broadcaster also likes to get in as many of its prejudices as possible. Also on The Nolan Programme last night during the press review with Ian Dale, a semi-house-trained Tory, and David “Monty” Banks, which was mostly devoted to reviewing Mr Ed’s hour-long appearance on the show (in case you’d missed it) Nolan discussed his question as to why Ed did not believe in God (the obvious answer – “because my Dad was a Marxist” seems to have escaped them).

    The excuse for Ed’s hesitancy in answering was offered that if he said he didn’t believe in God he would offend “a fifth” of the population who did believe and if he said he would offend “four-fifths” who didn’t. In fact the proportions who admit to some belief in a supreme deity and those who don’t are the reverse of those stated but why allow the facts to spoil a good secular story? Don’t think Mr Ed will endear himself to the Muslim community though who tend to affirm their belief in a Supreme Being rather strongly.


  10. fred bloggs says:

    Any danger of them assembling a totally right wing audience —  I can dream can’t I.


  11. Betty Swollocks says:

    What a bunch of ugly bastards, how many times will the loathsome Balls say ‘look’