Strange item here concerning the system that Labour uses to elect it’s new leader. On the one hand, the item makes is abundantly clear that one person can have multiple votes when it comes to voting for the Labour leader. You would have thought this was vigorously challenged but I thought John Humphyrs was exceedingly gentle with Labour Party Chairman Tony Lloyd. (Note how Humphyrs speaks highly of John Prescott). In fact there was an air of bonhomie about the interview and Loyd  was allowed to obfuscate his way out if it and the BBC then kindly lead with the heading “People are revolted by this new Government and want to join Labour.” More pro-Labour propaganda. One Man = Many Votes is OK when it’s socialists playing the game.

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  1. Martin says:

    This is not news, the BBC’s favourite mass murderers have often used the one man many votes (for their candidate), why wouldn’t the Socialist/communist Liebour party use the same system?


  2. NotaSheep says:

    Just imagine if this was a story about voting in the Conservative party, do you think John Humphrys would be as amused by the story and as gentle with the Conservative spokesman?


  3. George R says:

    BBC-NUJ branch, and its Labour toff chums and banker tradition:

    “Further to my item about David Miliband squeezing into Oxford on the strength of an interview after a so-so three Bs and a D in A-levels, he was admitted to Corpus Christi by economist Andrew Glyn, an old friend of his father, the late Marxist historian Ralph Miliband.
    “Old Etonian Glyn, who died in 2007, was also a Marxist.

    During the 1980s miners’ strike, he wrote pamphlets supporting Arthur Scargill. Yet his family owned a bank, Williams and Glyn’s. Isn’t life grand?”

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  4. David Preiser (USA) says:

    At least Sopel has the integrity to give Tony Lloyd a hard time about how this is a rigged system, allowing people to vote multiple times if they really want to.  Good for him.  This guy comes off as real Soviet elite bastard.  Very creepy.