BBC:You Know Palin’s Latest Video Shows She’s Still Shallow But Oh So Cunning..

Of course there is an element of snark in this BBC piece on the latest Palin video but there is also a reluctant admission

It is one minute and nine seconds of pure advertising genius – a dazzling calling card from the woman who, most now agree, wants to be president.

The writer, Paul Adams, is naturally sniffy about the imagery, calling it “political bromide”. That had me laughing into my morning cuppa as I recalled the hours of relentless left/liberal twaddle pumped out by the beeb, not to mention those 2008 Obama hopey/changey speeches (available in a discount bin near you…)

You know that within what would be described as the “brain” of Adams the BBC chip is frantically signalling the official media elite line on Palin – irrelevant, ignorant, shallow – and the stock phrases come out

“an apparent rainbow coalition of candidates favoured by Ms Palin” (she’s really a racist)
“a populist jab at Washington politics.” (she’s appealing to the great unwashed of America)
“a shameless reference to the most famous three words ever uttered by the man who once made everyone feel good, Ronald Reagan.” (she’ll milk anything to make a point)

But the chip is sometimes suppressed by vestiges of his pre-programmed mind

We’re going to get back to the time-tested truths that made this country great,” she says.
These, Sarah Palin seems to be saying, are my people. My coalition. Not just the honest, hard-working, flag-waving Americans seen throughout, but the candidates just elected to office on a wave of Tea Party fervour – and all those pictured celebrating on election night.
The true brilliance, apart from the sheer speed with which the piece was put together, lies in an apparent rainbow coalition of candidates favoured by Ms Palin – Latinos, Marco Rubio in Florida and Susana Martinez in New Mexico; African Americans, Allen West in Florida and Tim Scott in South Carolina and an Indian American, Nikki Hayley in South Carolina.
It’s a collection of faces clearly designed to puncture the Tea Party’s images as solidly white.

In actual fact I think that Adams has been embedded with the MK II PDS chip now emanating from Washington and obviously delivered to the comrades at the BBC. For the MSM she remains, of course, essentially vapid, ignorant and devoid of ideas but she is no longer stupid. If you read between the lines of the Adams article the message coming out is that she is cunning – or, as Blackadder once said “As cunning as a fox who’s just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Oxford University”

They still want to bring her down but time has taught them to extremely wary of her which, in a way, is a mark of respect for her power.

Strange conduct indeed for people who claim to see a Palin candidacy as a surefire conduit towards Obama’s re-election…..

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13 Responses to BBC:You Know Palin’s Latest Video Shows She’s Still Shallow But Oh So Cunning..

  1. Martin says:

    Palin isn’t running for President, on Fox News (and they should know) no one is expecting her to run, she’s not doing any of the things 2 years out you might expect 9like building a team or raising shed loads of money)

    Palin knows her strength is in the background of the Tea Party movement, the left wing liberal haters can’t attack her so easily, it’s why she left her job as Governor, if she’d have stayed on she’s be continually facing trumped up court cases egged on by big money from George Soros.


    • Chris says:

      IIRC they didn’t need money from an external source.  The anti-Palin bunch (at the time polarisation in Alaskan politics wasn’t Repub/Dem, it was pro/anti Palin) could get public money to sue her (by Alaskan law) but she had to pay for her own defense.


  2. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Adams is so angry he doesn’t even realize he contradicts himself.  The bit about flag-wavers comes right after he describes patriotic symbols as “political bromide”.  So flag-waving is not the same thing as patriotic symbolism?

    He just hates it all.  The most offensive part to me is where he says that endorsing West, Rubio, and Haley is a calculated scam to cover up the whiteness of the Tea Party movement.  So even if we elect people of color, it’s no good if there isn’t some arbitrarily pre-determined quota of non-whites in the front row?  Even if we vote for people of color, we’re still racist?

    What sort of chance does that give us?  Allright, we are the Messiah.  Now, f@#k off!


    • Chris says:

      All Republicans are racist.  You should know that.  They may occasionally ‘permit’ a non-‘white’ person to get elected or appointed, but that is just a mask to hide their in-build evil hate.



  3. RGH says:

    Yes, the racist slur is easily the most disgraceful (and counter-productive) element in the piece.. Straight out of the Sharpton black ‘victim’ industry. Middle class blacks are fuming at the shenanigans of Wall Street and Obama and see the whole ‘welfarist’ culture as the enemy to black advancement. I will not repeat (word for word what a black US soldier commented  to my army brother (during manoevres in Idaho) about Obama. He stated (my words) that Obama was a ‘porch….for Wall Street.’



  4. Martin says:

    The BBC always manages to find itself on the wrong side of these debates, the BBC see only Palin in the Tea Party when she’s just one voice, not the only voice.

    But the BBC in their drugged up stupor don’t see it, the Tea Party is here to stay, a large number of Americans (and not just Republicans as the BBC would have people believe) are fed up with Washington and the corruption of politics. The Republicans are on watch, the Tea Party movement started before Barry came to power, many hating Bush’s bale outs of Wall Street and the car giants, it’s not as the BBC have people believe just about hating Barry or being racists, but even Brillo seems to have fallen for that one.


  5. Rueful Red says:

    Racist is the BBC’s default response to anyone who opposes Barry. And ignorant.  Saves any need to report the issues if you play the man and not the ball.  Standard gliberal operating procedure. 


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      The Beeboids don’t feel much need to report the issues because they completely support The Obamessiah and the Democrat agenda.  Pick any one of them, and their reporting will reveal how they think the Democrats are on the right track, the President saved the country already but nobody knows it, etc.

      Mark Mardell says as much fairly often on his blog. Katty Kay stated it openly Tuesday night.


  6. Beeboidal says:

    Adams’ own close up and personal encounter with BBC bias seems to have left him unscathed. Perhaps they called him in and tweaked his chip.


    • hippiepooter says:

      HIM!  Seems he’s still trying desperately hard to make up for having ‘misspoken’.