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  1. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Here’s a little misleading BBC headline:  

    Israel halts ‘dialogue’ with UK over war crimes law  
    Israel is postponing “strategic dialogue” with Britain over defence and security issues, an Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman has said.  
    So not as strong as the headline had it. So what’s this about war crimes law?  
    The move is a protest over attempts to use British law to prosecute visiting Israeli officials, the spokesman added.  
    Like when the Muslim Lobby got a judge to issue an arrest warrant for Tzipi Livni.  
    The Foreign Office said the British government was moving to curb the use of “mischievous” arrest warrants.  
    Good.  But the BBC wrote this report from the perspective that Israel is wrong, and this is a deliberate stitch-up of Hague, specifically to pressure Britain about letting Israel get away with war crimes.  
    There’s a key factor glaringly absent from this news brief, but the BBC News Online sub-editor gives us a little hint, if we’re paying attention:
    Mr Hague will also be visiting the occupied territories during his visit.  
    Now, this diplomatic disagreement wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that the Prime Minister referred to Gaza as an “open prison”, would it, BBC?  
    No, instead the BBC uses this as yet another opportunity to paint Israel as the sole villain.


  2. Abandon Ship! says:

    It’s Hugh Sykes and Iraq. Need I say more?

    Baghdad Boy – part one

    Wed, 3 Nov 10
    Seven years after an American rocket attack destroyed his home, killed 16 members of his family, and left him without arms, Ali Abbas returns to Baghdad. Now 19 years old and with loved ones looking to arrange a marriage it’s time to become an adult but, with his childhood stolen, adapting is a struggle and the future uncertain. In part one, the BBC’s Hugh Sykes joins Ali just before he leaves for Baghdad.

    Wonder how many times old Hugh will remind us of the American rocket attack? Wonder if he will next be doing a documentary on the former parishioners of Our Lady of Salvation Baghdad?


  3. Abandon Ship! says:

    The BBC: telling you only what they think you need to know.

    Reading this you have to work quite hard to confirm that she is a muslim:


    Apparently it was a woman that did it.

    However the BBC did not tell us this, which I found in the Dalily Mail:

    After the sentence was passed, a group of men began shouting in the public gallery ‘Allahu akbar’ (‘God is great’), ‘British go to hell’ and ‘Curse the judge’. A


    • deegee says:

      No evidence of course but it’s not beyond plausibility that life in prison will be more enjoyable for Miss Choudhry than life before Prison in East Ham


      • Julio says:

        I’m all for harsh sentences for islamists, but leaving aside her religion for a second and looking at sentences for other stabbings, 15 years does seem harsh. Are MPs somehow more worthy than us mere mortals, even though they’re the ones who let so many of Ms Choudhry’s co religionists into the country ?


    • George R says:

      From the first words of Islam Not BBC (INBBC) headline, to the last words of its report, there is censorship, and profound misunderstanding of the nature of Islam.

      INBBC’s first words, with vital missing words added:

      Islamic jihadist “Woman jailed for life for attack on MP Stephen Timms”

      INBBC’s last words of report, censors out all the following, which the truthful ‘Daily Mail’ doesn’t:

      “‘British go to hell’: Public gallery erupts as student inspired by Al Qaeda who tried to kill MP is jailed for life”

      Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1326208/Al-Qaeda-inspired-Roshonara-Choudhry-tried-kill-MP-Stephen-Timms-jailed.html#ixzz14EicdFlQ

       And in between, INBBC uncritically propagandises some ‘Svengali-Rasputin’ version of Islamic jihad, implying that the instigator of the attempted murder was not the Islamic jihadist herself, but some Islam jihad mentor on the internet. Get it clear for once, INBBC: Islamic jihad ideology derives from the tenets ofIslam itself.


      • Cassandra King says:

        Jailed for life?

        Out in seven or less, now that aint life is it? When it does come out of the luxury retreat it will be treated to all the lavish treatment that we infidel pigs are famous for.

        House and car and all the money it can spend for the rest of its natural, its the new style fairness innit?


    • 1327 says:

      I was amused by the coverage of this one. It seems little Miss C simply watched a couple of YouTube videos and puff as if by magic she was “radicalised”. No one seems to want to investigate what her beliefs were before and how that might have helped. 

      I see that the Beeb seems to have decided that the blame for all of this belongs to YouTube 🙂


      • NotaSheep says:

        The BBC were reporting that she had fallen pray to a misstaken view of Islam. How do they know this is the case?


  4. George R says:

    Weak Cameron refuses to oppose Clegg, Labour-left, ‘Liberty’,  BBC-NUJ on giving PRISONERS’ VOTES.

    As Cameron’s appeasement of (unnamed) European Court of Human Rights at PMQs today illustrated, he refuses to stand up for national sovereignty.

     Melanie Phillips on broader issues:

    “Cameron fumes and postures over the European Court of Human Rights. So why won’t he stand up to it over votes for prisoners?”


    “So what it boiled down to, once again, was spin — the need to go with the flow of Left-wing shibboleths in order to get a soft ride with the BBC.
    “For all these reasons, ­reforming human rights law was just too much trouble. So it was no surprise that the Tories’ promises were quietly shoved into the long grass.
    And it was also no surprise that the vexed and related issue of prisoners’ rights was handed to Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, whose party supports votes for prisoners. 
    “It’s hard not to conclude, in short, that the Tories never had any serious intention of carrying out their promise to reform human rights law. They were merely saying what was necessary to buy off those ­troublesome Tory voters who were spitting tacks over the crazy culture of ‘human rights’. ”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-1326077/Prison-election-votes-Cameron-fumes-European-Court-Human-Rights-wont-stand-it.html#ixzz14EN6w5jD

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-1326077/Prison-election-votes-Cameron-fumes-European-Court-Human-Rights-wont-stand-it.html#ixzz14EMjS0f9


    • Guest Who says:

      Climbed into the car to catch the opening moments of today’s Jeremy Vine ‘There isn’t anything we won’t stoop to to get a rating’ show.

      Seems some lag hasn’t helped ‘the cause’ much by rather reveling in all this, and could rely on the MSM to propel him to his 15 mins by pushing the bad taste button. 

      Thing is, our Jezza introduced his slot with the rather odd description of this chap having ‘manslaughtered’ his victim. How does one do that with an axe? Is the word ‘murder’ simply beyond a Beeboid, or was he being accurate if convoluted?

      That, plus him diving straight into the US election with insight from a columnist (to be fair, not too rabid) from that noted mainstream paper, The Guardian, made staying with it a bit of a trial.


    • Marky says:

      Re-uploaded scumbag.


  5. Spectator says:


    I was amazed to see the blatant politically-correct censorship which the BBC imposed in reporting the story of the Muslim woman who has now been convicted of stabbing her MP in his constituency office.

    The Daily Mail had reported the case in detail on November 2nd – here:


    The central part of the story was that this was a radicalised Muslim woman who decided to murder her local MP because he had voted for the invasion of Iraq. She appeared in his office wearing a head-to-toe  black Chador, with her head wrapped in black as well, and proceeded to stab him twice in the abdomen.  She had brought two knives, in case one snapped, and she told police after her arrest that she was “not going to stop stabbing him until someone forced me to stop”.

    On the BBC Today programme that morning, the BBC reported this as:
    “woman stabs MP in his office”.

    On the World at One the same day, Martha Carney reported it as:

    “fermale student stabs MP”.

    Finally, today, after the woman had been convicted and jailed for life for attempted murder, the BBC reported it as “female Muslim student jailed for attack on MP.”

    The point about this is what it reveals about the warped standards of journalism within the BBC.  The woman’s Muslim identity was not peripheral to this story – it was absolutely central.  She tried to murder the MP BECAUSE she was a radicalised Muslim; it was an act of political terrorism.

    So why did the BBC pussy-foot around for almost two days before revealing the central facts of the story?  And what is the point of having a state-funded public service broadcaster, if you can find out the news more accurately from the national press – two days before the BBC chooses to reveal the full facts of the story.  Political correctness and censoring of the news.  The BBC ought to know that ‘you can’t censor reality’ and sooner or later, ‘Truth will Out’.


  6. It's all too much says:

    Amazing – home early to catch the 5 O’Clock PM programme.  Guess what It’s 10 past five now and I am listening to a student with a very strong accent whining about student loans.  Jeez, she is not in favour of them (in the same way Poulry is generally not happy with the concept of festive meals in mid December). 

    Clearly the BBC are not having a Tea party this afternoon, no bottles of champers rolling about in Broadcasting house.  Where is the delight and eulogia we got when the holy one was annointed two years ago?.    5:12 and we have a follow up – on student loans.  Is the vicory of the right in America and the promise to roll back big government not top of the news agenda.  No lets have an ‘evil tories and complicit libs’ story.  Oddly no positive supporter about increasing student fees.  Clearly it is an axiomatically bad thing and therefore no onew must be allowed to approve of it on air.  The fallen Saint Vince now, 5:14,  when are we going to hear about the American mid terms?  Apparenly Vince has no credibility and welched on an agreement with the electorate.  Only the BBC has such insight.  Lets add in a few leading questions and some aggerssive interruption.  5:20,  The discomforture of Saint Barry hasn’t made an appearance on the air yet.

    5:21 It is mentioned!


  7. George R says:

    IRAQ: Islamic jihadists threaten to kill all Christians;

    INBBC and ‘left’ quiet.

    No ‘liberal-left-Islamic flotilla aid to Christans of Iraq.

    INBBC’s Mr. Muir had an anti-Christian comment (on Radio 4) about the Islamic jihadists’ death threat to Christians; he merely repeated, uncritically, the denunciation of Christian Copts in Egypt by these Islamic jihadists.

     Over the years INBBC has largely censored reports of the persecution of Christian Copts by Islamic jihadists, so much so that now the only INBBC reference to these Egyptian Christians is through the murdertous eyes of Iraq’s Islamic jihadist today.

    INBBC  should be daily publicising the plight of Christians in virtually all Islamic societies throughout the Middle East and beyond; but it doesn’t – it uses its propaganda to mollify Islamic interests at the expense of the very vulnerable Christians of the Middle East and elsewhere. 


  8. Paddy says:

    I know this is not strictly about the beeb but it is about their fellow travellers at the Graun.

    After young Miss Choudary was found guilty I was scanning the web and read this on the Graun site

    “I can’t help wondering if some people, reading about Roshonara Choudhry’s attack on Stephen Timms MP, didn’t mutter “serves him right” for voting for the Iraq war

    further down it stated

    “Several of my friends – yours too, I expect – said the same behind their hands after the 9/11 attacks toppled the Twin Towers in New York. ”

    I dont know about you but suggesting 3000 people died because it served them right is sick bordering on the criminal.

    The bastards on the Muzzie loving left are apologists for mass murder

    Michael White deserves to be in Jail along with Choudary. Scum!


    • Martin says:

      It’s one of the reasons I hate lefties.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      The majority of Beeboids said the same thing on 9/11, as did most people who define themselves as Socialists or further to the Left.


      • Paddy says:

        Its not that they postulated that the attacks may be reprisals for US foreign policy that I object to its the bloody glee in the statement that they deserved it.

        You can express a theory but to derive pleasure from the death of 3000 innocents is bloody sick


        • David Preiser (USA) says:

          White wasn’t expressing joy, necessarily, but he was clearly agreeing with the justification for the mass murders.  The Beeboids think the same thing: they agree that the mass murders were justified, agree that the 7/7 bombings were due to justifiable anger, agree that Timms was nearly killed due to justifiable anger.

          They don’t condone the acts of murder, but they do understand them and sympathize with what they see as the reasons behind them.


          • Paddy says:

            There is a huge difference between “its probably because of ” and “they  deserve it”

            I would not count anyone a ‘friend’ if they expressed such sick views and just as I count no racists, anti semites, misogynists, or religious biggots as friends.

            ( I have a few friend who are Geordies and that is as forgiving as I get though at the moment I’m not speaking to any of them FTM)


            • David Preiser (USA) says:

              I’m saying that quite a number of people believe it was deserved.  We had all those dim-witted celebs and rock stars saying we had it coming, we deserved it, Chrissie Hynde saying “Bring it on), etc. At least two people I know, one whom I still respect, opined that this was they only way poor Mohammedans could have a voice against the boot of US oppression.  Seriously.  And this was opinion was certainly given air time on the BBC.  To me, that’s the same thing as agreeing with the justification (albeit condoning the act of mass murder itself).


  9. fred bloggs says:

    Tuesday morning there were 4 people interviewed at a parliamentary select committee.  The bBC only made comments on one of those interviewed Prof Jonh Philpott of the CIPD.  All the others were ignored.  His comments were repeated all day on almost every BBC news outlet.  What was different about his comments, that there would be lay-offs, they were in line with the bBC agenda.

    The part of the interview where the chairman tore the Prof apart was also ignored.  This was one of the most blatant examples that could be used as evidence of their guilt.


  10. david fitzgerald says:

    and STILL Mr J HUNT thinks the bbc is doing a good job….


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Mr. Hunt and the rest of the BBC supporters cannot separate in their minds the baised News division from the history documentaries, famous comedies, costume dramas, and programmes about birds.


  11. james1070 says:

    My blood is starting to boil just watching this.


  12. Cassandra King says:

    These are the sniggering smirking scum who have been empowered by Cherie Bliar and newlabour and the EU.

    From the very start of the human rights legislation from the EU you could see this TV horror show coming as clear as if you had a crystal ball. It was always going to turn out exactly like this with some evil sick bullying thug killer on national TV sneering and laughing at his victim as he claimed victory of his own human rights to be the piece of filth he is.

    Human rights? How many ambulance chasing spivs got rich on this case alone?


  13. hippiepooter says:

    Yes, one would have thought a Government with the slighest amount of gumption would use this utterly insane verdict of the ECHR to remove the United Kingdom from its jurisdiction.

    Mr Hirst is a literal example of the lunatics taking over the asylum.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      one would have thought a Government with the slightest amount of gumption

      Ah, you’ve identified the difficulty.


    • Julio says:

      Will the ECHR be advocating a boycot of China because as far as I’m aware, they’re not allowed to vote at all?


  14. George R says:

    What INBBC doesn’t report, but ‘Daily Express’ does.

    (INBBC reserves its political venom for the English Defence League which rightly opposes these people.)

    ‘Daily Express’:-



    “JEERING Muslim fanatics turned an Old Bailey court into a battleground yesterday after an Al Qaeda follower was jailed for stabbing an MP.

    “In unprecedented scenes the angry mob chanted ‘British go to hell’ as would-be assassin Roshonara Choudhry was handed a sentence of life with a minimum of 15 years.
    Startled security guards bundled the mob out of the historic court as they turned their hate on the judge and a Muslim woman on the jury. One shouted ‘curse the judge’ while another ranted: ‘Shame on you sister, sitting on a jury, judging a Muslim sister.’
    “The gang, sitting in the public gallery, chanted ‘Allahu akbar’ or ‘God is great’ and another demonstration raged outside the court.
    “t appeared last night that none of the mob had been arrested for contempt of court after the outburst. Conservative MP Patrick Mercer said: ‘If the court case was disrupted as seriously as I’m told then I don’t see why the police should not have made some arrests for contempt of court.

    “’What they were doing amounts to affray and they appear to have been trying to incite racial tensions’.”



  15. Guest Who says:

    Another day, another top of the hour news slot…

    What, exactly is ‘an’ influential group of MP’s’? Are there non-influential ones? How different MP groups are there?

    Anyway, ‘they’ are ‘warning’ about cuts, Cuts… CUTS!!!!!

    Cue one Margaret Hodge given a few minutes to pontificate in a totally unpartisan manner. Her affiliation was not deemed necessary to clarify. Barking.

    Anyway, fear not, thus armed, Graham Satchell is on the case and is off to find out how this all impacts a ‘typical’ UK community, somewhere in Somerset, I think. Typical, eh? Van-Cliff on Sea?

    As one is betting this will be the village equivalent of that bod Aunty went looking for to suit the endless CUTS!!! narrative, without actually worrying about any, as such, professional checking of the story.

    And one has to pay £142.50pa for this?


    • Guest Who says:

      Cue violins…

      No, really, they actually had a backing track of violins as Mr. S solemnly intoned his interview list  – Muvva (not sure if single, but otherwise a rather classic Beeboid choice), disaffected councillor, old biddy who sees the Library as the only source of civilisation, etc.

      And it was cuts, Cuts, CUTS…coalition… CUTS.

      Mr. S did shake his head and admit that maybe all these would err on ‘not me’, but there was a bit of a hole when it came to ‘if not these, what should be cut to fill the hole Labour left, and still drained by £3.6B propaganda machines?’.

      And as I move back to work, an astounding new topic: ‘Could there be a split, Split, SPLIT!!! in the coalition?’

      A cracked record, mimed by market rate overpaid ‘talents’ from a teleprompter daily.

      Still at least they have had to front up and admit they are in the business of making up stories based on no evidence, begging the question as to what they exist for other than to offer sofa time to comfy luvvies to spout tripe on a massive wedge.


  16. Guest Who says:

    One for anyone ‘negotiating apologies’ (got to love that weasel) with BBC complaints:


    The story was picked up by BBC One’s Six O’Clock News, which specifically said that the TPLF had “siphoned off” money raised by Band Aid.”

    Now, that sounds familiar.

    World class journalism. If … unique.


  17. Guest Who says:

    That BBC Producer iPhone speed dial at work. Edward Chivers, take a bow…


    After gloating about his human rights success in a series of BBC interviews. Speaking in a Radio 2 interview, he confirmed he had smoke (sic) cannabis in his home and said he had bought the drug from a local dealer.

    Martin will not be too surprised. But Aunty will, I am sure, be proud.



    • Martin says:

      I’m surprised there were not a few beeboids in the queue to buy drugs off the same dealer.


  18. Guest Who says:

    Not sure if it is quite wise for BBC employees to accuse anyone of ‘propaganda’:


    Nicky Woodhouse, a Conservative film-maker who was responsible for the internet propaganda service Web-Cameron, and who started work this Monday making films for the government.’

    Don’t recall Aunty, in her frequent references to such as Left Foot in Mouth or @MrsBrownsTweets, described these in such terms?


  19. Guest Who says:

    The odd, and oddly conflicting roles of the huggable Ms. B in the frame again:


    One is sure, as with all BBC staff, she is strictly professional and impartial at all times.


  20. Martin says:

    Notice that the BBC’s news website is ‘Obama free’ this morning. Did the son of god not do very well yesterday then?

    And on the cuts story from the Commons select Committee, they fail to point out that the one eyed mong was running the show, this Government (at least George Osborne) is determined to make the cuts.

    Finally I hear that with the BBC going on srtike the rent boy population is lubing themselves up for a busy few days.

    The beeboids will be downloading the latest version of grindr to their iphones and off on the hunt.


  21. Paul Pot says:

    The Today Program continues with it’s eco-bias. John Humphreys is, no doubt at large expense to the license payer, broadcasting his part of the program from Beijing this week! 

    This morning he interviewed John Prescott about his role as ‘Rapporteur for the Council of Europe.’

    Humphreys, seemingly forgetting about the University Of East Anglia email leaks with their misleading and innacurate environmental reports and the IPCC report about the Himalayn glacias melting in the next couple of years being proven to be in fact a load of bollocks came out with a great quote to Prescott: “Assuming that the science behind global warming is accurate, and most people agree that it is accurate….”

    Notice how he slips in the ‘most people agree’?

    This is to make the average listener think that if they don’t agree they are somehow different and at odds with everyone else.

    Sneaky that Mr.Humphreys, very sneaky.

    I’m going to email the today program and inquire as to what method John Humphreys used to travel to Beijing for this pointless week’s reporting. I bet he used the extrememly carbon-rich mode of transport known as an aeroplane.

    Prescott himself in the interview admitted that he flies round ‘ knocking on doors’ of the Chinese, Americans etc to get a deal on carbon emmissions. That’s right, he flies around trying to reduce carbon output! Is it just me or is the world going mad? 


  22. Bupendra Bhakta says:

    Dame Nikki, clearly pitching for a grown-up job with the BBC, tried to get all ‘butch’ with John Redwood this morning and got duly swatted away on every question.  His ‘banker’ was ‘David Cameron’s ‘personal photographer’ how can we justify this job?  Again swatted away.

    Clearly of course ‘ David Cameron’s personal photographer’ is the one public sector job that the BBC would happily see ‘cut’.  The other 490,000 excisions they will quite happily continue to campaign against.

    Anyway, if this is the best The Dame can do (and it is) the future offers nothing more than the present – to wit, helium-weight breakfast-jester on Radio 5 Barely-Listened-To.


  23. Jim says:

    Hilariously biased from Nick Robinson

    Not that its a surprise. Each of the points listed were either outside the Governments control or could just as easily be seen in a positive light. How is this sort of post allowed?



  24. Biodegradable says:

    For the ex-pats who can’t use the iPlayer becauae they have a foreign IP address:


    Get a UK IP and access content available only in UK from anywhere. Ensure complete freedom to access all information and content online.

    Via http://artskule.blogspot.com/2010/11/watch-with-auntie.html


  25. capriole says:

    Words of wisdom from the recent convert:

    When Muslims on the BBC News are shown shouting “Allahu Akhbar!” at some clear, Middle Eastern sky, we westerners have been trained to hear: “We hate you all in your British sitting rooms, and are on our way to blow ourselves up in Lidl when you are buying your weekly groceries.”

    Lauren BoothThe Guardian, Wednesday 3 November 2010http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/nov/03/lauren-booth-conversion-to-islam


    • Buggy says:

      Have we heard how far El-Delusio The She-Thing has got in her Koran reading lately?

      She’d got up to PAGE 45 (I know: Coooooo !!) when she announced her conversion, and I just wondered if she’d reached the passage on page 120 or so which sets out the need for all new female converts to be gang-banged by the male population of Riyadh before they can be said to have ‘joined the club’ as it were.

      Not to mention the business with the donkey, the pepper-grinder and the pointy stick a few pages further on.

                             If not, then SURPRISE !!!!!  😀


  26. George R says:

    Pathetic ‘appeal’, too late in the day, by Director General, Thompson:

    “Mark Thompson’s email on BBC strike action”

    Concluding extract with forlornThompson sounding like  yesterday’s man, asking non-NUJ staff to cover for striking NUJ staff :

    “The BBC belongs to the British public and has a duty to deliver programmes and services of the highest quality to them every day of the year. They rely on us. We must not let them down.

    All the best,

    Mark Thompson
    Director general”



  27. Bupendra Bhakta says:

    Jeremy ‘I’m Bonkers Me’ Vine’s phone-in – Have The Lib-Dems Crossed The Line?  For going back on their ‘no tuition fees pledge’.

    Firstly, the last time I looked, the Lib-Dems came third in the General Election so no-one should be expecting their manifesto policies to be rolled out across the land (unless you work for al-beebeezeera, of course).

    And secondly, this is nothing other than al-beeb probing and probing to try and find the coalition’s vulnerable spot and thrust in the BBC’s Simple Sword of Truth.

    Ho-hum keep probing.

    Rumours are that Vine gets a million quid a year for his dreadful radio show, and a quarter of that again for topping and tailing Panorama.

    Only a rumour of course, and unfortunately as it’s ‘commercially sensitive’ al-beeb will neither confirm nor deny those amounts.  You see if commercial radio knew that they could pick up Jeremy Vine for not much over £1.25 million a year they would swoop, wouldn’t they.  Wouldn’t they?


    • Guest Who says:

      Rumours are that Vine gets a million quid a year for his dreadful radio show,

      Further to this, and George R’s strike-related post above, it is odd that relative earnings vis a vis ‘market rate talents who suck up to BBC HR’ do not crop up when Jezza gets all weepy voiced about his latest victim set.

      And when the topic of the fire strike came up (such a pity if a careless fag took out their various centres of excellence whilst a few squaddies deal with an errant sparkler), even the vox pops were proving hard to rig in support of the hosehood.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Be fair – some of that salary is for his part-time hosting of Eggheads…..


  28. George R says:

    Will Greenpeace-Beeboids will watching this tonight (the strikers amongst them will have plenty of time on their hands)?:

    “What the Green Movement got Wrong” (Channel 4, at 9 pm tonight)



    • Guest Who says:

      Will Greenpeace-Beeboids will watching this tonight

      If they did, it’s a few hours of their lives they will never get back.

      It was like watching a school ‘debate’ by a bunch of pre-teens, only comprising the same tired old berks who have failed to make a coherent point on anything eco so far… cobbled together by a lazy broadcaster who obviously uses the same iPhone Aunty does to get in guests.

      If a single normal, only vaguely concerned UK member of the public tuned in and stayed the course I’d be amazed.

      And if they had, the cause of rational environmental debate would have been set back in their minds for ever.

      It started out with a trite, simplistic premise and then spiralled down into oblivion from the off.

      It almost makes Aunty’s (A)GW offerings look coherent. Almost.


  29. John Anderson says:

    According to this article,  stuff on climate change is proving to be bad for ratings – a real switch-off.   And “journalists” who have pushed the propaganda have lost much esteem from their colleagues.



  30. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Online content mysteriously not working.  Has the strike started early?


  31. George R says:

    Well, INBBC’s version of this court case, and aftermath, soon disappeared without comment.

    I am reminded of this comment by INBBC Director General Thompson
    “BBC boss says Islam should be treated more sensitively than Christianity”

    This political and religious discrimination towards Islam should be more than enough for Thompson to be sacked.


    This is what INBBC censors:

    ‘Daily Express’:




  32. Julio says:

    Radio DJ who ‘exposed himself on flight’ breaks down during his morning show

    How long until the BBC puts in a bid for his services?


  33. Guest Who says:

    Latest Nick R blog is a treat (closed now of course)


    Summarised best by this piece of genius:

    26. At 1:34pm on 04 Nov 2010pdavies65 wrote:

    Some posters here (of all places!) seem to have a bit of a downer on the BBC. Stop it.

    That’ll work.


  34. David Preiser (USA) says:

    BBC playing light defense for Phil Woolas  just now on the News Channel.  While talking to someone who I think is the solicitor for Woolas’ challenger, the female Beeboid said, “Lots of things are said during campaigns,” implying that this is not such a big deal.

    Now it’s back to the studio with a remote video discussion with Sir Alistair Graham who, even while acknowledging that Woolas was wrong, admits that he feels sorry for him because Woolas was such a fine and able minister and one hates to see a good career go down over such a foolish thing.  It’s about as weak a critic as they could find.

    I guess, though, that this is a sign that the strike is having a real effect on the news coverage, as the regular Beeboid in the chair at this hour would have fought much harder to defend Woolas.