The BBC is never happier than bashing those who succeed in generating profit. I suppose this is a consequence of the fact that they are handed £3bn a year without having to do anything other than undermine the Nation whose name it bears. Give THIS interview a listen. It’s classic anti-capitalism and the idea of balance is risible. TUC Comrade Brendan Barber leads the assault, and Garry Wilson gives the most meek and mild response one could imagine. No one (least of all me) wants to see greed and incompetence rewarded but the BBC has taken this on as a crusade (is it OK to use that word?) and bashes the Banks and “the bosses” at every opportunity.

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3 Responses to THOSE EVIL BANKERS! (cont)

  1. John Horne Tooke says:

    What  does Brendan Barber contribute to the country. Would his socialism make him better off? Probably. But not  the plebeians.

    I dont’t suppose they asked him how he would make the country prosper or was he just “against” everything.?

    “Hypocrisy thy name is union leader”


  2. Martin says:

    The BBC used to hand out bonuses to thousands of staff, for what exactly? With the odd exception like Clarkson who produces a lot of revenue for the BBC what exactly are beeboids doing that warrants a bonus? Their job?


  3. London Calling says:

    The term “bankers” seems a pretty loose label guaranteed to get people indignant. A 20 year-old vox pop in the London Metro yesterday was described as “a banker”. Bank clerk more like.

    “The Banks” is the same issue – which banks? All banks? High Street banks, Investment Banks? Champagne-swilling jackass run banks?

    Browns-bailedout banks aside, these people’s pay and bonuses are their own business They are earned from their own business, what they pay is their own business judgement, no interest to me.

    Barber and the Beeb just want to stoke up envy and class war. Who gives a toss what Brendan Barber has to say about anything anyway?
    He’s a mouthpiece of the Unions. His opinions aren’t exactly “news” are they?