Have you read these words of wisdom on the Eurozone, faithfully reported HERE at the BBC? Studying this profound economic analysis, I must say how I am impressed by this new chap Brown. But where has he BEEN for the past eleven years when his country needed such insight…..

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5 Responses to YEAR ZERO AT THE BBC?

  1. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Cue another round of “It was Gordon what saved us from the Euro, he stood up to Blair, etc.” 

    He found other ways to spend Britian into the toilet.


  2. Samantha Vickers says:

    Did they ask him about his gold sales at the bottom of the market? Perhaps whoever bought four hundred tonnes of it off him will sponsor anything he wants as at current prices more than four times higher they can afford to!

    His role in forseeing the future cost us all a fortune back then…


  3. Will says:

    “Business expert” Andy Verity (a man as sympathetic to capitalism as Paul Mason) was getting hot under the collar on R5 “Wake up to Money”. He desperately wanted to drag the current government into the same hole as Brown.
    He was taking an aggressive line against the government’s proposal to allow private pension funds the option of providing an annual increase to pensions based on CPI rather than RPI (on average 0.8% pa higher). He was likening it to Brown’s 1997 raid on pensions. But Brown took £5bn pa off the pension funds by stopping their ability to reclaim tax deducted from dividends etc. The present uprating changes take no money out of pension funds.


  4. john in cheshire says:

    We don’t have to take any notice of the repulsive entity that is brown, since in his own words he is not an economic expert. I have several words to describe what he actually is, but I think this site has requested we keep the language within the bounds that would be acceptable for children to read. Notwithstanding, I just hope that enough people keep reminding everyone, from not until the miscreant dies, just what a nasty and cretinous imbecile he is.


  5. Scrappydoo says:

    Brown is completely discredited, nobody (except the BBC loons) want to hear any more from him,