I listened to William Hague interviewed on the Marr programme and, to be honest I cringed at his evasions and ameliorations. This man is not a Conservative as I recognise it. To think that the Conservative Party will ever tackle the BBC hegemony is pure folly.

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  1. Nick says:

    There was the bit about Blair and Brown promising the EU money, and as such the UK had to pay.

    That’s bollocks. No UK government is bound by the spending promises of a prior government. That’s the excuse they use for hiding all the pension liabilities [1]. 

    The Tories and Lib Dems can simply say its Blair’s promise, speak to him. We aren’t required to pay his promises.


    [1] The logic works this way. If we don’t have to honour the spending promises of a prior government, and we define pensions as spending, don’t have to account for the promises. However, we have a problem. People are giving us cash for their pensions and we have to account for it. It can’t be a liability so it must be income. If its income we can spend it. 

    [2] For civil service pensions they are contracts, and they still don’t appear. They will from January or the government is breaking EU law. Ha ha.

    In general interest, try watching C4 on Thursday and ask yourself why the BBC isn’t reporting the same.


  2. Martin says:

    Laura Kuntsberg was filling in on Radio 5 for old hag face Silverton. Kuntsbeg on the Government plan to get the bone idle to work for their dole money said that it’s not fair to make people do something they don’t want to.

    So I now expect the BBC to refund my licence fee as I object to being forced to pay for the BBC.


    • Asuka Langley Soryu says:

      I’m sure Laura K would be just as empathetic to me when I say I don’t want my tax contributions to go towards paying for shiftless, lazy bums and their four kids’ housing, food, healthcare, fags, booze, holidays, new kitchen, HD tv and the rest of it. I’m sure of it. I mean, it’s not fair.
      Neither is having to pay for a broadcasting service which I not only don’t use at all, but which actively vilifies and undermines everything I believe in.


  3. Martin says:

    Why all the fuss about the jocks losing RAF Lossimouth? The jocks are getting a huge 5 billion subsidy to build two useless aircraft carriers we can’t afford, but in England RAF Wittering and Cottesmore are being closed and not a peep from the meeja. Is every hack now a jock?


  4. Sceptical Steve says:

    Back to the originl topic, I was offended by Hague’s dissembling because neither Cameron, nor Merkel, Sarkozy or any of the other European heads of government that he claims have bought into Cameron’s “blocking coalition” are actually part of the EU’s budgetary mechanism.
    Under the Lisbon Treaty, the EU’s budget is now effectively decided by the Commission and the EU Parliament, and has been put safely beyond the reach of national governments. 
    Why the hell does no-one bother mentioning this? 


  5. 1327 says:

    There was an interesting article on Hague in the Sunday Times a month or so bad. Someone who had been to University with him said that Hague says whatever he thinks will please people and make him one of them. When you know that his teenage speech at the Tory Party conference and his adult career all make a lot more sense.


  6. Cassandra King says:

    The months gone by have not been kind to Gay Billy have they? He looks hunted and beaten, he has the demeanour of a man with a gun to his head, he is not speaking for himself rather he has been given a cheat card/stock answer guide.
    Gone is the feisty no nonsense confident Hague replaced by a husk of a man, a puppet like tape recorder and you can almost see the strings being pulled. He is lying and he knows we know, its a charade because he isnt a foreign secretary in the classical sense of the word, he is a mere functionary reporting to his new mistress Ashton.

    If you want to see a prime example of the decay of the Tory party then look no further than Hague, look closely at his micro expressions and the direction of eye travel when answering questions. I dont know what is being held over the guys head by way of threats but this guy looks as if he would piss his panties if the local moggy farted.

    This new coalition dictatorship will not stop, they will not see reason and they are determined to betray us all, these traitors and Quislings are going to have to be exterminated.
    They are the borg and they really believe resistance is futile.


  7. Umbongo says:

    Guys guys – please realise that the Thatcher period was an interregnum between bouts of “real” post-war Conservatism.  Cameron is renewing the old Conservative strategy of ratcheting up the last government’s (ie Labour 1945-51 and 1997- 2010) socialism while tweaking it at the edges to make it look different. “Nasty” Conservatism – also known as non-socialism – was a product of the years 1979-92.  Cameron loves the coalition because every time his right wing moans he blames the LibDems for forcing him to be accommodating to left-wingery.  Quite why the BBC is so down on Cameron defeats me: he’s just what the BBC doctor ordered – a continuation of Blair/Brownism under another name.  In financial circles the change of government was a “pre-pack adiministration” ie the business continues under a new name with the same people in charge and only the creditors (ie the taxpayers and the law-abiding) who have no say in the arrangements get screwed.


  8. Ian E says:

    Anagram :  EU Hag  –  says it all really!


  9. JohnW says:

    Hague lost it for me years ago when he wore that ridiculous baseball cap so as to appear “cool”. Heaven forbid he should ever aspire to be a conviction politician.


  10. burbette123 says:

    When William Hague was in Israel, all this crap about “universal jurisdiction” came out.  Even the Times was against the pernicious concept. (It allows nations to prosecute alleged war criminals even though there was not any action within their borders.  The notion was designed for slime-ball countries like Serbia, etc. who have no credible way of dealing with charged individuals.)
    Anyway, Israeli diplomats can be arrested in the UK and hauled before a kangaroo court.  
    So where was al-beeb on reporting this nonsense?  Have I missed something? Such a prime opportunity to side with their Pally terrorist distorters of the truth.