If there’s a green story, you can rely on the BBC to take the most alarmist line, and then exaggerate further. David Shukman is at it again here; reporting without qualification of the faintest whiff of doubt fears that scientists think that 20% of plant species are “at risk”. His source for the scare is International Union for the Conservation of Nature, a neutral-sounding body that actually is made up of climate change zealots. If you doubt me, look here. The solution, of course, is to ban the burning of fossil fuels, to impose more green taxes and have a world government under Ban-Ki-Moon and his henchmen.

What Mr Shukman carefully doesn’t mention is that there are many scientists who believe that such reports are a load of tosh. Stephen Budiansky’s blog cogently shows why here; the whole biodiversity movement, which Mr Shukman is so stridently publicising, is built on pillars of sand.

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  1. JohnofEnfield says:

    ..99.9% of all species that have existed on Earth have become extinct since the Earth began (Ian Plimer – Heaven & Earth).

    The climate changes. ’twas ever thus.


  2. Cassandra King says:

    Fear and uncertainty are the weapons of choice for the eco chisseller and they add lashings of guilt.
    Money and power!
    An extortion racket you say? Of course it is and the ecofascist industry are very experienced at it, thousands of petty lawsuits against anyone with deep pockets and cases against developers who might squash a frog are designed for the out of court pay off, the developers pays a legal backhander and the ecofasicsts get their income.
    With the fantasy of species extinction risk the ecofascists know full well that many of the species they claim to be endangered are in fact nothing of the kind, its a scam and a fraud with free publicity and power and income generation as their goals.
    Its got to the point that the scammers label a frog with three spots as a different species to the same frog with four spots even though its obviously the same bloody frog and because they have not seen many they can claim a species at risk.
    The tragedy is that these groups operate their protection racket freely and openly, nobody dares challenge their extortion racket because they are seen to hold some kind of moral high ground when in fact they have become just another gang of looting carpet bagger spivs on the make and on the take.

    From people with good intentions to greedy spiv charlatans and bullies on the make in thirty years.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Good point about the scaremongering.  It’s interesting how the Warmists claim that scaremongering is absolutely vital in order to get the slow-witted, selfish masses to accept having to transform their lives, but that it’s absolutely wrong for someone else to engage in scaremongering over issues with which they don’t agree.  They’ll even claim – like White House guest Michael Moore and the BBC have, for example – that things like the threat of terrorism don’t actually exist, and any attempt to talk about it is mere scaremongering about phantasms.

      Scaremongering for me, but not for thee, or words to that effect.


  3. Tom says:

    One can accept honest mistakes – but that’s not what’s going on here – this is concerted and orchestrated distortion and scaremongering.

    Any Beeboids reading that’d like to send us a copy of the editorial guidlines for environmental and climate reporting?

    Can’t FoI them can we eh?


  4. Umbongo says:

    Guest Who

    Wonderful stuff:  the only thing he missed out was the connection between “global warming” and the generous salaries “earned” by Shukman, Harrabin and Black


  5. Asuka Langley Soryu says:

    Oh noes! Not ‘at risk’!

    Eh, the sarcasm. It wears me out sometimes.