I see that Robbo has been in Grantham today asking the question “Do you trust the Coalition to cut the right thing” Wish he had asked me. The correct answer is “They should cut the parasistic BBC free from our cash by abolishing the License Tax”

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  1. Cassandra King says:

    We know what the BBC are trying to do and they do what they do with a fanatical expertise.

    They sow doubt and fear and anger, wherever they can they exploit anger and prejudice and disatisfaction to produce cracks and weakness which they then exploit to assist their political allies and further their own ideological narrative.

    The right is the enemy, everything the BBC does and every move it makes and every extorted pound it recieves is used to craft weapons of attack and measures of poison.
    The BBC are engaged in a war against the hated right, its a political and social jihad, a holy war in fact and you can feel the hatred emanating from the BBC.
    The BBC have the money and they have the power and they have the means to destroy the forces of conservatism, no no not the pseudo fake coalition variety but real right wing conservatism. The leftist forces of the BBC will stop at nothing, no lies are too big and no trick too dirty, until we stop feeding the cancer it will slowly destroy us all.


  2. Asuka Langley Soryu says:

    In answer to Toenail’s question: No, I don’t. I’m sure lots of pointless, wasteful shit – the BBC included – will manage to stay attached to the teet.


  3. Grant says:

    And which famous politician came from Grantham ?


  4. George R says:

    And now is the time to cut the World Service arm of BBC NUJ.

    This is only a tiny start:

    “BBC World Service ‘faces having to pull out of countries'”

    Another prime candidate for abolition should be:

    ‘BBC Arabic Television’

    This organisation is, of course, a political propaganda broadcaster which is only allowed to put out programmes which do not offend the recipient Arabic countries; so anything critical of Islam is taboo. Of course, this is not a problem at Broadcasting House, London HQ (East wing, Mecca-facing) where Islam Not BBC (INBBC)’s natural political proclivities are only to broadcast material which is Islam-friendly, Israel-hostile anyway.
    Needless to say, ‘BBC Arabic Television’ is also Al Jazeera friendly too, many ex-Beeboids find it politically easy to work for Al Jazeera English, based in London; and INBBC has a friendly technical agreement with Al Jazeera to show Bin Laden propaganda early.

    “The BBC’s Arabic Service”


  5. George R says:

    Who runs the BBC NUJ?

    From the NUJ’s website:

    “Cuts to BBC World Service – ‘We will fight them with all our might'”


  6. George R says:

    Questions unanswered by Islam Not BBC (INBBC):

    “BBC ‘failed to part with key facts on Israel'”


  7. prpw says:

    Spot on, David Vance. Sending Nick Robinson to walk around Grantham to ask people whether they trust the coalition to `cut the right things’ (did they even define what they mean by that ?) is not reporting on the news.

    The BBC likes to distort its mandate to report objectively on the news, and embraces this sort of unscientific and selective `collation of public opinion’ because it allows its editorial team to impose its layers of interpretation on to us all while masquerading as a public forum.

    Clearly the BBC has a massive overstaffing problem, and could operate a higher quality, more efficient and more useful news service by concentrating solely on factual reporting of events in full and balanced context. You could do that with far fewer people, and most of the legions they employ to `interpret’ the news could be given their P45s to the benefit of its viewers


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      I did wonder about this yesterday.  It seemed odd for the BBC’s political editor to be visiting Connaught workers to talk about the economy.  Maybe he’s been sent out so they can give more air time to and groom his replacement, Laura Kuenssberg?

      I knew there was something wrong when one of the workers Robinson was talking to said something about how he and his colleagues would have a better time accepting the spending cuts which have brought Connaught’s problems to the forefront if they knew things would work out in a couple years’ time.  He said very clearly that he was being forced to take the current Government’s word for it that “the previous Government boogered things oop.”

      When I heard this, I realized that he was saying that this was only a partisan claim and not necessarily correct.  Nick Robinson didn’t try to correct him.  It was very clear that this was supposed to be a partisan thing and it was not actually the case that Labour had screwed this all up.  So obviously these workers had all been taken in by the BBC’s Narrative.  You never hear from the BBC (except once by Andrew Neil) that Labour was spending like a drunken sailor right up eleciton day, even though they knew the money had run out.


  8. prpw says:

    Has the BBC ever sent its reporters to walk around neighbourhoods to ask people whether they trust the Govt to do the right thing by the people by operating within its means, and trying to avoid excessive borrowing and the kind of crushing national debt problem which eventually suffocates an economy and leads to currency debasement ?