The ever reliable BBC Magazine always gives us the low down on what they really think:

“The thing about news is that it has to be unusual, otherwise it’s not news, it’s just life. That’s one theory at least. But it presents all sorts of problems, says Michael Blastland in his regular column. But is this fiction, or real? Enter the strange media world of Harrabin’s Law, and decide for yourself. The media does sometimes seem to be a place where what you hear most is often what happens least.I’ve named the phenomenon after the BBC’s Roger Harrabin, who puts it like this: “When considering societal problems over the long term, news-worthiness is often in inverse proportion to frequency. If problems become commonplace, they are not new – so do not qualify as ‘news’. This means the media often guides politicians to focus on less serious acute problems at the expense of more serious systemic problems.”  There is often a perverse pressure on politicians through the media to act on issues which appear more immediate but are ultimately of lesser public significance”

Can he be talking about climate change?

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12 Responses to SETTING THE AGENDA….

  1. burbette123 says:

    With all this snow and ice the clowns at the state propaganda machine have been strangely reticent about climate change!


  2. Pounce says:

    So let me get this right. For the bBC to air a subject they like it to be unusual that probably explains why they don’t report on the constant barrage of attacks Israel has to suffer at the hands of their neighbors. Yet when Israel hits back, its unusual when contrasted against the likes of Hamas,Hezb-allah and their ilk.  
    However I can’t get my head around this story;  
    Oxfordshire council leader tweet angers fee protesters  

    A tweet by the leader of Oxfordshire County Council insulting tuition fee protesters has sparked angry reactions.Keith Mitchell wrote on his Twitter feed“County Hall invaded by an ugly, badly-dressed student rabble. God help us if this is our future.”Students said they were furious at being described like this.  

    Silly me, its usual because the Students are playing the victim card.   Nice how the bBC have linked in to his tweet in which to allow these poor students and their ilk to passively complain about how they suffer character assassination over their so called passive protest.  


    • 1327 says:

      The Beeb seem to be having problems grasping just what fools the students are making of themselves. The march in Leeds was on the local Look North show and the interviewer seemed taken aback when she asked a few locals for their views on it all and got some forthright responses which tended to include the phrase “they should get a proper job”.


  3. burbette123 says:

    Talk about stupidity.  The first student demonstrators broke into Millbank and trashed the ground floor thinking they were wrecking Tory material.  Morons!  The Tories are on the first floor. All the students did was tear up the Audit Commission’s office.


  4. John Horne Tooke says:

    This has got be the letter of the decade.

    “An Open Letter to the Chancellor”


  5. John Horne Tooke says:



    • Roland Deschain says:

      Didn’t see the programme, as I knew my blood pressure wouldn’t stand it.  When I saw Iain Stewart was presenting it I knew what it would be like, and it seems I was spot on.  But Brownie points at least to Prof Stewart for replying quickly to Neil Craig’s letter.


      • London Calling says:

        Interesting that all the Warming-Believers do in the face of evidence-based contradiction and growing public disbelief, is the old Roulette Casino game: whenever you lose, double up your stake on the next spin, to recover your position. Not two degrees temperature increase but four degrees.

        Up the volume of spin, hope no-one notices the projection is now stretched to 2060. Anyone remember the National Coal Board Twenty Year Corporate  Plan  viewed from circa 1950? Utterly laughable. But no betrayal of weakness. The trick is not to hear what’s happening, stick fingers in ears, and double the estimate of doom, and shout even louder.

        I look forward to the Warming Inquisition, with Louise Gray stretched on the rack, entreated to recant. “It was just a job! Its what they paid me to say! So I tell lies for a living, who doesn’t? I just say whatever anyone who pays me wants to hear”

        There’s a word for people like that, but insert your own name  here as you wish. It isn’t “Journalist”. 


  6. Dazed-and-Confused says:

    Can anybody spot a Beeboid living it up in This here video?


    • Demon1001 says:

      I didn’t spot one in particular but the level of hypocrisy on evidence would suggest to me thst there would have been many Beeboids there.

      They should be called the “Let them eat rations” brigade.


  7. Cassandra King says:

    Richard Black, liar and cheat from the BBC is upping the hysteria with an article on the BBC website.

    2010 is setting new temperature records he states, the temperature is “soaring” to a truly murderous er…uhm 0.5 degrees above a notional average..Oooooh Nooooo we are doooooomed I tells ya.

    What Black aint saying of course is that the temperature series he quotes are using adjusted cherry picked data, the raw data barely shows any move at all and many places in the world were cooler than average but by the time heat islands were included and rural stations were adjusted or eliminated and earlier temperatures were lowered by adjustment downward then hey presto hust like magic the fraudsters have their “temperaures are soaring/records broken” bulls*it.

    The temperature series are now so flawed as to be useless, they bear no resemblance to reality but Black is not there to question or challenge the consensus he is employed to spread the CAGW lies and propaganda.

    BTW Some mindless muppet by the name of Maslin from the UCL had the funniest quote,

    “those who hoped global warming would just go away will be dissapointed by todays announcements(lies)” I dont know about you but me and all my denier fiends are all gasping with dissapoinment at the latest bag of cooked up lies.

    What do you say to mindless cultists like this? This plank is supposed to be teaching our future scientists, I doubt is this muppet Maslin has the intellectual capacity to wipe his own arse.