BBC ecofascists are part of the drive to stop industrial production and the generation of energy from fossil fuels. Their goal is to force us back to “nature”. Here Richard Black – still living it up in Japan at our expense at the UN biodiversity boondoggle (Convention of Biological Biodiversity, or CBD) – tells us about the drive to enmesh us into a terrifying new project: The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (Teeb). He tells us:

The draft agreement from this CBD meeting would see countries agreeing to incorporate biodiversity values into their national accounting by 2020, and eliminating by the same date subsidies that are detrimental to biodiversity.

In other words, they want governmments to stop doing anything that interferes with “biodiversity”, and to tax anything that does not demonstrably protect the environment. Even more worryingly, Mr Black also gleefully reports that the promoters of the said teeb have decided that £650billion a year is spent on “subsidising” fossil fuel energy production. They want this money to be handed instead to the developing world to compensate them for the nasty attacks on their biodiversity that they have had to endure from the rapacious west. In short, teeb is in the same mould as the IPCC: a whole new lexicon of jargon and lies to achieve political ends.

Astonishingly and chillingly, this nonsense is supported by the Cleggerons. And Mr Black and his cronies will no doubt be working flat out over the coming months to ram home this retrogressive, repressive scam.

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  1. David Jones says:

    Yes, I saw that. We have to add the carbon (dioxide) monies to this don’t forget.

    Where is the cynical journalism? They lap it all up in their luxury hotels. If you believe this Black (and your writings show that you do), take action yourself. You could stop jetting round the world for a start. Hypocritical prat.


  2. Cassandra King says:

    How do you place a fiscal value on the natural world? Well the mechanisms are being devised to use the cover of biodiverstity in order to construct the new world order.
    Strict central control of industrial and economic activity is the goal, power and control over the world economy by stealth and deception. The aims are clear and the players are well known, the BBC is a major player and the stage is set.

    The tory party and its EU masters and enablers

    The libdems.

    The labour party.

    The BBC.

    All major players in the fraud and all with lots to gain from the fraud, they could never simply tell the truth about their aims and objectives so they lie and cheat and deceive and manipulate. If they told the truth we would be rightly appalled and angry so they get their way by cheating and playing tricks and using fabricated covers.

    Global warming/biodiversity/charities/tranzis all vehicles to for a dark common purpose and to be honest they have the media all sewn up tight, too stupid and lazy and dim to see the reality and make the connections. All we want is the truth but in truth that truth will NEVER be told by those with so much to gain by the hiding and obscuring of it.

    The people who now rule us do so by using lies and deception as a normal and acceptable instrument, we are being lied to and deceived as a matter of course as though it were the most natural thing in the world.
    When trying to understand what the government/establishment/EU/BBC is doing you must first realise that everything they say is a lie and a cover for something else and a tool. Once you understand that then you can start to see the real agenda and narrative.


  3. Ian E says:

    Look, you lot, you don’t seem to realise that it is not all that easy to funnel money from the poor to the very rich within developed nations.  Transferring money to third world countries greatly facilitates this highly desirable result, owing to their sophisticated wealth transfer protocols (guns, knives, bribery, clan loyalty etc).  Teeb is our latest attempt to move towards our treasured goal in which the division between Us and Them is clear and irrefutable! We will take much better care of you than you lot could, so just keep quiet and wait till you are spoken to – and don’t forget we have a red button!


  4. Millie Tant says:

    These people are lunatics. And they are in charge!  How the blazes did that happen?


  5. Derek Buxton says:

    Because too many people were bought, the rest were lied to by the MSM led by, of course, the BBC.  Lib/Lab/con are all the same, in it for the money they can steal from the people they are supposed to serve.


  6. Barbara says:

    I am reading a most interesting book, The Time Traveler’s Guide to Medieval England, by Ian Mortimer.  It is a most instructive look at the fourteenth century as it was lived by the English at that time.

    It is a fascinating place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.  (Bubonic plague, anyone?)  Things are better now, and it is imperative that we do not allow these environmental extremists to drag us back to a standard of living which they somehow imagine is superior to life now.

    It wasn’t superior.  Most people led lives which were hard, disease-ridden, and short.  In the West, poor people now mostly live better than the wealthiest of people in the centuries preceding this one.  We cannot allow these deluded fantasists to destroy our society in the quest for some mythical perfection.