I had the misfortune to listen to “The World at One” and there was an item on it concerning the looming US Mid-Terms. The BBC has accepted that their poster-boy Obama’s Democrat Party is going to take a kicking so the new line being peddled is that this might be a good thing since it will give Obama something top kick against if Congress falls to the evil Republicans. Clinton had the same situation to deal with it and it didn’t harm him, went the apologist for the Dem Party disguised as a BBC reporter. Furthermore, the Tea Party influence was dismissed as minimal, at the edges in smaller less relevant States, and may actually land Obama some seats! Total delusionalism but it’s what the State Propagandist is now desperately pushing.

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  1. David Preiser (USA) says:

    BBC News Online paid pollster John Zogby to write a piece saying exactly that over a week ago. Narrative?  What narrative?

    Losing will be the best thing, will focus His energies just like with Clinton.

    Except the current President isn’t anywhere near as capable or intelligent, and is an even worse administrator, if you can imagine that.  But don’t tell that to the BBC.

    He then began to teach them that the Son of Man must suffer many things and be rejected by the elders, chief priests and teachers of the law, and that he must be killed and after three days rise again.

    Mark 8:31


    • John Anderson says:

      Clinton moved sharply to the centre – and saved his Presidency.

      Obama looks too arrogant and stupid to do that.


      • Martin says:

        John, spot on, everyone knows when Clinton got into trouble he moved sharply to the centre, Barry can’t do that, it’s not in his DNA. He’s a hardcore Socialist.

        He’s already lost many middle class Americans with his healthcare reforms and failure with the economy, if he tacks to the centre he will lose his base (the Huffington Post lefties).

        Barry is what we all knew a complete and utter failure, what the BBC fail to point out is that the Democrats don’t want Barry to campaign for them in marginal states, instead they want his wife. Barry is sticking to the safe hard leftie areas. Not reported by the BBC of course.


      • hippiepooter says:

        No, he’s made some startlingly pro-Israel sounds lately, if one forgets theres elections coming and he’s doing badly ..


  2. prpw says:

    Marginally off-topic but I had a good laugh earlier re-reading the adulatory blog piece a starry-eyed Justin Webb wrote shortly after The One was elected president, with Justin completely frank about being over-awed at just how smart The One and all the members of his team are. Journalism worthy of a one-party state  


  3. Martin says:

    Some dopey female beeboid just did a puff piece about why the ‘wimmin’ of America are deserting Barry (how dare they). Funny that in the article dopey female beeboid states that Barry has been doing backyard campaigning for womens votes, yet no mention of the fact that most Democrats don’t want Barry within a million miles of them.

    One point I loved was one of the women said that Barry just didn’t connect with ordinary people, something Bill O’Reilly has pointed out many times. Barry can’t talk to people on the same level like Bush, Reagan or Clinton could. Barry talks to people like he’s lecturing them (which most of the time he is), his bottling out of the Mosque issue in New york being a typical example

    The BBC don’t get this of course, because they love the intellectual bollocks Barry spouts.


  4. hippiepooter says:

    I think what this reporter was trying to say is that with his media attack dogs to rely on a Republican Congress will be soon discredited if Obama coordinates his attacks with the media as did Clinton, which there can be no doubt about.  This reporter’s confidence that the Republicans never learn is shared by me, so I can understand his long-term optimism, even though he didn’t state the real reasons for it.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Republicans are being warned right now by the Tea Party movement, Rush Limbaugh, and the BBC’s second-most hated female politician in history that they better learn their lesson this time, or there will be a real third party challenge in 2012.

      It remains to be seen just how many people who get it will be elected on Nov. 2.


  5. stopcp says:

    “I had the misfortune to listen to “The World at One”

    You poor sod. Are you a masochist?


  6. Phil says:

    Plus point-

    Nobody listens to The World At One

    Minus point –

    I have to pay for it because I want to use my own TV in my own home to watch non-BBC programmes without getting a fine and a criminal record from the government which funds the BBC to make sh*te like Eastenders and Casualty.


  7. Barbara says:

    Zogby is always unreliable, and if he is ever right it is by accident.

    Historically, the party which does not control the White House has usually done better in the off-year elections (the two-year term when the presidency is not at stake) than the party which does.  This time is no different, except that it is likely to be a much stronger gain for the GOP due to the ineptitude of the Democrats, and true disappointment which is the Obama administration.

    In this country, although there are a lot of people who vote all one way, a large proportion of voters “split” their tickets, and this happens at all levels of government.  I, for example, am someone who has voted for both Republicans and Democrats on the national and local levels.


  8. Cassandra King says:


    BBC revisionism and cynical exploitation in perfect relief. Its white people to blame all the way, white people must pay for the poverty and misery of black people, stimulus money and more more more is needed. Nothing about how corruption and union greed and black crime of course.
    Its all white peoples fault, white towns in dire poverty are ignored because only black poverty matters to the BBC.
    Black people are not to blame for their circumstance, black political corruption is not to blame, its white people who built Gary are wholly to blame as they ruined the place then fled leaving the blameless blacks in place to inherit a wasteland. Black crime and welfare dependency and inabillity to get off their arses and work together to make the town work is not mentioned.
    A long time democrat supporting town and yet it is still a cesspit of jealousy and crime and stagnation yet the inhabitants are blameless according to the BBC, its white people to blame and if only more stimulus money came in for the democrat eltire to spend then all would be well.
    The history of Gary through the eyes of the historical revisionists and no republican input is sought or required because they might just derail the narrative, its a BBC narrative all the way, blacks are blameless and democrats are trying to help and the republicans are invisible. Gimme gimme gimme wheres my share politics?

    Perfect BBC bias in one report, well done Paul Mason you have just contribute one more brick in the wall of hate and jealousy and scapegoating that Marxist socialism needs to prosper


  9. John Anderson says:

    The Wikileaks story is important, sure, but the BBC seems to be really milking it.  It was NOT top headline on ITV at 10pm last night – but of course the BBC have been using it as top headline round the clock,  plus main spots on Newsnight and Today.

    War is harsh.   The Iraqis are brutally harsh on each other.  But so far I have not seen any really heinous stuff about the Americans (out of 400,000 leaked docs).   But the BBC loves painting the US military as evil.


    • Cassandra King says:

      The BBC never miss a prime opportunity to get together with their leftist/pacifist/anti war/Marxist buddies to let fly with the accusations picked up of course by every ambualnce chasing spiv in town, deep pockets for the spiv scum to pick.