After my posting about Mark Thompson’s cod confession about past bias, it seems that the BBC College of Journalism (CoJo to its illustrious students)is continuing the tradition of inviting nice, unbiased speakers to address the future and current stars of the airwaves. Following the appearance back in September of biodiversity zealot Jonathan Baillie (whom Richard Black introduced by saying that a third of the species on earth had died over the last 30 years), we now have someone else who can provide a balanced perspective on matters to do with the environment. Step forward…er, John Sauven, the UK director of Greenpeace. Of course, Greenpeace is deeply revered by all at the BBC, and is seldom off the airwaves. No matter, CoJo students need to be told why these appearances muct continue. Mr Sauven therefore explains in his specially-edited feature lecture with cold, humourless precision how he completely ignores democracy and the needs of local farmers (whom he chillingly describes as collectively “out to lunch” because they want to earn a living) in deprived areas of the world in order to pressure multinationals into doing his unstoppable will as part of his saintly mission to Save the World. Essentially, all thirty minutes come across to me as an activist’s guide to forcing the green creed on the world. It’s nothing to do with journalism, other than a chilling insight to a form of political bludgeoning. I am sure that back in the 1640s, Witchfinder General Matthew Hopkins talked in much the same coldly logical way about the need to rid East Anglia of witches.

I’ve checked the past list of CoJo speakers, and I don’t see a single person who is anything to do with climate scepticism or who holds different views of economic development. It seems to me that the aim of this so-called college is therefore simple: to invite speakers who are experts in aiding the BBC mission to spread greenie poison.

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6 Responses to GREENIE POISON

  1. Natsman says:

    The BBC, lean, mean, green, lying advocacy machine.
    Bias is in our genes, our minds, our bodies, our broadcasts, our very being.  We speak, you WILL comply.  And “Nation shall speak biased bollocks unto nation” is a well earned (and appropriate) motto.  Lying, slimy idealistic bastards, Thompson should be thoroughly ashamed, told his fortune, and then shot.


  2. Peter Parker says:

    University Challenge just featured the following 3-part question on climate scepticism tonight:

    1) What was the name of the declaration disputing MMGW signed by 30,000 scientists?
    2) Who directed the movie “Cool It”?
    3) Which UK Chancellor wrote “An Appeal To Reason”

    The students only got one answer right (Bjorn Lomborg – not really a sceptic atall mind).

    I can imagine the scene in BBC TV Centre tonight:
    “Right, that’s our balanced broadcasting done for the year. Now let’s commission that 10-hour special “You’re All Gonna Fry” with Shukman, Attenborough, Monbiot, Bono, DiCaprio and that beardy faced bloke with the jangley bracelet.”


  3. Natsman says:

    Ah, Bjorn Lomborg – not a particularly inspiring chancellor, as I remember…


  4. Phil says:

    Why does the boss of Greenpeace allow himself to be associated with a giant corporation which has the mass manufacture of junk TV as its main business?

    It’s not as if those poor souls who are entranced by trash like Eastenders and Casualty etc are interested to his apocalyptic rants. They want to know who is shagging who in Albert Square and when the next plane or train is going to crash in Casualtytown. The forthcoming global climate apocalypse is of no interest to them.


  5. London Calling says:

    Its the “unique funding” that allows them to live in this bubble of activists and eco-nazis. When confronted by a tabard-wearing chugger for WWF or Green-piss I can robustly tell them where to shove it. However the BBC-chugger will have you arrested if you refuse to make a donation.