The Guardian is the print version of the BBC and so it comes as NO surprise to read a sympathetic article in it entitled  “The BBC must reprogramme itself to win.” 

“The big salaries paid to some stars give the government a line of attack that it believes resonates with the public. Other criticisms rarely do. The BBC remains popular; the licence fee is one of the least-detested taxes .”

It’s still detested though and the point is that B-BBC exists to make the endemic bias as widely known as possible, Best of all the BBC knows we watch it. 
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12 Responses to PROGRAMME TO SPIN…

  1. Pounce says:

    Sorry David, can’t agree with you here, As the Guardian is privately funded it can say what it likes. I may not like what it has to say, it doesn’t have a remit to be impartial like the bBC has.


    • Martin says:

      Without the public subsidy from job adverts the Guardian would have gone down the u-bend years ago.

      The Guardian and the BBC are one and the same, their hacks are interchangeable.


      • Pounce says:

        I actually purchase the Guardian on a day to day basis. (But not the Observer) The adverts from the bBC are there, but so are many more from other orgs. Granted the majority are from the public sector. But Nobody is forced to buy the Guardian, just as nobody is forced to purchase the Times/Telegraph/Mail and Sunday Sport.

        Now no matter what we say about the Guardian, at this moment in time nobody is forced to buy it, never mind be sent to jail for not doing so.


        • Martin says:

          No but why should the Guardian have a monopoly on public sector job adverts?

          I wonder how many lefties would buy the Daily Mail if the jobs were only advertised there?

          My view is that if these jobs need to be advertised then the newspapers should take it in turn.

          After all the Guardian has one of the lowest circulations of the lot, why not advertise in a more popular paper?


  2. john says:

    It’s sort of like WW2 hasn’t finnished.

    The BBC, a treasured institution, must battle on in the face of adversity. Giving hope to the populace that good will overcome evil.

    Well Aunty, the war is over and we could well do without your biased reporting of the news.
    What we could do with however, so DO pay attention, is to report the news as it happens and NOT the way you would like it happen.

    Just visit this site, everyday there are examples of CLEAR bias on your part.
    Don’t use the Guardian to do your bidding or delude you into thinking that the proletariat rejoice at the prospect of paying you every year. I don’t care if your all Trotskyites at the BBC, just report the news without bias.

    Or like WW2, YOU will be over !


  3. deegee says:

    Curious to see the poll results proving the relative detestation (is that a word) between the license fee and other taxes (and licences). 


  4. Techno Mystic says:

    “The BBC remains popular; the licence fee is one of the least-detested taxes.”

    This is rubbish.  My experience of living in shared houses is that the TV Licence is frequently the one that most people will do their utmost to avoid paying.

    The Adam Smith Institute pointed out not long ago that the taxes people resent the most are the ones they actually have to consciously pay ie. council tax and TV licence.  The reason many people don’t resent income tax and national insurance is that these are silently deducted from their pay packets so they don’t notice it so much.


  5. Backwoodsman says:

    Ahh, the ‘Jonathon Ross defence’. Yes, things did get a bit out of hand, we agree – having to match the very high fees paid by the commercial channels you understand. But don’t worry, we got rid of Mr Ross, so now everything is fine, nothing to see here, move along now. Left wing bias ? Unheard of at the bbc – infact that chap ‘Toenails’ was a young conservative, did I tell you we got rid of Jonathon Ross ?


  6. Asuka Langley Soryu says:

    At least it calls it a tax. 


  7. Paddytoplad says:

    The auld triangle. BBC > Grauniad advertising>lefty recruits> BBC > Grauniad advertising. …… Ad nauseum ad mortem.

    Same positive feedback mechanism as a plague of rats


  8. Guest Who says:

    Win? Win what? A reprieve long enough to survive to the next set of shysters who will feed the hand that serves them? It’s supposed to be a public service, not a blooming cage fight.

    Oddly, I note the piece in question does not seem to have comments enabled.

    One suspects the freedom of such things is perhaps directly proportional to the assessed support they will garner.

    Even from their own reader base.

    It is, one is sure, but a simple coincidence that Ms. Boaden is, as we speak, also blithely, if vaguely quoting ‘support’ from the vast, silent ‘majority’.

    I think even the most forgiving of Graun readers might gag a bit at such obvious coordinated Dear Leader/Tractor stat ploys.

    Especially at their current frequency.

    Quick, did anyone fail to say ‘much-loved’ institution in the last hour?