8 Responses to BBC ON FAIRNESS

  1. Llew says:

    Fairness certainly isn’t the BBC


  2. matthew rowe says:

    Yep the beeb and labour have fairness in their blood [plus other substances cough :-$ !] now lets see if they trumpet Mr Devines  fair treatment of his staff =  
    ‘SHAMED ex-Labour MP Jim Devine was yesterday told to pay his former office boss £35,000 – after he tricked her in an expenses probe hoaxAnd i love bit about F.Fox who i noted for her newsnight  statement  
      ‘ that the way the BBC could really improve its science coverage is to have fewer sceptics’. She says: “To have a sceptic or contrarian in every interview is really misleading the public.””

    That’s fair then !


  3. Cassandra King says:

    Fairness is in the eye of the beholder isnt it?

    The BBCs version of fair is deeply and grossly unfair to most ordinary people and the rights version of fair is rejected by the Marxoid beeboids on a genetic level.
    The BBC Marxoids wish to impose an unfair system in order to to promote their favoured colours and religion and politics while trampling on the majority to do it.
    To the Marxist mindset freedom is unfair and democracy is unfair if it does not go their way all the time, public majority opinion is unfair when it conflicts with their prejudices of which the Marxoids are stuffed with, in fact everything that does not go their way is unfair.


    • Chris says:

      So the BBC pretty much works on a sulky 6-year-old’s definition of ‘unfair’ (ie: unfair = not getting their own way)


  4. Guest Who says:

    What on Earth system is that linking to?

    Is automated, or just what a ‘genetically impartial’ editor chooses?

    And, what… from twitter?

    Other than info addicts working from home like me, it is basically a tool for workshy media luvvies to waste a day in the studio drumming up support from their mates.

    And they choose this to ‘sample’ as a degree of separation commentary?


    • Guest Who says:

      That said, ‘fairness’ is such a loose term, it’s as daft to have come up with it as it is to try and take it down based on definitions it’s not the BBC’s, or their favoured proxies, to make.


  5. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I found it fascinating that all the non-whites wanted a merit-based system, and the whites were on about class warfare.


  6. cjhartnett says:

    Marvellous spin on the Coalitions throwing out money at “disadvantaged” children in the form of pupil premiums and nursery teachers.
    If Labour had done this,this would have been “spreading the love” and redistributing  wealth.
     Yet when the Tories do it it is “a sop” (NAS); does “nothing to address the coming savage cuts”(CPAG) and is political posturing and grandstanding opportunism(any Labour licker that the Beeb have on speed dial).

    Makes you wonder if all that money thrown at the poor was seen as such when Blair and Brown were robbing the rest of us…course not!

    Hope that the Coalition will one day learn that they can or will do nothing right in Labourland…that we the people really did not get it right  at all, but we wanted the Guardian and Labor to run it all as before with the Beebs massaging their little tootsies.

    The BBC-the Quango that needs to be put as the guy on this years bonfire!