A Biased BBC reader writes…

“At 9.28 this morning, on BBC News 24, the boss of the NUT was on talking about the new system, condemning it out of hand, natch. Oh dear, your local City Hall is to be by passed and the cash go straight to the schools. As a former school governor I know that a lot of what she said was b……s and she either a) must know it too or b) she is as thick as a plank and doesn’t understand anything about the system that her Members work in. Never mind, the good old BBC gave her free rein – no one from the other side of the argument anywhere in sight. Just another (small) example of the propoganda our beloved National Broadcaster churns out day after day.”

Part of the problem is that the BBC is littered with small instances like this every day which when we add them together constitutes one VAST bias.

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6 Responses to ACADEMY SCHOOLS

  1. Craig says:

    Christine Blower of the NUT was first on around 8.20, interviewed jointly with Patricia Sowter, headmistress of one of the new academies. 

    Kate Silverton interrupted the headmistress (twice) to ask two challenging questions, one of which was just to repeat a point Mrs Blower and Bill Turnbull had just made about how academy schools will/might disadvantage other schools.

    Indeed, the headmistress got all the hard questions, while Mrs Blower got such toughies as:

    “Christine, what’s wrong with that?”
    “What is this flexibility thay you’re both talking about?”
    “Your union says it has been a bit rushed, all this process?”

    Talk about a free ride!


    • Grant says:

      Is “Christine” a friend of Kate’s ?
      But generally if the Unions are against something, it must be a good idea.


  2. David Preiser (USA) says:

    No surprise here.  The BBC has been against the whole thing from the start, even going so far as to use the same Narrative – “it will result in a two-tier system” and/or “it will take money from children who need it most” – in a segment on the World Service about US schools.  Funny how that Narrative was absent back when Labour started their academies scheme.


    • Martin says:

      Yes David an utter lie as the Government has the pupil premium policy to give kids in underprivileged areas more money (both a Tory and Lib Dem idea).

      The beeboids were sneering claiming that only a small number of schools had so far converted, of course, the legislation has only just passed, many schools will probably apply later on.

      Finally what a daft idea, that tax payers money should go straight to schools and not to the Local Authority. The schools will spend it on crap like books, computers, paying for better teachers etc, the Local Authority would have used the money for diversity training, new cars, ipads for staff, lesbian condom advisers etc. Just how is the Guardian to survive now?


  3. tinks says:

    It looked a bit biased with a foaming at the mouth NUT woman, shouting ‘unclean’ or something. I was thinking give it a chance, the only downside might be some of the extra money ending up in employees pockets (the wrong pockets) – see NHS & Councils.

    Looks like the alchohol minimum pricing (new tax) bandwagon is taking hold – really being orchestrated.

    Problems of poverty, yet alcohol is too cheap! Something not quite right.


  4. Guest Who says:

    Death by a thousand cuts.

    Or, in this case, re-shaping society bit-by-bit by a few tens of thousand BBC ‘Jeremy Hunts’.

    Drip… drip, drip…