Curb Your Tonge

Nick Clegg seemed television-friendly and attractive before the general election, but after gaining all that popularity during the first election debate he threw most of it away, almost snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Neither the Lib Dems’ underwhelming performance in the election nor Nick’s astonishing indecision when the balance of power lay in his hands have curtailed the public’s enthusiasm for the deputy PM. Well, maybe a tiny bit.

The current Lib Dems are not known for their support of Israel. Nick Clegg was all for disarming them, which the BBC probably found rather endearing. Then he tried to distance himself from Jenny Tonge’s unfortunate remarks about organ harvesting, but he wouldn’t ditch her; no doubt the BBC felt not ditching her was the right thing not to do.

Fancy making a rash promise in your election mani-fiasco, then having to admit that you didn’t realise what you were saying at the time? Nick got away with it though, credibility intacto. Didn’t realise how bad the deficit was then, but we do now? Sorry.

Robin Shepherd has pointed out a strange thing. Nick Clegg has spoken at a Liberal Democrats Friends of Israel lunch. (lol) ‘We got it wrong on Israel.’ Whaddya think of that, BBC?
He said he recognised there had “not always been an equal voice for Israel within his party”. That’s certainly one way of putting it.
He didn’t mention Jenny Tonge, nor Lib Dem Peer Lord Phillips who spoke at a PSC meeting about America being in the grip of the Israel Lobby.

But Jenny Tonge is at it again. She has spoken in a debate on the strategic defence review in the House of Lords. 3:33 pm.
In her muddled view the Israel lobby is forcing us to be nice to Israel. Then we can use Israel as a launching pad to attack Iran, and dispense with the Ark Royal etc. Cuts, you see. Moving on from this illogical supposition, she says Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians has alienated the Muslim world, which she thinks is at the root of terrorism worldwide. If Israel stopped persecuting the Palestinians there would be world order and peace. Just like that. She does look a bit like Tommy Cooper, without the fun.

Didn’t realise how badly he got things wrong then, but he does now? Is that it? Or does he endorse all this nonsense? Plenty of otherwise sensible people apparently do, thanks to the BBC’s relentlessly partial reporting of the Israel/Palestine conflict, despite the best efforts of Jewish tentacles, the Israel lobby, the holocaust industry and Zionist control of the universe.

Thanks to Jonathan Hoffman for the H/T.

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4 Responses to Curb Your Tonge

  1. Span Ows says:

    Poor old Nick.

    Anyway, that “admit that you didn’t realise” BBC link, below the story in the More about this section they have an International Funding Comparison link. This leads to the headlined article:

    “How about 80% going to university?

    THis is presuambly to try to counteract the (correct) point that if Labour wanted to push up to 40 or 50% of school leavers to university (to ease unemployment figures and/or to allow more immigrants in) then it can’t come form general taxation but needs to be from tuition fees…etc.

    So the BBC need to rebut this and hence this headline etc.
    Third paragraph reads:

    “In Finland, 80% of young women are now going to university. It’s currently the highest proportion of graduates in the world.

    See how they give the figure and contradict it in one sentence!

    Tim Worstall had this last week:


  2. George R says:

    The contrast between the attitude of the British political ‘elite’ (three main parties, INBBC included) towards Islamising Turkey (a generally friendly attitude to it), compared with their attitude towards Israel (a generally unfriendly attitude to it), is stark.

     INBBC was nice to Erdogan on his recent trip to Europe, and INBBC now omits material  which is politically critical of Turkey, such as this:

         ” Turkish Interference in German Politics” (video clip)

    “Turkey vs. Christian Action Network”


    • sue says:

      Talking about Turkey, I read this yesterday.
      Only having access to ‘half the story’ obviously leads well-meaning people to the wrong conclusion.

      OTOH some people could obtain all the information in the world, but don’t, because they know what they want to believe and they’re sticking to it.


  3. George R says:

    Just as ‘London Review of Books’ has propagandised this:

    London Review of Books: Ten years of anti-Israel prejudice

    So too, INBBC has exhibited the same sort of anti-Israel propaganda for the past ten years, and more.