A Biased BBC reader pointed me in the direction of some more dubious Stephanomics….here she goes;

“Partly thanks to Ed Balls, the debate over the scale and timing of spending cuts in the UK is still very much alive. Next week I’ll be taking a look at the arguments in detail, as part of the BBC’s special season on the spending review. But in the meantime, anyone who agrees with Mr Balls that the government is overstating the risk posed by the deficit may be surprised to hear they got some support this week from the IMF.”

It’s fascinating to watch the BBC go on and all out attack on everything NOT Labour ever since Mark Thompson boasted that bias was a thing of the past. It’s the BBC that needs to be a thing of the past and Flanders cheer-leading for Balls is another example of how this hydra operates.

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12 Responses to TALKING BALLS

  1. Dazzler says:

    I’ve always been of the mind the Flanders has the biggest balls in the gang. Listening to her voice only confirms this


  2. George R says:

    I don’t remember BBC-NUJ having ‘a special season’ to explain the impact on British people of Labour’s commitment to increasing Mass Immigration .


  3. Martin says:

    The BBc’s choice for leader of the scum Liebour party would be Ed Balls, after all his mong like appearence is as close to the original one eyed one as you can get.


  4. Anonymous says:

    The IMF report has come in for a lot of criticism in the city. Oddly Steph ignores this. Here’s a taster from the FT:


  5. David Preiser (USA) says:

    It’s thanks to the BBC for giving Ed Balls every opportunity to state his attack case which has kept this issue alive.  The BBC has created this story, not Balls.


  6. cjhartnett says:

    Did a spot sample of Beebblather this morning as Toady slipped into Harrabins drool on global meltdown?

    1. Montague worries about museum charges on behalf of we the uneducated and unwashed…despite it being pointed out to her that the whole point of the abolition of charging was to get we( the lower orders) to shuffle along to a museum-ANY museum…and it turns out that we`ve not been going, so in NuLibor terms its a failure innit?

    2. Still not all bad news-our womens sports teams are doing well according to our bluestocking Sarah, so surely the men might learn from this-wonder why they didn`t  keep this sexist voxpox for Jenni on the slimemould that is Womans Hour…every hour is now that at the caring,sharing and oh so passionate Beeb!

    3. So sexist twitter and hand wringing thus far-but wait! Here comes Roger Harrabin with his forensic assault on the “climate change sceptics”-how very dare they!
     Turns out ole Roge knows as much about science as any “Palin pickin` an` a grinnin`” cowpoke who scoffs at Harrabin and his methane munchers…and he duly gets put in his place.
    Still a thoroughly unpleasant,sly and slanted swipe at the sceptics was allowed thirty minutes on the Beeb…at least Orwells four-minute hate was shorter. More honest too looking back!

    All this in only twenty minutes of beeboid bullshit-thought that they wanted to abolish bullfighting…where WILL they get their “news and opinions” from then? Prescotts reinfoced lavatory presumably!

     Nurse…the screens for old Auntie…poor thing still thinks she has anything remotely of interest and objectivity in her shoppping trolley. A psychic euthanasia for her please!


  7. Martin says:

    Just watched Flanders and Toenails giving us their view of the evil Tory tax cuts.

    Firstly Flanders stated that the deficit was caused by the “world economic mess”, no it wasn’t our deficit was built up by reckless spending caused by the one eyed mong.

    Then when Toenails was going around the north east he failed to point out that we spend about 30 billion a year on servicing the deficit, that’s the size of the defence budget just spent on interest and that is every year.

    If people bothered to read up on the subject rather than listen to twats like Toenails they’d realise that reducing the deficit would give us more money to spend on other things long term.

    Also most people appear unaware (thanks to the BBC) of the difference between the deficit and the national debt.

    The BBC are pathetic for failing once again it was Liebour’s reckless spending by the one eyed mong that got us in this mess.


  8. Phil says:

    Th BBC’s crystal ball only seems to work when it can give bad predictions based on the actions of a Tory led government.

    It never gave us warning of the collapse of banks like Northern Rock, the credit crunch or the huge UK debt problem while Labour was in power and spending money like water. Until the worst happened we never heard anything but good economic news and how prudent Gordon Brown was as a chancellor.

    The BBC’s alleged superb analysis is either absent or critical of anything  Guardian/BBC types don’t approve of.