I have begun to dig into BBC connections with a shadowy organisation called Common Purpose. This, according to some, is a sinister conspiratorial group – run by a scary woman called Julia Middleton – that is seeking to create an alternative government in the UK under the guise of a leadership programme. Opponents of CP have built interesting evidence that it has already managed to infiltrate many senior posts in organisations such as the police, and is busy consolidating that hold through more than 100 regional operations in the UK and many more abroad.

What are its goals? Broadly – as a perusal of the opponents’ website quickly shows – liberal-left elitist, pro-EU and strongly in favour of “sustainability”, a word used by greenies as shorthand for a left-wing agenda to destroy the capitalist system and the West.

Unsurprisingly for such a group, BBC connections are not hard to find. Bees to a honeypot. The corporation has spent more than £150,000 on sending dozens of its senior staff on CP “courses”, and business editor Robert Peston and International Development correspondent David Loyn are not only acolytes but serve on the board of what seems to be a CP subsidiary called the Media Standards Trust (alongside figures such as Amelia Fawcett, chairman of the Guardian Media Group and Baroness Helena Kennedy QC) which ostensibly aims to improve standards of journalism; in practice this means reporting in line with CP goals and policies.

Scratch the surface of the CP website and it quickly becomes apparent that one of its main goals is to ensure that we are all indoctrinated about the evils of climate change, through projects with names such as CHANGEit(sic). It works towards doing this with Deutsche Bank, an organisation that is so besotted by AGW that it publishes pamphlets on how to spot and root out sceptics.

CP was brought to my attention the other night by a journalist friend; I had never heard of it, but within seconds of digging was struck by the huge neon-lit signposts leading to the BBC. Is there nothing the corporation is not doing to foster its political agenda?

If B-BBC readers know anything first-hand about CP, or better still, have been on one of its courses (or knows someone who has), I’d love to hear from you: I am not normally one for conspiracy theories, but this one is intriguing. Common Purpose may be completely harmless, but somehow, I doubt it.

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  1. Deborah says:

    If I remember correctly a commentor on this site ‘Atlas Shrugged’ used to regularly warn us about CP.  His posts were usually long and could have been considered slightly ‘mad’ but I always felt there was an element of truth about his warnings.


  2. David vance says:

    Would be very interesting to pursue this. CP does not seem benign but I would like to know more about the BBC angle.


  3. Lloyd says:

    Excellent post sir, just like old-fashioned journalism.

    The “Leading Beyond Authority” mantra is a little ominous, especially when it talks of connecting leaders who can “lead beyond their direct area of authority” – why would you even want to do that, unless you had ideas above your station?


  4. John Anderson says:

    The BBC should not be funding any courses except those specifically aimed to improve broadcasting technical expertise.  And it certainly should not be funding outside bodies,  or allowing its presenters or senior folk to represent – or be seen to be representing – the BBC in the governing of such bodies.


  5. Lloyd says:

    I’ve just been having a read of the stop cp website, which Robin has, no doubt, already come across, some interesting stuff on there, although some of it appears to verge on conspiracy theory, and the tone is a little too abusive if you ask me.

    This page throws up some interesting, if not surprising, names.


    • Millie Tant says:

      I see from the list of the great and the good in that link, there are a few from government departments at Permanent Secretary level. The Home Office and the Department for Communities and Local Government are among them. So I presume from that that the government and the Civil Service support the organisation and its aims and maybe send selected staff for leadership training.


    • hippiepooter says:

      Brian Gerrish who I mentioned above, appears to subscribe to conspiracy theories over the Bilderberg Group, which to my mind doesn’t say much to his credit.


  6. Millie Tant says:

    I have no direct knowledge or experience of it but have never thought of it as a sinister, shadowy organisation or a conspiracy of some sort. I take it that it is what it says it is which is a leadership training body with elements of management training, networking and ideas about the role of leadership in society. Whether those ideas involve signing up to particular policies (such as Warmism or the overthrow of capitalism)  that go beyond general notions of  leadership and social responsibility is a fair question and the organisation should be open to scrutiny and analysis to determine this.

    Maybe it has adopted positions that are of a particular political hue or ambition but I do not incline to think it was set up as a cover for some sort of sinister overthrow of society. Like many other things, it could have started out with laudable aims for the general good and to make society work better – although, that said, Lloyd has a good point (which also applies to the Beeboid Corporation with its ridiculous arrogant, swaggering posturing as a world dominating organisation. )


  7. 5050noline says:

    Been watching it for years. LOTS of senior Police officers indoctrinated.


  8. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Several people here have been warning us about Common Purpose for quite a while now.

    This Google search has a few, and doesn’t even go back farther than two years.


  9. Natsman says:

    The insidious mycelium continues to spread unabated, beneath the surface, making little forays into the world that we know, and are familiar with, to test the air, before continuing underground, spreading and stretching, slowly but surely infecting every branch of humanity it comes into contact with.  Be aware, be afraid, be VERY afraid…


  10. Cassandra King says:

    What is common purpose and what are its aims?

    Control of various arms of government/international groups and bodies/ NGOs which then use specific methods to link up and co ordinate the upper echelons of these different groups to progress a specific agenda and narrative.

    The main aim and aspiration of CP is provide a common communication system between these absorbed groups and therefore provide a common set of aims to be drawn up and co ordinated with maximum efficiency. Common purpose, the phrase has been mentioned in speeches by Gordon Brown/David Cameron/Tony Blair/Nick Clegg on several occasions and these politicians do indeed have a common purpose.

    The aim is to implant indoctrinated followers and activists into senior positions in the governmental establishment, QUANGO/NGO/tranzi structures and local government. These people then recruit other CP recruits who then form lines of communication between the various groups to co ordinate a series of common policy objectives.

    The rise of CP has been assisted by the massive rise in a particular set of employment scams, tens of thousands of non jobs with Byzantine sounding titles and job descriptions  advertised in the Gaurdian employment pages. These are not jobs that you or I could ever hope to get regardless of our qualifications because they are designed for CP graduates only. How can you tell a CP employment nonjob from a real job? Just one glance will confirm it.

    This new secret system of communication has enabled the CAGW fraud to reach so far and so deeply into every corner of the CP infected macro state, its about influence and control and power and the dissemination of a common political ideology. Its a secret party like the Masons and we are not invited to attend only to obey even if we realy have no idea who really commands.

    Why is CP dangerous? Because it seeks to bypass the democratic process, it works in secret and its lines of communication means it can enact far reaching policy changes without open democratic oversight, it is in essence a Masonic cult on steroids and we are not privy to its aims and ideology. It is nothing new of course and cults like CP have long sought power and influence beyond the grasp and control of non cultists. CP has spread like a virus and is now incredibly powerful and influential, the highest jobs in the establishment are now reserved for the CP graduates and as more institutions fall to CP domination so they control recruitment which adds to their powerbase.

    We are faced with a secret society which aims to take over the running of our entire society, they seek to displace our open democratic system of government and replace it with a a new state of ruling class, executive class and ruled class with the ruling class being a sealed off priesthood sustained by the executive class and recruiting only those the priesthood feels suitably qualified. Its called post democratic governance but in reality it spells a dark age of serfdom and oppression for those at the bottom, a new awful and grotesque system invented by the darkest minds, it can only end up one way, in the dark twisted evil of the darkest depths of the human soul.


  11. Demon1001 says:

    I’ve seen people warning about this for a while, but wondered if they were just hysterical as the hyperbole from some was worthy of the UAF.  However, there seems to be more and more people warning about it so there may be something in it.  Or could it be a bluff, trying to make people worry about this while missing something even more sinister that’s still hidden?

    I watch Spooks and in a previous series the agent Ros Myers was recruited by some shadowy organisation which had plans to take over the country – even the Home Secretary was involved in it (or am I confusing two subtly different plots in the same series?).   It does make you wonder if someone at the BBC was aware of this Common Purpose organisation and its true motives, so wrote the script basing the fake organisation on the real one.


  12. stopcp says:

    Yes, the BBC is riddled with Common Purpose.

    “Common Purpose may be completely harmless”

    No it isn’t.

    “but somehow, I doubt it.”

    You are correct to doubt it.

    In order to understand what has been happening in Britain for the last few years, you need to have an understanding of 4 things:

    1. the New world Order
    2. UN Agenda 21
    3. a political philosophy called ‘communitarianism’
    4. Common Purpose

    Join the dots between those 4 things:


  13. radiodaze10 says:

    What makes it any different from freemasonry? Today freemasonry is frowned on in the police and elswewhere but it was a networking club – albeit for white males.


  14. john in cheshire says:

    I’m pleased that people are beginning to wake up to the insidious nature of Common Purpose. I have been asking questions about it/them since 2008. My MP just doesn’t answer. UKIP acknowledge that they are an entity that needs to be watched. Cressida Dick, her of the Jan Charles de Menezes killing fame ( I wanted to put murder but I don’t want to be persecuted for saying that), is a ‘graduate’ of the CP school of infiltration. People should go to the CP website and see what they purport to be doing. Then ask yourself why taxpayers’ money is being spent on sending our ‘public servants’ on such courses. And while you are investigating that, why not investigate ACPO and ask yourself why we are funding a private company whose sole purpose is to protect the interests of senior police officers, with tax advantages.


    • Cassandra King says:

      ACPO is needed because the CP disease needs a political police force, once the police have been seduced and absorbed the new order has the muscle it needs.
      We know from Nazism that it is easy to pervert subvert and pollute the instruments of state, once the primary means of control are subsumed then the rest is easy.


  15. Cassandra King says:

    Common purpose is the natural evolution of a political class left to its own devices. An insulated and inbred political class have more in common than you might think possible, they have realised that to rule in perpetuity they must come together and form a post democratic ruling class immune from the influence and oversight of those the political class see as unfit and unworthy.

    Open free democracy is the direct enemy of the professional political class, the electorate can remove a career politician and it is this vunerability that the political class have always hated and they aim to rectify this by any means. Common purpose is the means to gain and hold eternal political power within a tightly controlled bubble. The BBC hopes to be the sole future purveor of ‘news’ and socio political conditioning content in the new order, we already see the BBC output of its product relflects this aim.


  16. Lloyd says:

    Having spent a larger portion of the day looking into this than I had intended I have to say that so far as BBC links are concerned, my probing pretty much drew a blank – ‘cept for a job with the BBC Trust being advertized on the commonpurpose360 website – an interesting read in itself.

    As for the £158,000 that the BBC has spent (across 7 years) on course fees, I feel this is a “negligeble” amount, and given that course fees range from £250 to £4500, would hardly be enough for the BBC to engage in a policy of mass indoctrination of it’s staff.

    I fully accept that the BBC shoudn’t even have the opportunity to squander peoples money like this. And that individuals at the BBC may well be more “fully” implicated in a longer term CP strategy (make no mistake CP is playing the long game) but from what i’ve read today, although CP has some of the makings of being a nasty piece of work (it’s an extreme liberal-elitist organization), but there’s no CP/BBC axis of evil going on that I can discern.


  17. dave s says:

    Common Purpose is not on the side of the angels although it thinks it is. It regards itself as bringing order and contentment to a world that has always been ,and always will be, at the mercy of the unexpected and irrational.
    The Greeks attributed our woes to the capricious nature of the gods. CP wants to be like the gods but predictable and always benign. A sort of religion for a materialistic age. The perfect religion for a modern Western liberal.
    Unfortunately the human clay that they work with is just so difficult to mould so what started out with good intentions will, like all cults and idealistic political beliefs, inevitably become tyrannical and try to force the human clay into the moulds it believes will bring about it’s own version of heaven on earth.
    I do know that those who subscribe to it and have been infected with it’s doctrines really fear peer group disapproval . Again a very cultish thing.
    As it is based on unreality it will go the way of all cults but may cause us much trouble before it finally goes.


  18. Marky says:

    “There’s a whole new generation who see both party politics and office politics as irrelevant to their lives. They’re looking for their own ways to change the world. And they’re looking to Common Purpose to help” Richard Sambrook, Director, BBC News

    Who knows what ways Common Purpose can help change the world? Who knows what methods are being employed to help people change the world? What are the ways of thinking differently that Common Purpose helping with and why would anyone need Common Purpose to figure out “their own ways to change the world”? Sounds more like Common Purpose’s ways to change the world… Marxism?


  19. Larry Brown says:


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