Preaching by the Converted

My previous post was rushed to press in order to keep up with the rolling news, but there is more to be said. Bias by omission is almost accepted as a given, we breeze past it, forgetting that the BBC holds back a significant chunk of evidence it has deemed inadmissible, and consigned to room 101.

Politically incorrect things, unmentionable lest the illusory thought crime known as Islamophobia be committed. It is too risky to talk about anything that emanates from the immutable word of Allah.

Many people would rather not know what motivates the Arabs’ hatred of Israel. They blame Israel for constructing obstacles to peace without understanding that, for the Palestinians the obstacle to peace IS Israel. Some people say that Israel’s insistence on remaining a Jewish state is an inherently racist concept. That misguided theory is for another day.
The BBC always keeps an eagle eye out for fragments of news they can embellish to enhance the illusion that Israel is racist.
That must be why the BBC found Wednesday’s disturbance in Israel so newsworthy, while home-grown demos, some of which end in violence and vandalism, are played down or ignored.

For example a B.N.P. (I know, I know) Youtube clip entitled “The UK Muslim march the BBC didn’t let you see.” features a Hitler style rally in which Lauren Booth addresses a menacing crowd, inciting them to join her personal vendetta against Tony Blair and rise up against Israel and the police. She can be heard screeching inexplicably “We want Israel out of this country.” There are numerous examples of other rallies, speeches and treacherous behaviour on our doorstep which is far more relevant to us than a skirmish in Umm al-Fahm. Booth is a deranged self-publicist, but she has the backing of the Muslim world, and I guess her recent conversion to Islam gives her diplomatic immunity.

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  1. matthew rowe says:

    Ah the Booth woman a wonderful truthful reporter !well if you miss out the Ofcom ruling that she breached  rule 5.5 =
    ‘In summary, given the above analysis of Comment 1 and Comment 2 above, we considered the broadcaster did not provide sufficient evidence of alternative views within the programme. Overall the programme gave a one-sided view on this matter of political controversy.’
    and gave us great statments like =
    “This was obviously a barbarous attack on civilians…One thing is certain: As Turkey buries its murdered citizens and in Britain we welcome home our brave and injured, the brave men and women on those ships, in one move, have shifted world opinion against Israeli apartheid”.


    • matthew rowe says:

      Or a ‘useful idiot’ as i know her!


      • Guest Who says:

        Not sure even about the ‘useful’ bit, even to the ‘interests’ of those she represents. However…

        Booth is a deranged self-publicist, but she has the backing of the Muslim world, and I guess her recent conversion to Islam gives her diplomatic immunity.

        … she is of course the perfect representative of rationality in this volatile arena for our beloved ratings-addicted MSM to ensure graces our screens to spout weekly.

        And yes, I am also looking at you, SKY.


  2. piggy kosher says:

    She is deeply malevolent and sinister matthew.

    She is way beyond useful idiot status. She is a facilitator of theological dictatorship, racism and the persecution and murder of minority groups that islam deems unworthy of life.

    She has blood on her hands already.


  3. Biodegradable says:

    There’s been rioting in the Spanish enclave of Melilla. Moroccan youths throwing stones and molotovs. When I first saw the Spanish TV reports I was struck by the similarity with the kind of images we see from Israel.

    Of course the BBC hasn’t bothered to cover it.

    Teenager killed during protest in Melilla


  4. George R says:

    Given today’s Islamic jihad security threat to the West from Yemen, here’s some timely advice for INBBC:
    “Focus on Yemen, Not Israel-Palestine”




  5. DP111 says:

    An report from the EDL


    I’m sure a similar situation prevails all across Europe. Muslims are responsible for far more crimes, many of a very serious nature, then any other.
    Yet our governments and the police turn a blind eye to the enormous suffering and the breakdown of social structures this is causing. It is almost as if our ruling class elite want to see the breakdown of social order, and then they can come in as rescuers, with even greater intrusion of the state into the private lives of citizens.

    If EDL members were engaged in the level of crime that Muslims are, you would never hear the end of it.


    • London Calling says:

      Groping for the expression “Final Solution” aren’t they? Nazi’s wearing bedsheets.


  6. capriole says:

    Incredible. Its very clear why she converted to Islam, you can even hear her delight at the cheap staccato thrills from her baying audience of willing men- the closest she gets to metaphorical orgasms of the mind (shame on her). Strange that she compares this all to morphine inspired moments. Dream on! But what a nasty bit of work, and what a nasty gathering in Blackburn, Alas poor Blackburn! Lauren Booth- the Tracy Vermin, sorry Emin, of politics.    


  7. 1327 says:

    Lets face it the reason she converted is the single reason behind everything she does – to draw attention to herself. She is a deeply unhappy woman who for some reason feels she must be the centre of attention. Here in my home town we have a similar woman convert. Not very bright but with an odd desire to be noticed. She flounces about the town centre in either a huge pink or white tent like burka arrangement (she is lets say a large lady).

    In another age women like this would have become Blackshirts the higher class ones twittering on about how nice Mr Hitlers table manners are or communists holidaying on collective farms. It didn’t really matter to them as long as they were the centre of attention.


  8. Dez says:

    “…while home-grown demos, some of which end in violence and vandalism, are played down or ignored….For example a B.N.P. (I know, I know) Youtube clip entitled ‘The UK Muslim march the BBC didn’t let you see.‘ ”  

    That would be a demo in Blackburn, January 2009 which according to local police; “passed off peacefully”. No violence. No vandalism.


    Great Example!


    Apparently a “Hitler style rally” (I’d love to hear your definition of ‘Hitler Style’); and a “menacing crowd”…


    Ohmygod, they all shouted “booo” all at the same time. How incredibly terrifying (I’d love to hear your definition of ‘menacing’)!


    But wait, here’s another clip of protestors outside the Israeli embassy in January 2009 “ignored” by the BBC:



    And this is “treacherous behaviour”?


    Treacherous?! I’d love to hear your definition of “treacherous”.


    Please, please, do tell. I promise not to laugh… 


  9. piggy kosher says:

    Des she calls for the destruction of a state, then hastily and bizarrely attempts to cover her rascist bungle. The crowd are a menacing group of islamic fascists.
    What planet you living on? 3rd dhimmi rock from the sun?


  10. piggy kosher says:

    No actually Dez its even worse.
    The entire demonstration was racist. Boof seems to call for ethnic cleansing of Jewish/Zionist/Israeli sentiment, support and thinking from the UK, and the entire disgrace is really there to condemn the mere EXISTENCE of a Jewish stae, even though its only slightly larger than Wales.
    Damn these joos and their evil “Zionism” eh? You think thats cool or even morally tenable?
    Zionism is the mere expression of Jewish cultural and national self -determination. Every other ethnic on the planet, it would not be an issue. But you dont question the basic motive of this show of race hate do you?
    Its as sinister as any blackshirt march in the 30s Dez.
    Ot are you in the coils of some bizarre denial over what is staring you in the face?


  11. sue says:

    Although Lauren Booth’s performances at these rallies have pantomime-like qualities, describing an angry hate-filled mob as though they were a booing panto audience is plain stupid.
    Anyway, if you think anti-Israel /antisemitic rallies in Britain are trivial, what do you think of the BBC spending a whole day catastrophising over a brief skirmish in Northern Israel?

    We used to have a commenter here named Ady. Hello Ady if you’re lurking. He used to write  ‘tewwowists’ and mock me for flapping over nothing. He is vewy bwave.

    On ‘Broadcasting House’, I heard ‘satirati’ John O’Farrell saying that his father and friends used to deal with Oswald Mosley’s lot by laughing at them. All very laudable. You and he can laugh all you like if you think it will do some good.
      Have you opened a newspaper lately?


  12. Biodegradable says:

    Lauren bint Booth, in her own words:

    Why I love Islam: Lauren Booth defiantly explains why she is becoming a Muslim


  13. RGH says:

    Excellent opinion piece by an Iranian exile.

    Nothing to add myself. You Tube is full of her incoherent ramblings….and she uses her chidren which is worst of all.

    “Whilst converting to Islam is a personal right that nobody can object to, what is objectionable is that the relative of [Tony] Blair seems to be more supportive of the Iranian regime than the people of Iran themselves. Perhaps she has been influenced by her environment, as she is now working for “Press TV” in London. Press TV, of course, is Iran’s state-owned English language global news network. Lauren Booth has spoken of the impact of what she saw in Iran on her, and has claimed that the people there are eager to endure hunger and sanctions, in solidarity with the Palestinian people! Of course, we understand that becoming a Shiite Muslim is a personal conviction, but we can object to Booth becoming a spokesperson for the Iranian people, and an expert on the Middle East. Less than 18 months ago, three million Iranians demonstrated in against [Iranian President] Ahmadinejad; against his policies and electoral fraud. These demonstrators were suppressed! However now we see Tony Blair’s sister-in-law lecturing us about how the Iranians are eager to endure sanctions, in solidarity with the Palestinians. The suffering of the Iranian people has nothing to do with the Palestinians……

    ……….Unfortunately for Muslims, Lauren Booth – who now that she is a Muslim has become a matter of interest – is in no position to defend Islam, nor does she have a respectable track record that could convince society to believe what she is saying. She is an ordinary woman that has become attracted to Islam thanks to her surroundings, namely her employment at the Iranian television station. She has become fascinated by the activities of the worst regime in the Islamic world, namely the Iranian regime, and has defended it and its policies.”


  14. Jonathan Castro says:

    Israel is a racist state, always oppressing the Palestinians and occupying ever more of their land.  They have no intention whatsoever to withdraw to the 1967 borders, and until they do, they cannot claim the moral high ground.


    • John Anderson says:

      In legal terms your argument is false.  The borders altered in 1967 because the surrounding Arab nations attacked Israel.  Territory won in a defensive war can be kept – unless the defending victor chooses to relinquish it.  Much of it was relinquished, to Egypt,  after that nations had the good sense and realism to strike a peace deal with Israel.  Much of the rest has been on offer for many years under many proposed solutions,  but the solutions have always been rejected by the Arabs.  As Eban used to say – Arafat never missed an opportunity to snatch defeat from the jaws of success.

      Given the prediliction of the Arab states over many decades to attack Israel,  it seems entirely justifiable for Israel to require that any future borders be defensible.  Hence it would be folly to relinquish the Golan Heights,  for example.  Likewise some of  the West Bank. East Jeruslaem never belonged to “Palestine” there was no such entity.  Jordan grabbed it in 1948,  but it had never legally be;longed to Jordan.  Again – no real legal requirement for Israel to relinquish it,  especially as the Israelis are far better guarantors for religious freedom within the city,  and it was anyway the historic core of Israel.