It’s the big issue of the day. Well, it is the BBC big issue of the day. Are immigrants “drawn” to Britain because it is a fair society? Do they think they will be treated fairly, investigates John Humphrys. Mmm – I suppose if one translates “fairness” as meaning instant access to welfare largesse and an acceptance that assimilation is not required, then there’s not a fairer country in the world?

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  1. Roland Deschain says:

    They’re drawn here because they know we’re mugs.


  2. Backwoodsman says:

    It must have stuck in their craw, no longer being able to describe Migration Watch as Right Wing ! Although they probably got a warm glow thinking about the additional  billion pounds its going to cost to educate all those economic migrants ‘ kidiwinks !


  3. Cassandra King says:

    Hmmmmm….now let me think on this…its a tough one alright…..Aaahh I think it might have something to with the fact that free housing and free money and free education and free healthcare and a life lived on the backs of others just miiiight have something to with it.

    A typical immigrant family of ten comes in and demands housing the husband and wife then fake a separation splitting the kids and each get a house which they then buy using the right to buy and while they wait for this little nest egg to mature they claim double rent and double benefits. The benefits industry is a growth industry with claimants all over the world and sending money home by the bucket load, the scams vary of course with landords of the immigrant variety making billions in the rent scam, a big house needed by depserate councils to house immigrant families are let for treble rents.
    The UK is a target because we give benefits without hesitation and we give healthcare and education to anyone who rolls up at the ports and because of the yuman rites scum these immigrants now get no questions asked top priority where they walk in the DSS door and the red carpet is laid out with translators and experts advising them on the very maximum they can claim and all this without even having to learn English and the keys to their properties waiting for them as they arrive.
    The UK has not only made it attractive for immigrants to begin the lifelong suckling at the public teet they have in effect made it mandatory, fewer and fewer people can actually survive on a normal wage now and immigrants with no English and ten kids find it impossible even if they wanted to.
    Who wouldnt want to live in a free money paradise when the cesspit you left is so terrible and where nothing is free except the air you breathe.


  4. RGH says:

    You can’t run an immigration programme on the scale of millions and run a social security system designed for a stable, homogenous society. Social security is found acceptable if there is a modicum of social ‘trust’. When it is perceived that abuse, at a low level, is inevitable but that our neighbours have had illness or misfortune, or that employment is the result of economics, all is well.

    But the single mother phenomenon, the millions who have not worked in years, the immigrant with the large family with a fortune in housing benefit, all these have created a perception of ebnormous ‘unfairness’.

    Social security is winning the pools for too many immigrants. (Compared with the lives of the neighbours still at home).

    The horrifying scale of social security dependence (affordable as long as the bubble grew and seemed to be a constant) has trapped many immigrants who have no need to integrate either through education or work.

    What’s fair in that, BBC?


    • hippiepooter says:

      The only fairness that draws them to England is the country’s indigineous skin pigmentation and unbridled lunacy from mother England when it comes to welfare rights for foreign scroungers


  5. TDK notarealname says:

    They’re NOT drawn here, because we are a racist, sexist society who have never gotten over our empire and consequently treat minorities in a intolerant manner. All the migration is away from these shores led by the tolerant left who are exasperated by our failure to emulate the tolerant egalitarianism of third world countries like … erm… erm… don’t rush me … erm … well you know where I mean.


  6. Natsman says:

    Well, I “emigrated” to France.  It’s not been an easy ride, you take nothing for granted, and nothing is free.  You pay your way – boy, do you pay your way.

    That said, it is because of that regime (certainly in rural areas) that life is so attractive.  Very few spongers, and apart from the few who don’t like the English anyway, we are generally accepted – the indigenous population KNOW we have to pay our way (apart from the odd unscrupulous Brit – and you can tell them, because they don’t bother to re-register their cars).  So aoart from the expense, life’s a breeze.

    I’ve no doubt when I left the Former United Kingdom, 350,000 from other parts of the world happily took my place – there are 9 of them living in my old house…


  7. Mailman says:

    Me and my family (wife, 1 daughter) moved to blighty on christmas day, 2003. Did we come here because the UK is fair? Like fuck we did, we came because of the opportunity this country offered for both work and travel!

    As a kiwi I understand that nothing is a right and everything is a priviledge either provided by the Government of the day (allowing me to move to this country formally) or through various court rulings.

    Fairness NEVER came in to it and that word today still rarks me up no end because what is really meant by that word is the exact opposite. What they mean is, is it fair that you have so much and others have so little, so Im going to take away what you have worked all your life for, give it to someone else who hasnt worked hard for your dosh and call that fairness!



    • Theoderic Ravenna says:

      Fairness and equality are mutually exclusive. We are being sold equality (unnatural, undesireable and unattainable) under the new brand name of fairness. Not the same at all!


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        Exactly right.  They’re talking about a need for equality of outcome in all things.


    • hippiepooter says:

      “rarked”?  Is that a Maori word??


    • Grant says:

      As a Kiwi, you were lucky to get a visa !


  8. RGH says:

    The third voice, that of the 11yr old, is very revealing. ‘They give you i-phone, playstation free’.

    Out of the mouths of babes!

    None of the adults, be from Ukraine or Afghanistan would let that cat out of the bag.

    The youngster, with no ‘filter’ of the right thing to say, revealed much.

    Human nature is a constant.

    People who give me things are nice. They are fair. Their laws are good.

    I am treated fairly.

    I want my family to join me. They should have a chance to experience ‘fairness’.!


  9. Maturecheese says:

    If successive governments wanted to be ‘fair’ they could have invested in our own population, making work pay, providing the chance of meaningful training, removing ridiculous beaurocracy that blocks attempts to improve oneself, supporting the institution of marriage, enforcing the law instead of just bringing in mountains of new ones.  I could go on but I think the point I am making is that we have been sold down the river on the pretext  of ‘multiculturalism’ ‘Equality’ and ‘Fairness’ none of which seem to apply to the indigenous population.


    • Barry says:

      And the average male life expectancy in parts of Glasgow is 54. Is that fair?

      Yes, I know it’s self inflicted, but so are the problems faced by certain immigrant communities.


  10. Cassandra King says:

    In truthmodern so called progressive socialism is deeply unfair, it is the most unfair social system ever devised. The UK has pioneered a great social model that has turned rottenly unfair over the years and encourages so much of the failure we see today.
    Work hard? then you pay for those who choose not to whether you like or not. Struggle to pay the ever rising bills and taxes? Then you will pay extra to provide for those who do not wish to struggle.

    It is deeply unfair that there are people who not only do not work but choose not to work and that they choose to be a burden on others and even that they feel they have a perfect right not to support themselves not just for a little while but for the rest of their lives.

    Who instilled this belief in these people that others will work and struggle and go without and scrimp and save so that they might live a comfortable life?
    I wonder who was it that led people to believe that if they could not be arsed to work that others would work extra hard and go without simply to provide for them?
    Tell me of another nation that hands lavish benefits no questions asked to anyone rolling to the door with their hand out? Show me a nation that accepts immigrants without questioning their basic ability to look after themsleves and contribute to the society they are joining.
    The tyranny of the minority that we live under(we are not a democracy)has decided without our consent that we must pay for millions among us who laugh at those who pay the bills and go to work and go without and scrimp and save and deny themselves the luxuries. Is it fair that so many people laugh at the struggles of those who work to support the chosen lifestyle of the backsliders?

    The social model was set up as a safety net to provide emergency help for those who could not help themselves and help them get back on their feet and provide the poorest worker with a basic healthcare and a place to live. When did it change to include the right of people to live off the backs of others as a life choice, I cant be arsed to get out of bed and why should I? I cant be arsed to get a job to pay the bills and why should I? I want all the comforts and luxuries life has to offer but why should I save up and work extra hard or even hard or even work at all to aquire them when some other mugs will do that vias their taxes?

    I ask the question because I am genuinely at a loss to understand when this change came about, that I should have to scrimp and save and make do with so little, I would love a PS3 and a plasma and all the trimmings but I have to sacrifice my wish list to reality where others do not and I ask is that fair?

    I happen to think that we should look after and help those genuine few among us who cannot fend for themselves and do what we can to make those with less more comfortable but when did that ideal of British fair play turn into the monstrously unfair system we now have where we that work must provide a work free life for those who choose it and that we must make do with less services so others who have not paid a red cent into the system can recieve a lavish lifestyle that most of us could only dream of? Something is very wrong and unfair with our system indeed.


  11. hippiepooter says:

    No doubt tomorrow Harrumphrys we’ll be examining the propostion that they come here because we’re stupid?  Hold on, no, best not go there, if we start thinking how stupid we are we might realise how stupid we are having such blatantly biased broadcasters as Hump on the ‘impartial BBC’.


  12. Dez says:

    instant access to welfare largesse”?

    Non EU immigrants can’t claim any welfare benefits unless they’ve been living here legally and in employment for at least five years (or three years if married to a British Citizen).

    So is that your own, personal definition of the word “instant”; or don’t you actually have any idea what you’re talking about?


    • ltwf1964 says:

      and in lefty numbnutz land,there is no ID fraud or asylum seekers queuing up to lie through their teeth about the potential for being shot by firing squad for wearing the wrong colour of shirt in some other nutcase lefty led regime somewhere


      you gotta love them-after all,that one started my day with a good laugh 😀


      • Dez says:

        Glad to be of service 🙂

        DV’s post was about immigrants. The program he referred to was about immigrants. My response was about immigrants. If it was about asylum seekers or criminals I could of talked about that.

        There’s a difference between “immigrants” and “asylum seekers”. Perhaps you should look it up one day ;P 


    • Cassandra King says:

      You are of course WRONG Dez, immigrants CAN and DO claim instant benefits in housing and an all the rest, its called fake asylum seekers and they are housed and fed and bills are paid and medical treatment and schooling are FREE. What you fail to mention is when that law came in and what are the exemptions and is the law backdated? No didnt think you would want to mention these details Dez.
      A family of ten using the asylum fraud are entitiled to all the largesse of the state and yes in fact most asylum claimants ARE fakes using that guise as an entry point to freebie heaven.
      Immigrants from the EU and non EU immigrants arriving in EU regions can and do claim instant benefits and those who come to work the fields for a year do so because they know after the first year they can then claim all the benefits and that is what they do.
      So in reality people like you wonder why immigrants are dying to get here when the benefits gravy train is waiting and then deny that immigrants cannot access instant benefits?
      You try to confuse the issue with rules on legal immigration through normal channels that attract people who have no intention of claiming benefits, these are the people we should be inviting BTW but you forget to include the hundreds of thousands who arrive claiming asylum and you forget those who arrived before the rule change and those third nation arrivals from the EU who can and do claim and can and do recieve housing and medical and welfare.
      I know for a fact that it happens and I know for a fact that your claim is misleading to say the least. You dont like the truth getting out it seems.
      Go to a housing and benefit office in any city and see for yourself,if you have doubts now those doubts will disolve when you have spent a few hours there. Waddle on down to any inner city council estate and see the residents and guess what Dez? Yeah your reply falls apart in the face of the evidence in front of your eyes. You must live in a middle class enclave because where I come from the third world immigrants are at the head of the queue for all the freebies they can get.
      One example you cannot deny, mother of six Somalian gets off plane and gets taxi to housing office and is housed the same day and has state benefits within the weeks end and I know because? I was there when it happened Dez and its happening all the time. So dont piss in my pocket and tell me its raining Dez because your UAF revisionist trash wont wash.


      • Dez says:

        immigrants CAN and DO claim instant benefits in housing and an all the rest, its called fake asylum seekers”


        Again, you don’t seem to understand the legal difference between “immigrants” and “asylum seekers”.


        Three of my close friends are immigrants: from Croatia, America and South Africa. One arrived as a student, the other two on travel visas; made friends, put down roots and where only allowed to stay because they where lucky enough to get work permits. None of them have ever claimed a penny from the state.


        Two more of my friends are children of first generation immigrants: from Turkey and India. Neither have they (or their parents) ever applied for any sort welfare benefits.


        “Immigrants from the EU and non EU immigrants arriving in EU regions can and do claim instant benefits”


        Immigrants from he EU can claim “reciprocal benefits” (i.e. what they’d be entitled to back home), and so can UK residents if they emigrate to another EU country. My understanding is that non-EU residents can’t claim benefits unless they’ve been living and working in the country for a number of years. Can you point me to any sort of info that says otherwise? 


        “mother of six Somalian gets off plane and gets taxi to housing office and is housed the same day and has state benefits within the weeks end and I know because? I was there when it happened Dez and its happening all the time.”


        So where exactly were you when it happened? How do you know it happens all the time?


        “You must live in a middle class enclave because where I come from the third world immigrants are at the head of the queue for all the freebies they can get.”


        You seem to jump to a lot hasty of conclusions; you couldn’t be further from the truth as to where I live. That doesn’t really increase your credibility as a reliable witness ;P




    • Grant says:

      I can assure you that the utterly useless British immigration system has no record of how long non-EU immigrants, “legal” or illegal have been in the UK and I speak from practical experience.
      The benefits system is incredibly easy to defraud. It is a farce.


      • Dez says:

        Yes I accept that there is no reliable figure as to how many immigrants are living in the uk. Neither are there any figures as to how many foreign students there are, or tourists, or people with funny sounding accents.

        I don’t quite see what difference it would make to anything. if it was two million there’d be a pressure group campaigning it should be one million. If it was one million they’d be saying it should be five hundred thousand.

        The “immigration debate” has been going on for longer than I can remember. What ever the figures might be, it’s always forever just a few too many…


  13. Grant says:

    Is there any “first world” country which has weaker immigration controls than the UK.
    I have dealt personally in several cases with the UK immigration system and I can assure anyone it is total crap and the people running it are garbage.


  14. Grant says:

    My country, the once-Great Britain has been stolen from me and I feel like an alien here.
    All being well, in two weeks  time  I shall be sitting on a plane flying down to Gambia to start building a house on a plot of land my wife and I have recently bought there.
    10 years ago, if anyone had told me I would feel more at home in a hot, poverty-stricken, West African elective dictatorship where the mosquitos love Scottish blood more than any other, than in the UK, would have thought they were barking.
    unfortunately, I am not in a position to emigrate yet, but at least I have the option.
    I just feel sorry for the many good decent Brits who , for whatever reason, can’t get out.