…is this sort of journalistic inquiry by the quietly brilliant blog Harmless Sky. Here, it rips apart the idea that green energy – and in particular wind power – is gaining traction as an industry. The stark reality is that people aren’t investing their cash in wind power because it’s not a viable proposition. Share prices have slumped despite the ridiculously massive government subsidies. This reality check ought to be high on the agenda of the latest round of UN climate talks, which opened today, and the BBC should be analysing such issues with robust fierceness. Instead, Roger Harrabin, the BBC’s resident greenie parrot, spouts the usual eco-nut nonsense about his peoples’ worries that “agreement” (ie more measures to hobble the developed world)will not be reached. Oh, and our investigative-journalist-of-the-year Roger has apparently deliberately also ignored (for now at least) the hottest news about the UN talks: that IPCC boss Patchy Pachauri is under investigation again.

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  1. Natsman says:

    So how do you de-programme a beeboid like Horrorbin?  Is it possible, perhaps by waving a powerful magnet around in front of him, or would 25,000 volts do the trick?  Failing that, the Monty Python foot should be adequate…


  2. Cassandra King says:

    Ask 100 people what their concerns are right now and how amny will claim to be worried that some ignorant parasitical fraudsters will not be able to agree to some economy killing stupidity at the latest UN talkfest?

    Not many Benny!

    Meetings and more meetings by parasitical jobsworths spewing hot air and wasting money by the bucket load and Harrabinladen laps it up, ooooooer missus what a disaster if they are unable to further destroy the world economy eh?
    We know that Horrabinladen is just a stooge of the ecofascist industry beating on about crap most people think is a giant fraud and sooner or later when his masters slip away to spend more time with their embezzled money he will be left lokking like the stooge he is.

    I wonder what Mr Horrorbinladen thinks of the portrayal of children being casually murdered in front of other kids by their own smiling teacher for the crime of thinking differently to the orthodoxy? Is this the “consensus” he had in mind I wonder!


  3. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Patchy is not only under investigation again, but the editor of Warmist New Scientist magazine (a publication I’ve been enjoying for years despite the Warmist angle) says that Patchy should resign because he’s made the IPCC worse than ever.

    Fred Pearce describes himself as a “science journalist”.  This makes him equally qualified as Harriban.  Will Harriban or Black or any of the other Warmist priests at the BBC accept his opinion?


    • deegee says:

      Is it possible the BBC is preparing itself for the popping of the ‘Catastrophic Climate Change’ bubble and the neutral, non hectoring interview with Prof. Lindzen is the BBC’s defence of accusations of pushing an agenda?


  4. james1070 says:

    Splattergated Update

    Now on FOX NEWS not BBC

    This is hillarous, Megyn Kelly takes this very seriously. I havent seen anyone this serious on TV since the Blue Peter sunken Italian garden was vandalised. It’s that serious.


    Apparently Glenn Beck will show this too.


    • deegee says:

      Would someone explain to me how these ads are conceptually different than Wiley Coyote doing himself serious injury or Monty Python’s giant foot?

      Is it the realism of the effect?


      • Roland Deschain says:

        “Splattergate” is too close to reality.  No-one is really going to be squashed by a big foot, or chase after a fast creature that goes “Beep-beep” armed only with a piece of Acme kit.  It’s comedy of the absurd.

        Whereas people being blown up for having the wrong opinions is something that does indeed happen, all too frequently.  And there’s always been a sneaking feeling that the greenies really would like to do that to us.


      • james1070 says:

        25 years ago No Pressure would be classified as a Video Nasty.


  5. james1070 says:

    Megyn Kelly FOX Splattergate

    How serious?


  6. james1070 says:

    And on Beck not BBC

    about 5 mins in


  7. Guest Who says:

    ‘…people aren’t investing their cash in wind power because it’s not a viable proposition’

    So it would appear actual number crunchers are voting with their portfolios.

    Meanwhile, we are having science and engineering decisions of billions being made by PPE grads like Miliband E, and now Huhne, Spelman and Letwin, who are still trotting out vague platitudes in defence of clearly and honestly assessed policy. Are they all so in thrall of EU-subsidy target lobby advocates over actual GHG-reducing tangibles?

    All supported by a national broadcaster who has long given up objectivity in favour of propagandising policies that adhere to their media studies mindsets.


  8. AndyUk06 says:

    Investors are not stupid.  Anbody that has sunk money into a wind farm as a long-term investment has opted for a TERRIBLE source of power generation and one that will pay back virtually nothing without hefty government subsidies. 

    So the BBC have sizeable chunks of their pension funds tied up in schemes like these? No wonder they are always plugging the alarmist line at the expense of the rest of us. They are welcome to it that’s all I can say.  Long term, wind farms spell financial disappointment.


  9. Cassandra King says:

    Where is the BBC?

    What are their priorities?

    Attack and smear reports about the tory coalition with one guest proclaiming that the tories had become the pro paedophile party.
    The BBC toadies had time for Sir Norman Wisdom rightly IMHO and bumble bees but nothing about the evil portrayal of the casual murder of children.
    The beeboids were at pains to inform us that critics hated Wisdoms unsophisticated comedy, presumably the 10.10 snuff muder video was sophisticated? If so give men the pathos of wisdom any day.

    So there you have BBC priorities plain and clear for all to see, however the scandal is being taken up at last by the MSM leaving the BBC truly exposed for the scum sucking pigs they really are. I think the 10.10 snuff video is perfect for the beeboids, it suits there belief system like a glove. If in doubt murder your political enemies whether they are children or adults, just like every sick evil socialist regime before them.


  10. Maik says:

    Alas. The thrust of Booker’s article is that Patchy is not being investigated enough. Even when you can point to corruption or at least questionable practice and say “There! There! Look there!”  the Harrabins of this world see nothing of note. It is just not important when there is a planet to save.
    It would have been bad enough to have been set on this course by our government if it had been the result of a over-cautious  interpretation of some very fuzzy science but to be going down this route as a consequence of lobbying and propaganda is an effing Greek Tragedy.
    Well, so far there has been plenty of “hubris”. Can “nemesis” be far behind?


    • Rueful Red says:

      Dunno about nemesis as such, but there’s plenty of hamartia in the Beeb’s coverage of the warming scare.


  11. Martin C says:

    Absolutely cracking article: informed, well written, accurate. I cannot reccomend it more highly.
    It’s very telling that the final sentence is “Investors in green energy will be well advised to accept their losses and get out before the end of the year.” Quite.
    Who is going to tell the BBC Pension Fund trustees?
    What’s more, when is Cameron going to give the good news to that @rsehole Chris Huhne?


  12. Cassandra King says:

    Please look at the image below, it shows the warped and perverted mindset of the CGAW cultists.
    Whatever you feel about the environment DO NOT listen to anything these bloody monsters have to say, wha ever they say and whatever evidence they offe and excuses just remember the ad below and the 10.10 snuff movie.

    These monsters do not give two poops for the environment or nature, they are using it as a mask and cover for their real hate filled anti human fascist intentions.
    What sick minds could think the picture below is anything other than pure evil? What bleak mad mind could create such things?