Fascinating insight into how some BBC employees respond to the views of others. Here’s an alarming item from Toby Young writing in the Telegraph…

“About a week before last night’s documentary about the West London Free School was broadcast, the director asked me if I minded my house number appearing in the film. I said no, but a few minutes later I changed my mind and rang her back. Judging from the reaction among Twitter’s resident lefties, that’s just as well.

“Anyone keen for some direct action against the new free schools (or against Toby Young, personally)?” Tweeted a member of the Socialist Workers Party. Well, yes, in fact, there was. “I don’t think there’s been one person yet on Toby Young’s BBC2 documentary about starting a school that I wouldn’t happily punch to death,” Tweeted Marc Haynes, a disc jockey who works for the BBC. That’s a bit alarming considering that my four children were featured throughout. Do you want to punch my two-year-old to death, Marc?

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46 Responses to BBC THUGGERY

  1. Tony_E says:

    I wonder whether Mr Young has made a formal complaint to the BBC, and what their response was?


  2. john in cheshire says:

    What on earth is so wrong with wanting to start up a school?


  3. Marky says:

    Bugger. Just posted on the open thread…

    “I don’t think there’s been one person yet on Toby Young’s BBC2 documentary about starting a school that I wouldn’t happily punch to death”

    Richard Bacon’s “best friend and right-hand-man” apparently.


    • Dan Clucas says:

      I was about to post that, “He was the sidekick on radio shows presented by Richard Bacon for three years” according to wiki.

      Nuff said 😉
      I can’t see why wanting to set up a school would attract such hatred, it baffles me if I’m honest.
      Toby Young lives in my borough and me and my partner are planning to move before our daughter starts school, they ain’t great round here.


    • Martin says:

      Any friend of Richard Bacon is a twat.


  4. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Once again, violence comes from the Left.


  5. Andrew Mars says:

    The SWP/UAF scum are absolutely vile. They’re just a bunch of sad little spoilt twats from upper-middle class back grounds who’re angry because they’ve managed to fail miserably at everything in life despite being given countless opportunities and limitless financial backing from Mummy and Daddy.
    They help organise the Islamist protests against our home coming troops and have links to Irish Republican terrorist organisations yet they have the audacity to attack British Nationalists.
    I plan to expose all of this in a future documentary.


  6. RGH says:

    I’ve often puzzled about the psychology of ‘leftism’ and am sure that the phenomen with its attendant narcissim, need to judge all others in simplistic terms, the emotionalism etc. has roots in deep personality, self-image psychology. This is reinforced by ‘group think’, living within a bubble, where to think outside the box (ie Leftist stereotypes) will damage careers, lose friends and face ridicule from the desired peer group.

    I came across a piece a while ago (from the States) which gently explores the phenomen. I feel that there are insights to be had in grappling the BBC phenomenon so widespread in the simplistic and stereotyical reflex mind-set of the metropolitan liberal.


    • Marky says:

      This makes a lot of sense as well.


      “coined by the British philosopher Roger Scruton, is here used as a non-clinical description of an ‘anti-culture’ prevalent among Western artists and intellectuals.”

      “The term also occasionally appears in psychology with the more literal sense of a fear of home.”

      “Scruton defines it as “the repudiation of inheritance and home,” and refers to it as “a stage through which the adolescent mind normally passes.”


  7. Millie Tant says:

    Has he been sacked yet? I eagerly await news from “the world’s greatest broadcaster”. You can tell that it is, just by the quality of the people it employs. 😉


  8. Guest Who says:

    The Telegraph article comments are a peach, in particular from some ‘journalists’ leaping to defend their preferred wing-nuttery, and blithely unconcerned about anything else collapsing around their arguments.

    Occasionally a delight. And on BBC 6 Music every Saturday at 3pm with Richard Bacon. That is all.

    Yet another rather keen to define themselves more by the reflected £3.4B reach of their employer rather than any personal value.

    I notice that he has not issued the disclaimer, so may we assume his views DO conform also to those of his employer?


    • Guest Who says:

      @toadmeister Your blog is quite right and I apologise for that crass Tweet. Sorry. Fundamental disagreement made me act like a right idiot.

      Clear enough, if taking an amount of time to suspect the BBC invested in a wee while with the lawyers on the licence fee payers’ tab to spin it such that the usual insincere parade (‘See, he’s sorry..’ ‘Boys will be boys…’) takes place until it blows over and one of their own can carry on as usual.

      BBC, twitter pages are not a degree of separation that gives carte blanche for your employees to punt out personal agenda in association with the corporate banner. 

      Oh, and as a stakeholder can I ask for the twitter training fees back? It seems to have been yet more money p*ssed away.


  9. Martin says:

    Stick in a formal complaint.


  10. DP111 says:

    Are these free schools free form state supervision and control? If so, then it is no surprise that Lefties hate them. To Lefties, mind control must start at the infant stage.


  11. Dazed-and-Confused says:

    The Socialist Workers Party and the BBC?

    A match, as it always has been, made in heaven.


  12. cjhartnett says:

    Wonder if that “Professor” that has found the ADHD gene-no wait, Oliver James ripped her specious contentions apart as poor Justin Webb tried to throw her a rope-could be used to detect the wet soggy liberal guilt trip hypocritical self righteous gene that worships Lennon Strummer and their ilk. Obviously its a bit complex this gene,but believe it is linked to the crime and insinuation gene so prevalent in the shallow gene pool to be found in the Liebore Party as propped up by the Beeboids who fagged for them not so long ago?
    Left wing thugs only need to be called racist and they have a fit of the vapours and head back to the Cotswolds-offer their pads to the Roma-you know it makes sense!


  13. Andrew Mars says:

    We should all apply enough pressure to make sure that this piece of filth loses his job. His kind seem to always be very keen to do it to anyone whose political beliefs differ from their own. 
    Here’s two fantastic articles about the sort of sad pathetic brain-dead wankers who make up these so called ‘antifascist’ organisations:  


  14. Zaphod Beeblebrox says:

    “The BBC is not impartial or neutral. It’s a publicly funded, urban organisation with an abnormally large number of young people, ethnic minorities and gay people. It has a liberal bias not so much a party-political bias. It is better expressed as a cultural liberal bias”,

    Andrew Marr

    the Daily Mail, Oct 21st, 2006.


    In other words, it is full of Frankfurt School ideals which are Culturally Marxist in origin and therefore, deeply leftist. Marr playing with words again!


  15. Martin says:

    I thought at first the heading for this thread said ‘BBC Buggery’ 🙂


  16. Ian E says:

    Isn’t that language inciting to a hate crime – surely the police should prosecute, and the BBC should obviously dismiss the slime immediately!


  17. prpw says:

    They’re good people those BBC people


  18. John Horne Tooke says:

    This chap is probably a coward. I have met their kind before, very cock sure when in a pack, but utter weaklings when on their own.

    I wonder if Marc Haynes knows that threatening to kill someone is a criminal offence.

    Threats to kill, contrary to Offences Against the Person Act 1861 section 16 as substituted by Schedule 12of the Criminal Law Act 1977:

        (1) A person who without lawful excuse makes to another a threat, intending that that other would fear it would be carried out, to kill that other or a third person shall be guilty of an offence and liable on conviction on indictment to imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years

    (Archbold 19-124 to 19-129)

    Threats can be calculated and premeditated, or said in the heat of the moment. The defendant does not have to have the intention to kill but there has to be an intent that the person to whom the threat has been issued would fear it would be carried out. Where it is doubtful whether the threat carried the necessary intent a charge under Section 4 Public Order Act 1986 may be appropriate.


  19. Marky says:

    Marc Haynes twitter to Toby Young.

    “@toadmeister Your blog is quite right and I apologise for that crass Tweet. Sorry. Fundamental disagreement made me act like a right idiot.”


  20. Dez says:

    The comments here are just hilarious.


    “Fascinating insight into how some BBC employees respond to the views of others.”


    Well, actually, just one BBC employee responding to a documentary broadcast by the BBC!




    • ltwf1964 says:

      so incitement to commit a crime is only illegal when more than one person is guilty?

      get a grip fella-I know it’s tough for lefties to get in touch with reality from Planet nutjob,but come on!!


      • Dez says:

        “so incitement to commit a crime is only illegal when more than one person is guilty?”


        But “some BBC employees” is a lie. This site is riddled with lies. Perhaps that doesn’t bother you – but it means that nothing written here will ever be taken seriously.


    • Guest Who says:

      Nowt like an occasion for hilarity.

      Such as a vocal minority of high-profile ‘we know what is good for the proles’ media types tying themselves in knots on the Telegraph trying to spin one of their own from his foot in mouth attack based solely on semantics, without even daring to concede, or seeing the value in admitting that what kicked it all off was pretty pants.

      A bit like the ‘when in hole, bring on JCB’ comment made in ‘defence’ above.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Dez washes the BBC whiter than white!


  21. Grant says:

    I don’t think there is one Beeboid that I wouldn’t happily  ( fill in the missing words ).
    Bottle of 100% Rosyth Rocket Irn Bru  ( Gordon’s Comfort )  for the most amusing entry.


    • Rueful Red says:

      …. introduce to a licence fee goon on a dark night up an alley

      …. smother with Fry’s smuggery

      …. deafen with Dawkins’s screech 

      ….sodomise with David Miliband’s banana


      • Grant says:

        I can’t decide which one os best, so make that 4 bottles !


        • Rueful Red says:

          It’s the full Rosyth Rocket?  Wow!

          Last time I was in Rosyth they were blowing bits of it up.  Most spectacular.  And an improvement.


  22. Marky says:

    A comment that just HAD to be removed from the BBC YouTube channel.


  23. Laban says:

    He probably made sure Richard had the right lines ….


  24. David says:

    Maybe he should get a £1000 fine like the Paul Chambers who tweeted about blowing up the airport.