It’s been a busy morning for the 5th columnists at the BBC. Interesting item here on Today @ 8.30am concerning the “lost generation” of young unemployed people. The allegation being pursued is that the evil Coalition is putting young people on the scrap heap by not continuing with the wise and kindly policies of Labour. Professor Paul Gregg made a guest appearance to state that some of Labour’s policies had most definitely worked and that by abandoning these the Government was risking a repeat of what happened in the early 1980’s. Yes – with a bound we were brought back to…..THATCHER!! It’s funny listening to the show reel of BBC approved lefties rabbiting on about how great socialism is for youth employment. They ignore pesky things like facts – never mention socialist Spain’s youth unemployment for instance – and the impression being slowly but surely created is that Labour presided over a golden period in our history.The revisionism is stunning.

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  1. john in cheshire says:

    This is what happens when politics is left to socialists. While normal people are expending their energies providing for themselves and their families, these parasites are dabbling with our money, our power and our well-being, virtually unopposed. Socialism is definitely a mental condition but what is the cure?


  2. Umbongo says:

    Gregg has recently, according to this


    “been involved in working on a projected funded by a grant from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation”.  No disrespect to the JRF but, in the same way that CAGW sceptics are, somehow, always accused of being corrupted by Big Oil dollars (although actual evidence is sparse), we can see that Gregg is certainly (in at least one case) funded by the all things left of Marx lobby.  As to Gregg’s predispositions to find in favour of policies favoured by the JRF, I would have been shocked if the JRF had opted to fund research by, for instance, Kristian Niemetz


    It occurs to me that were the JRF – or similar outfits – ever to decide to select researchers independent of its own cosy belief system it might obtain some genuinely enlightening results rather than yet another comfort blanket of left-wing pieties.

    Luckily for the official opposition and its tax-funded mouthpiece, Gregg has also recently produced this paper

    Click to access gregg.pdf

    on, you guessed it, how wonderful is/was Labour’s welfare system.  I assume (although I didn’t hear the item) that this paper – and certainly its conclusions – loomed large in the Today interview.

    Today is notorious for bringing on lefty academics (usually Will Hutton although the description “academic” used in his case is an insult to our whole tertiary education sector) to spout their political mantras backed up by recent and contentious bits of research.  Worse, the BBC’s attitude appears to be that “academic” (particularly if the academic in question is a professor although they’re 10 a penny these days)  implies “disinterested” and “impartial” so that no balancing voice is required.


  3. David Preiser (USA) says:

    As ever, the concept of “sustainability” is important to Beeboids only when discussing greenie stuff.  Like all Leftoids, their opinions are driven by emotion over reason, so emotional reaction overrides any rational assessment of the situation.

    Propping up Labour’s Potempkin Economy makes them feel better, so it must be the correct course of action, and damn the math involved and the inevitable disaster when it all falls apart.  It’s so easy to emotionally kick the ball into the long grass and hope against hope one won’t have to end up feeling bad later.

    As storytellers and advocates, the producers and reporters at the BBC are emotion-based, and this is the inevitable result.


    • john in cheshire says:

      Wouldn’t it be nice to hear that the bbc New Year’s resolution is to provide more facts and less opinion.


  4. Guest Who says:

    Beat me too it. I had already captured this trailer and saved it to comment…

    BBC Radio 4 Today 
    Will coalition policies lead to a “lost generation” of unemployed young people? Prof Paul Gregg gives his analysis:http://bbc.in/h13qiU

    …that the odds of a BBC progamme running a programme that certain policies by folk they don’t approve on may lead to positive results are slim. Uniquely so.

    Getting the ‘news’ as party politicals is now beyond a joke. I had been wondering why the ‘live’ broadcasts I have been seeing seem to have a certain backdrop, indulged if not encouraged. All is now explained, it’s coordinated…

    New Statesman
    The poster that the Lib Dems want you to forgethttp://bit.ly/hoNBHS

    I have some empathy with holding two-faced pols to account, but not our impartial broadcaster doing it purely to serve their own tribal favoured two-faced shamble collective over all others.


  5. Cassandra King says:

    The socialist autocracy of the trades union movement deliderately sabotaged and willfully destroyed the UK economy from the 50s to the 70s. Often driven by a political desire to bring the ruination that promised a new soviet utopia, directed and sometimes paid by a foreign hostile power these union sabotuers created a poisonous atmosphere between workers and management over things like re tooling and modernisation/working practices.
    While Japan re tooled the TUC forbade UK companies from doing the same, while Japan invested in new tech the labour regimes and the unions were reinforcing failure by subsiding old products, who can forget such delightful cars as the BL range?

    When Thatcher came into office and cleared away the wreckage the left almost instantly rewrote history and made liberal use of the historical airbrush and voila it became Thatchers fault that the UK became a post industrial wasteland and in a way the weak apeaser tory regimes did contribute to the demise by not standing up to the leftist scum in the 50s/60s. The left rewrite history as it suits because they have no moral base that migh forbid such behaviour but also they display a mental childishness that precludes them taking responsibility. The history of the UK is largely written by sympathisers of the left so a whole fake history has been fabricated, We see an historical fascination with free love 60s hippy culture that ignores the betrayal of the working class by those who claimed to represent them. The smashing to pieces of the shipping/building industries by the union bullies is a prime example.

    They say that history is written by the victors, but what victory? Wastelands created by industrial conflict, hundreds of thousands of prime jobs destroyed and for what? The creation of the new proletarian army of the masses? A new utopia based around Marxist doctines? Today this real history is hidden and the prime agents for the crime are the BBC.


    • Umbongo says:

      To quote Tacitus “ubi solitudinem faciunt, pacem appellant” (where they make a desert they call it peace) which was apparently a description of the Romans by a British chieftain, Calgacus.  As a description of socialists in power, it’s as good as any other.


  6. Timothy Montague-Mason says:

    Of course, Labour’s deliberate policy of mass-immigration has done wonders for youth employment and wages don’t you know!?!?


  7. Craig says:

    In fairness to Sarah Montague, she did mention that Prof Gregg “reviewed the benefits system for the last Labour government”, setting him up as potentially partisan. Unfortunately, that’s only available online now if you listen to the whole programme, not on the slightly truncated Today website version linked to by David (or in the website’s blurb). So anyone who missed the live broadcast of the programme and ‘listens again’ won’t know that and might take him for an “impartial” and “disinterested” academic…especially because Sarah Montague interviewed him (without interruption) as if he was an impartial, disinterested academic.

    Her questions:

    1. “Are the young being unfairly targetted here and is there the creation of what has been described as ‘a lost generation’?”
    2. “And when we look at the unemployment figures now, are there more young…is it hitting the young more than it is the old?”
    3. “So, given that, what can one do about it? What could be done about it?”
    4. “Is there a way…I mean…you made the point about you look at the last lost generation, those who lost jobs in the ’80s, and the long-term effects, is there not some way from what we’ve seen of the problems that they faced of tackling this, even if people are unemployed for a few years when they’re young?”
    5. “And the description by Labour of the Conservatives creating a lost generation, these comments by Andy Burnham…is Labour right in these criticisms of the coalition?”
    (He did think they were right! Fancy that!!)

    I’d describe those questions as unchallenging and helpful to the Labour Party (whose failings were not brought up).


  8. AndyUk06 says:

    Socialism was never any good for redressing the problem of youth unemployment and I remember the seventies and eighties well..  All it did was drive up wages among union members, who more often than not had zero interest in the company or its products, resulting in fewer opportunities overall.
    Dismiss this as yet another lie peddled by the BBC along with the long list of others: Stephen Fry’s alleged genius, Tracey Emin’s artistic talent, Marcus Brigstocke’s comedic prowess etc…