Alright, this one causes me to stir from my B-BBC slumber. I’m talking about the Andrew Marr Show this morning which has been an utter disgrace even by the wretched standard of the BBC.

We had token Tory Iain Dale on who could be relied upon to join in the BBC mockery of the Tea Party people in the States and true to form he lived down to expectations. (Hope the cheque is a good one, Iain) The Conservative Party here in the UK could learn from how the Tea Party has energised, motivated and in a few days will history. Instead we have a Conservative joining with with Dame Helena Kennedy and Marr himself in denigrating those in the Tea Party. Let’s see their faces on Wednesday morning.

Next up we we had guilty Jew actress Miriam “Nursy”Margoyles on to express her horror at what “our side” is doing to those poor helpless Palestinians. Apparently she has been to “Palestine” (Not sure where that is) and it’s all too awful what the Jews are doing to the innocents there. You’ll never get a Jewish person on with Marr who condemns the Jijad-supporting Palestinians and robustly supports Netanyahu – wrong attitude you see.

A guilty Jew, a gay Conservative – the BBC picks its guests very carefully.

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19 Responses to MARRED BY BIAS

  1. Dick the Prick says:

    How very typical. Fortunately made the tea & toast when the Margolies creature was on – what has she ever done, anyway? In the world outside the BBC does anyone know’s she exists?

     And his harranguing of Teresa May has continued right up to the last blast. I cannot wait until the BBC kills itself. Alice Cooper was pretty cool though and am a bit upset that Dale was such an arse.

     Oh, goody – a debate on if prison works? Think I have some paint to check to see if it’s drying!


  2. David Vance says:

    Prison doesn’t work is central to the BBC liberal world view. If Rastafarian poet says so it MUST be true, especially with some gritty Clash music in the background. Be still my beating liberal heart. Prison DOES work if you make it hard enough and stop indulging every liberal wish. End of.


    • hippiepooter says:

      Sentences could be shorter if the regimes were a lot tougher.  Up at six breaking rocks, not watching DVDs.


  3. ChrisM says:

    I thought Teresa May gave a good account of herself though, she was not going to let Marr get away with having the last word on police numbers.


  4. Backwoodsman says:

    DV, didn’t see Marr, but the point you make about careful bbc manipulation by guest selection, is absolutely vital.
    The bbc is about a lot more than unfunny left wing comedians. For years it has been engaged in carefully distorting perceptions on a whole range of topics by skillfully presenting the leftist position as the default option.
    Typically the programme will feature a half hearted Tory, discussing a topic in which they have no real interest and who was lined up half an hour earlier by a production assistant, with a wooly brief on what was to be discussed. Thus the claim of impartiality is upheald !
    I know this is the case, because an aquaintance when telephoned to take part in a discussion, revealed an in-depth knowledge of the topic and strong opinions. He is still waiting for the production assistant to call him back – the stooge who appeared on said programme, was clearly confused by the content discussed.


  5. TheGeneral says:

    Yes the BBC gives air time to dubious Conservatives as it suits their purpose and is an attempt to provide an illusion of ‘balance’.
    Look at their ‘regulars’ the homosexuals Matthew Parris and  Gyles Brandreth plus Michael Portillo, all too willing to join in with Tory bashing and grudging limited in the defence of Conservative policy.


  6. George R says:

    On Islamic jihad Hamas, and on Israel, here’s an alternative view (video) of a Hamas leader’s son, which apparently got on BBC Arabic, if not on ‘Marr’:


  7. Keith Newman says:

    Saw the whole thing. The BBC and the Marr show is a disgrace and clearly contravenes its own charter. Sell it off before they make their pension fund a large unatractive black hole.


  8. Samantha Vickers says:

    I was intrigued by the interventions of Baroness Helena Kennedy.

    After some boasting that lawyers are “clever” she told us the coalition was in conflict and her evidence for this was that the Lib Dems and Tories agreed on something! Not so clever Helena if you think about it.

    Also she seemd to think that Ann Widdecombe was on Strictly Come Dancing as her pension. This is odd as Ann was a long-serving member of one of the final salary schemes for MPs which is one of the best in the country. So Dame Helena was off the pace in this subject too


    • hippiepooter says:

      I’m sure Marr wouldn’t give free rein to such petty, personal sniping against someone on the left.  Lawyers have to be clever, unfortunately they dont have to have a sense of decency though.


  9. john says:

    I was a regular visitor to Ian Dales’ site until his appearance on TV this morning. It was the final straw. Ian Dales Diary is no longer on my favourites list.


  10. David Vance says:


    To be one of their favourites, you sell your soul. If you have edge, that’s where they keep you. 


  11. Martin says:

    Iain Dale does annoy me, a regular of the BBC he likes to slag the BBC off on his blog but I’ve NEVER heard him challenge the bias once when he’s been on the BBC.


  12. Guest Who says:

    I was so busy posting on the open thread about this risible hour’s worth, I missed this dedicated one opening!

    If Andrew Marr is what the BBC market rate talent system has come up with… the much is explained, if not excused.


  13. George R says:

    “Lifetime cure for Lefties” (and for A. Marr)


  14. Jonathan Castro says:

    Personally I think Netanyahu is a devil in a suit.  If this makes me “left wing” on this one particular issue, then so be it.  I am also against homosexual practices, as I think they are wrong.